Letters 10-17-2016

Here’s The Truth The group Save our Downtown (SOD), which put Proposal 3 on the ballot, is ignoring the negative consequences that would result if the proposal passes. Despite the group’s name, the proposal impacts the entire city, not just downtown. Munson Medical Center, NMC, and the Grand Traverse Commons are also zoned for buildings over 60’ tall...

Keep TC As-Is In response to Lynda Prior’s letter, no one is asking the people to vote every time someone wants to build a building; Prop. 3 asks that people vote if a building is to be built over 60 feet. Traverse City will not die but will grow at a pace that keeps it the city people want to visit and/or reside; a place to raise a family. It seems people in high-density cities with tall buildings are the ones who flock to TC...

A Right To Vote I cannot understand how people living in a democracy would willingly give up the right to vote on an impactful and important issue. But that is exactly what the people who oppose Proposal 3 are advocating. They call the right to vote a “burden.” Really? Since when does voting on an important issue become a “burden?” The heart of any democracy is the right of the people to have their voice heard...

Reasons For NoI have great respect for the Prop. 3 proponents and consider them friends but in this case they’re wrong. A “yes” vote on Prop. 3 is really a “no” vote on..

Republican Observations When the Republican party sends its presidential candidates, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people with a lot of problems. They’re sending criminals, they’re sending deviate rapists. They’re sending drug addicts. They’re sending mentally ill. And some, I assume, are good people...

Stormy Vote Florida Governor Scott warns people on his coast to evacuate because “this storm will kill you! But in response to Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that Florida’s voter registration deadline be extended because a massive evacuation could compromise voter registration and turnout, Republican Governor Scott’s response was that this storm does not necessitate any such extension...

Third Party Benefits It has been proven over and over again that electing Democrat or Republican presidents and representatives only guarantees that dysfunction, corruption and greed will prevail throughout our government. It also I believe that a fair and democratic electoral process, a simple and fair tax structure, quality health care, good education, good paying jobs, adequate affordable housing, an abundance of healthy affordable food, a solid, well maintained infrastructure, a secure social, civil and public service system, an ecologically sustainable outlook for the future and much more is obtainable for all of us...

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Letters 7/25/11

- July 25th, 2011
Invasive species & slime
The green slime found along the shoreline of the Great Lakes is indeed a
turnoff (re: Terry Hunley’s July 11 letter).
Communities, industries, and governments made impressive strides in
addressing the problems found in the lakes over 40 years ago. Cities, from
Manistee to Detroit, reduced phosphorus levels in their treated
wastewaters. Local watershed groups worked closely with Michigan’s
Department of Environmental Quality to establish long range watershed
protection plans for virtually every significant watershed in Michigan.
These plans set forth cooperative methods to directly deal with all
sources of nutrients which can foul the Great Lakes. State and Federal
agricultural agencies have worked diligently with farmers to promote soil
testing and to exclude livestock from our waterways.
The lack of controls over the introduction of invasive species remains the
significant unaddressed issue related to nutrients in the Great Lakes. The
first wave of polluters were the zebra mussels. They provided both food
and habitat for the green slimes (chladophora, a filamentous, attached
algae). Now quagga mussels appear to have supplanted the zebra mussels,
again providing the same conditions which promote the slime growth.
When the algae starts to die off it floats to the surface and collects
upon the shoreline.
The Great Lakes shipping industry successfully fought off appropriate
regulations as they continued to import nearly 200 invasive species.
There may not be as many concrete actions that can be taken to reverse
this unfortunate situation. A new, and not necessarily pleasant,
ecological balance will settle into the lakes.
In the meantime, the cities and industries will continue to remove
significant amounts of phosphorus from their treated waters. State and
federal agencies will continue their oversight. And the lakes will
continue to respond to the presence of nearly 200 invasive species brought
to them from around the world.

Mike Stifler • Cadillac

Damn, damn, dam!
This past Saturday I took a trip out to Brown Bridge Pond to check out the
dam that they are taking out. I realize that this is the “disposable
generation” but how can we even think about destroying this wonder? There
has to be some dirty money involved somehow. There is no way that the
removal can be justified.
Several of you must have older family members who were a part of the
enormous task of building that marvelous earthen dam. And many more of you
must have experienced the tube and canoe trips down the river and into the
We cannot allow our tax money to be wasted in this way. First we spend
huge amounts of our money building projects like this and then we spend
more money again removing them. If anyone knows how to throw a wrench in
the works, let’s do it now?
Later on that evening I watched the Will Rogers special on public
television. If only he were here to put all of this stupidity into simple
terms that everyone could understand?
This has to be a perfect place to bring in some new green technology and
make use of the potential energy so readily available and generate some
more clean energy. Quite unlike the coal=fired power plant that has been
approved for Michigan by our new governor.

Walt Lund • Kalkaska

Vindictive trash
Your “hit piece” on Paul Nepote and his personal life was over the top
(7/18). This style of writing seemed more like the vindictive, axe to
grind trash I’d find in the Record Eagle.
This is a private citizen who holds no political office and has no
political power. I may not agree with his views but it’s his right to have
them. God forbid when the Northern Express finds out I enjoy a nip of
sherry while listening to my Arthur Fiedler albums.

Matt Therrien • Lake Ann

Nepote reponds
Why I do this?
I do this for the 600-plus people who are afraid of those homosexuals who
would seek revenge for simply disagreeing with their lifestyle.
Speaking of revenge, I have some questions for city commissioner
Carruthers that I would like the Traverse City Commission to explore.
What are you planning to do with 600-plus names and addresses of those
citizens who would like to see your “gay” Special Rights Ordinance
Commissioner Carruthers requested and received from the city clerk, a
stack of petitions almost 6“ thick containing more than 600 names and
addresses within hours of our submitting them.
What’s strange, not one of his fellow commissioners showed any interest in
rifling through those 230 some pages of names and addresses.
Also why would commissioner Carruthers drive across town, July 18, to hand
deliver a Northern Express to a 88-year-old woman who I have been helping
for more then 15 years, ever since my sons were doing her lawn care and
delivering her Record-Eagle. I have been advising her now that her husband
Bob has passed away.
The elderly women called me this afternoon, July 18, just prior to my
leaving for the city commission meeting, she was all upset and said “Jim
Carruthers brought me this newspaper and he said that the Northern Express
was proof Paul Nepote was a terrible person.”
WTF: Is that normal procedure for a city commissioner?

Paul James Nepote • TC

Not a fan any longer
I work in an establishment in Bellaire that carries the Northern Express.
When I went to work Wednesday to find the current issue of your paper I
was appalled to see that the cover story was that of Jere Clark.
I understand that this is an important and critical story here in Northern
Michigan but as you can read in the story, the Clark family is a large
part of this community and this situation is affecting not only them, but
everyone in our small village of Bellaire. The Clarks also own a small
business here that thrives off of tourists. I do not think that it is fair
to possibly put their business in jeopardy because of one person’s
supposed behavior.
Another thing that I found extremely unprofessional is the lack of effort
put towards keeping the accusers anonymous. We are a very small village,
which I am sure you all are aware of, and when you give the age and last
name of someone, people are going to be able to figure it out.
These two young women are going through enough right now, the last thing
that they need is: 1, people knowing exactly what this man supposedly did
to them (thanks to your disgusting, crude, unnecessary details) and having
to deal with that embarrassment; and 2, any unneeded harassment from
family, friends, and strangers for bringing this type of spotlight upon
I have been a fan of your paper for a few years now and have always read
issues from the first to last page.
The fact that you as the editor let an article like this grace your pages
with its presence disgusts me and I will never read another Northern
Express because of it. I hope that you, or someone from your business, can
find it in your heart to apologize to the Clark family and even to the
village of Bellaire for letting such an article exist.

Hannah Kershner • Bellaire

Unfair to family
I just finished reading the current featured article in the Northern
Express involving a very well-regarded family in Bellaire. I’m was so
sorry to see that this incredibly confusing and sad story was chosen as
your cover story, and the fact that the accused was pictured on the front
page of the paper in his jail suit and hand cuffs.
We’re a very small, tight-knit community and we very much love Ruthie and
her children. Though its unclear what Jere Clark’s status is, there is an
entire family involved in this situation and I feel that it wasn’t fair to
them to have this picture on the front page. The family is suffering
enough, and they are one of the hearts of our community.
I hope that in the future you will be able to recognize the damage and
pain that an article such as this can cause, in addition to what the
innocent family members are already suffering.

Beth Kershner • Bellaire

Stooped to a new level
While I respect the freedom of speech, I am shocked at your article
“Molester or Model Citizen” by Patrick Sullivan. The man has not gone to
trial yet. He is still innocent until proven guilty and that should be
left for the trial. You may have spoiled potential jury members.
I have always enjoyed this publication in the past. You have stooped to a
new level. It reminds me of the National Enquirer.

Margie VanAlstine • via email

Could affect the accused
I am writing in regards to the cover story of the July 11-17 issue. The
photo of Jere Clark with the accompanying headline “Molester or Model
Citizen?” are highly inappropriate given the sensitive and salacious
nature of the accusations.
It seems that the Northern Express should be more cognizant of the fact
that this could affect Mr. Clark as well as his family and friends in a
negative way before such a reaction is deemed necessary.

Chelsea Blackmore • TC

Political priorities
As Stephen Tuttle wrote in the 7/11/11 Northern Express, a display of
exceptionalism by our politicians would certainly be unexpected.
Seeing state and national politicians holding opposing viewpoints
frequently working together to accomplish things is a distant memory for
most of us. Probably there are many who’ve never seen that process. Our
times now are much more “interesting” than those mundane “compromise”
Instead of focusing on solving our country’s financial problems,
politicians focus on leading us in a count-down to President Obama’s last
day as president, much like others counted down the days remaining for our
previous president and on propagandizing us into believing our current
president is our “worst president ever.”
Never mind the presidents who appear on most of the lists of our worst
ever, like President Obama’s predecessor this millennium, or Richard Nixon
and Warren Harding last millennium, or eight presidents from the 19th
century (whose names few of us would recognize as former presidents).
Here in the new millennium we see the Michigan governor telling citizens
like those of Benton Harbor that they are too stupid to choose their own
government, so they’ve forfeited their right to govern themselves.
We see the governor of Wisconsin believing his 52%-47% election win was a
99%-1% mandate to conduct an unrestrained no-compromise attack on
Wisconsin’s traditions and methods of governing itself, which took a
century to develop.
We see the government of Minnesota shutting down, preventing Minnesota’s
citizens from enjoying their state parks for two weeks in July, and
drinkers of Miller and Coors Beer finding it wasn’t for sale because a
sales permit couldn’t be renewed during the shutdown.
Why worry about nothing getting accomplished? Why should anything beyond
the next election be a politician’s top priority?

Daniel M Robbins
Mackinaw City
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