Letters 09-07-2015

DEJA VUE Traverse City faces the same question as faced by Ann Arbor Township several years ago. A builder wanted to construct a 250-student Montessori school on 7.78 acres. The land was zoned for suburban residential use. The proposed school building was permissible as a “conditional use.”

The Court Overreached Believe it or not, everyone who disagrees with the court’s ruling on gay marriage isn’t a hateful bigot. Some of us believe the Supreme Court simply usurped the rule of law by legislating from the bench...

Some Diversity, Huh? Either I’ve been misled or misinformed about the greater Traverse City area. I thought that everyone there was so ‘all inclusive’ and open to other peoples’ opinions and, though one may disagree with said person, that person was entitled to their opinion(s)...

Defending Good People I was deeply saddened to read Colleen Smith’s letter [in Aug. 24 issue] regarding her boycott of the State Theater. I know both Derek and Brandon personally and cannot begin to understand how someone could express such contempt for them...

Not Fascinating I really don’t understand how you can name Jada Johnson a fascinating person by being a hunter. There are thousands of hunters all over the world, shooting by gun and also by arrow; why is she so special? All the other people listed were amazing...

Back to Mayberry A phrase that is often used to describe the amiable qualities that make Traverse City a great place to live is “small-town charm,” conjuring images of life in 1940s small-town America. Where everyone in Mayberry greets each other by name, job descriptions are simple enough for Sarah Palin to understand, and milk is delivered to your door...

Don’t Be Threatened The August 31 issue had 10 letters(!) blasting a recent writer for her stance on gay marriage and the State Theatre. That is overkill. Ms. Smith has a right to her opinion, a right to comment in an open forum such as Northern Express...

Treat The Sickness Thank you to Grant Parsons for the editorial exposing the uglier residual of the criminalizing of drug use. Clean now, I struggled with addiction for a good portion of my adult life. I’ve never sold drugs or committed a violent crime, but I’ve been arrested, jailed, and eventually imprisoned. This did nothing but perpetuate shame, alienation, loss and continued use...

About A Girl -- Not Consider your audience, Thomas Kachadurian (“About A Girl” column). Preachy opinion pieces don’t change people’s minds. Example: “My view on abortion changed…It might be time for the rest of the country to catch up.” Opinion pieces work best when engaging the reader, not directing the reader...

Disappointed I am disappointed with the tone of many of the August 31 responses to Colleen Smith’s Letter to the Editor from the previous week. I do not hold Ms. Smith’s opinion; however, if we live in a diverse community, by definition, people will hold different views, value different things, look and act different from one another...

Free Will To Love I want to start off by saying I love Northern Express. It is well written, unbiased and always a pleasure to read. I am sorry I missed last month’s article referred to in the Aug. 24 letter titled, “No More State Theater.”

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Tom Rush

Rick Coates - July 4th, 2011
Tom Rush brings his circle game to Blissfest
By Rick Coates
Now in its 31st season Blissfest should be on every “music festival-goers” bucket list. Among Northern Michigan music festivals this is the “grandaddy” of them all. If someone says a festival can’t be all things to all people they should come and check out Blissfest, located just north of Harbor Springs near Cross Village that takes place this weekend Friday July 8 - Sunday July 10.
Along with ‘60s folk legend Buffy Sainte-Marie, headlining this year’s festival is Tom Rush, who Rolling Stone magazine credits as the artist responsible for ushering in the singer/songwriter generation. Rush helped Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and many others gain recognition by covering their songs.
Rush’s impact on the music industry has been felt for the past 50 years, inspiring musicians from Bob Dylan to Garth Brooks to Bono.
“Tom Rush was not only one of my early heroes, but also one of my main influences.” said Garth Brooks in an interview with Country Music Television.” He is definitely one of my top five musical influences of all time.”
U2’s Bono echoed that sentiment after incorporating Rush’s “No Regrets” into their setlist and performing it on Saturday Night Live.
“I am a big fan of Tom Rush and admire his songwriting talents. He is one of the songwriting greats,” Bono told the BBC in 2009. “I often incorporate his song ‘No Regrets,’ into our setlist.”

Rush got his start 50 years ago playing Boston area clubs while attending Harvard (he graduated from Harvard in ’63). His distinctive guitar style, wry humor and warm, expressive voice caught on quickly. He recalls his first gig as if it was yesterday.
“My first gig was in 1961 at the Salamander Coffee House in Boston. A friend asked if I’d like to take over his night at the club as he traveled Europe and I agreed,” said Rush. “I think I was paid $10 and all the coffee I could drink. I guess I was too successful because the owner told me there would not be a second night because his customers weren’t buying enough coffee because they were listening to me instead of drinking lots of coffee.”
Rush was signed by Elektra in 1965, releasing three albums for them, with The Circle Game, which, according to Rolling Stone, ushered in the singer/songwriter era.
Despite his early recording success and impact on several musicians Rush stayed out of the studio for 35 years before returning in 2009 with the release of “What I Know.”
“I don’t have any real excuse for taking so long between records. I basically recorded my live shows and released them,” said Rush. “It was easier and less expensive I guess just releasing live albums. What a difference 35 years has made in the recording business. We did this album in five days compared to what would have taken months back then.”
For Rush, while his records sold well it was a recent YouTube video that he credits for making him an overnight sensation.

“I have been waiting 45 years to become an overnight sensation and some guy posted a video of me on YouTube and it has had well over four million views,” said Rush. “It was one of my concerts and I was doing the ‘Remember Song,’ and I didn’t even write the song -- Steven Walters did, oh well.”
Now 70, Rush is not sure when he will go back in the studio again but he has no plans to retire from touring.
“I know I won’t wait another 35 years as I might not be around, so sometime in the next couple of years for another album,” said Rush. “I really enjoy touring and performing in front of audiences so I will continue touring as long as I am able.”
Tom Rush will take the main stage of Blissfest this Saturday night July 9 at 8 pm. For a complete musical itinerary of the weekend that kicks off Friday afternoon and continues through Sunday evening, check out www.blissfest.org Here are some of the non-musical highlights for the weekend:
Beer and Wine Tasting Event- The Taste of Bliss is returning for its second year of sampling some of the finest Michigan beer and wine selections around. The event will be in the shade tent Fri. 5-8pm and Sat. 2-5pm. Includes a beautiful commemorative wine and beer glass for each participant. A $10 donation gets you in the door with a glass plus 2 pours. Additional pours are available for 2/ $5 or $3 each. All proceeds go toward the Blissfest Arts Recreation Center.

19 Hole Frisbee Golf - The 19 hole Frisbee Golf Course was a big hit last year. New to this year’s Blissfest, Big D’s Disc’n Supply will be hosting two disc golf clinics and a Saturday tournament. The “Beginner Clinic” focuses on the disc golf basics of putting, approaching and driving while the “Intermediate Clinic” offers tips and techniques to improve putting accuracy, up shots and increased distance in your drive. Bring your own discs to the clinic. All clinics will be held at Big D’s tent located near Hole One.

BlissStory Booth - Additional filming will take place for the Blissfest Documentary, If you want to tell a BlissStory from your own personal experience stop by the BlissStory Booth on Sat 9:30am -11am and Sunday 9am to 10:30am at the craft area tent in the woods.

Blissfest Birthday Party - All the Blissters who are celebrating their 60th birthday in 2011 are invited to a birthday celebration backstage on Sun. at 4:00pm. Simply show your ID at the backstage entrance next to the volunteer booth and enjoy ice cream, pictures and back stage hospitality. It just so happens that Mr. Bliss himself has joined the 60 club.

New Showcase Stage - The Instrument workshop will be transformed into the Woods Stage in the evenings this year. Check out this scene for some experimental and electronic music.

Folk Alley - Folk Alley is recording the Blissfest for broadcast on their internet radio concert series and plan a live feed on Saturday night. Folk Alley offers live-streaming music over the Internet 24 hours a day and are based in Kent, Ohio at the NPR affiliate WKSU.
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