Letters 11-28-2016

Trump should avoid self-dealing President-elect Donald Trump plans to turn over running of The Trump Organization to his children, who are also involved in the transition and will probably be informal advisers during his administration. This is not a “blind trust.” In this scenario Trump and family could make decisions based on what’s best for them rather than what’s best for the country...

Trump the change we need?  I have had a couple of weeks to digest the results of this election and reflect. There is no way the selection of Trump as POTUS could ever come close to being normal. It is not normal to have a president-elect settle a fraud case for millions a couple of months before the inauguration. It is not normal to have racists considered for cabinet posts. It is not normal for a president-elect tweet outrageous comments on his Twitter feed to respond to supposed insults at all hours of the early morning...

Health care system should benefit all It is no secret that the health insurance situation in our country is controversial. Some say the Affordable Care Act is “the most terrible thing that has happened to our country in years”; others are thrilled that, “for the first time in years I can get and afford health insurance.” Those who have not been closely involved in the medical field cannot be expected to understand how precarious the previous medical insurance structure was...

Christmas tradition needs change The Christmas light we need most is the divine, and to receive it we do not need electricity, probably only prayers and good deeds. But not everyone has this understanding, as we see in the energy waste that follows with the Christmas decorations...


A story in last week’s edition about parasailing businesses on East Grand Traverse Bay mistakenly described Grand Traverse Parasail as a business that is affiliated with the ParkShore Resort. It operates from a beach club two doors down from the resort. The story also should have noted that prior to the filing of a civil lawsuit in federal court by Saburi Boyer and Traverse Bay Parasail against Bryan Punturo and the ParkShore Resort, a similar lawsuit was dismissed from 13th Circuit Court in Traverse City upon a motion from the defendant’s attorney. Express regrets the error and omission.

A story in last week’s edition about The Fillmore restaurant in Manistee misstated Jacob Slonecki’s job at Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course. He was a cook. Express regrets the error.

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Letters 11/4/04

Various - November 4th, 2004
Hunting & assault rifles
Jim McKimmy, Democratic candidate for the 105th District State House seat, is a hunter who fully believes in the rights bestowed by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. His opponent has been trying to discredit Jim by widely advertising a “D” grade he was given by the NRA. What his opponent doesn’t tell you is that Jim McKimmy got that “D” grade from NRA lobbyists simply because he believes that the federal ban on assault weapons should have been continued.
Jim agrees with the International Association of Chiefs of Police in saying that the ban on assault weapons must be continued to protect our law enforcement officers.
Jim asks, “Why would anyone who calls themselves a sportsman need an assault weapon?”

Robert D. Spencer • Kewadin

Pro-life hypocrisy
As a committed Christian, I do not understand people who say they are voting for Bush because he is “pro-life.” What about going into Iraq on false pretenses and killing thousands of innocent civilians, in addition to our own tragic losses?
What about capital punishment, or the fact that assault weapons are back on the market? What about the lack of health care and a huge deficit, which will be a burden on future generations? What about Bush’s tax cuts, which do not benefit needy families, but the richest 1% of the population?
Are Bush’s post-partum policies irrelevant? His “pro-life” stance seems to end at birth.

Barbara Fitton Hauss • TC

All‘s well under Bush
I have been very disturbed over the last few months regarding the letters you post on your opinion page. Most of the letters are from people who hate our President and are showing him no respect whatsoever.
George W. Bush has been a very good president for America. He showed strength and resolve after the horrible events of Sept. 11th. I just can’t seem to understand why half of this nation has turned their backs on him. United We Stand!!! Yeah right! Your readers, myself included, don’t have a clue regarding political issues and events and decisions that happen behind the scenes. You just see things and become an instant political armchair advisor. It’s really quite ridiculous!
In fact I have laughed at most of the Bush-bashing letters you have printed because it’s painfully obvious these people have been living under a rock for the last four years. The Taliban is all but wiped out, Osama is on the run, Iraq is a free nation, fragile but free, Sadaam is in prison and will be on trial soon for war crimes, a million jobs have been created, a Homeland Security division of our government has been established and is at this very moment keeping Americans safe, schools are performing better, seniors have better access to prescriptions, more Americans are becoming homeowners than ever before, sanctions have been lifted against Libya and they want to rejoin the international community.
President Bush just signed in to law a tax program that will benefit all American business owners, let’s not forget the child tax credit he gave all of us. But hey, President Bush hasn’t accomplished anything during his four years in office. Give me a break. I strongly suggest your readers go to www.whitehouse.gov and click on the past news archives. Click on news from Sept. the 11th, 2001 and relive the tragedy and maybe you’ll understand why this President absolutely needs to be re-elected.

Eric Schmaltz • Alanson

Secretive presidency
I am struck by the great differences in the kind of campaign events President Bush and Senator Kerry are holding. To get into a Bush event a person needs to sign a loyalty oath and pledge to volunteer for the campaign. A few brave souls who have dared to wear clothing supporting Kerry have been forcibly removed by the Secret Service.
Sadly, Bush has run his presidency the same way. He surrounds himself with a select group of ardent supporters who only give him the kind of feedback he wants to hear. While this may be comfortable for the President, it has led to numerous actions that have been unwise and have polarized this country. Moreover, he has run one of the most secretive presidencies in recent memory.
By contrast, anyone can attend a Kerry event. While there are generally a great many ardent Kerry supporters, the crowds typically include undecided voters and even some Bush supporters. It is apparent that Kerry is confident enough in his case that he is willing to engage with those who do not necessarily share his views. Should he prevail, we can expect this type of dialogue and openness to carry over to a Kerry White House. A more open and transparent decision-making process leads to policies that are both more effective and less designed simply to score political points against the opposition.

Jonathan Kunz • Cedar

Missing explosives
After being warned about the danger of major stockpiles of explosives in Iraq, this administration failed to guard those stockpiles. This is one of the great blunders of the Bush policy in Iraq. The administration has several key questions to answer:
Why did the administration ignore warnings from the IAEA to secure the nearly 380 tons of explosives in Iraq?
Did President Bush’s failure to listen to General Shinseki about the troop levels that would be needed to secure Iraq contribute to the military’s inability to secure the site?
How many terrorist bombings in Iraq, Egypt or elsewhere have been carried out using HMX, RDX or PETN explosives since 2002?
Who knew what, when? When was the civilian leadership at the Pentagon told about the missing explosives? When did Secretary Rumsfeld learn that the explosives had gone missing? When was the president’s National Security Council informed? When was national security advisor Condoleezza Rice briefed on this? When was the president told?
Has the site been inspected recently?
What action did Paul Bremer take after being warned in May 2004 that the explosives had gone missing?
What other sites in Iraq with dangerous material were not adequately protected and subsequently looted?
Is there an estimate for the total amount of munitions, weapons and explosives that have gone missing in Iraq?

Billiruth Wickey • Cheboygan
Sick of the election
Each week I pick up an issue of the Northern Express and prepare myself for a giggle or two. It is not the ‘News of the Weird’ that tickles my funny bone, it is the Letters feature that makes me laugh.
One man, even the President, cannot be held responsible for all the job losses, the sad state of health care, and the “war” in Iraq. He does not make these decisions alone. There are hundreds of Congress members that are the decision makers in this country. Bush did not send troops to Iraq without congressional approval. Bush is not responsible for millions of Americans lacking health care and he is not responsible for the economy.
For those who are unaware... THE ECONOMY IS CYCLICAL, STUPID! There are good times and bad times... we can’t all be rich, all the time and maybe people should take a harder look at themselves before pushing the blame off onto others.
I am just so sick of this election. Who cares who the president is (it‘s not like we the voters actually elect the president, that is left up to the Electoral College and the courts). I mean, laws are made when he isn’t at work, the world goes on when he is on vacation. We should put this much thought into the representatives we send to D.C.; then maybe our country would get run the way we want it to be run. Read a political science text book if you want the truth; don’t believe a politician’s promises.

Melisa Schrage • Petoskey

Star Wars madness
The federal government needs a reality check! Our President still thinks that the nuclear threat will come from ICBMs (Intercontinental Balistic Missiles) when everyone else knows it will come from a backpack with a dirty bomb. So -- solution is that he spends $60 billion and still counting deploying Reagan‘s “Star Wars“ defense system which has failed eight out of 10 times.
He then brags about rejecting the International Criminal Court, the Kyoto Accords and a treaty banning land mines. We can do better without this arrogant cowboy in the White House.

Paul Richards • Charlevoix

Bullets for bullies
Please. Can we find the name of the 13-year-old Palestinian girl who was shot 15 times by an Israeli officer? Her name should be a rallying call for Americans to halt the funding of arms for Israel. It certainly will be a rallying call for the Intifada and Hamas. Her name may become the Ann Frank of the century. I think that the people of the United States give Israel $4 billion dollars a year. Americans bought every one of the 15 bullets fired into this child.
This is certainly a declaration of war by the United States on the Palestinians and the Arab world as is the American support of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, bulldozing Palestinian homes and olive orchards and construction of the wall.
The Israeli officer who pumped the 15 bullets into the child, most of which were fired after the girl was already dead, could have only done this out of hatred toward Arabian Semites. That comes from an extreme sense of superiority the Israelites feel over other races: that other races are less than human. Let’s stop funding bullets for this racism.
Americans are paying, directly or indirectly, for the wall the Israelis are building to separate the Palestinians from Israel; separating the Palestinians from their orchards and their water.
I was so proud that after the war and the Holocaust, the Jews could have their own homeland and that America was supporting them. Let us continue to support them and pay the entire cost of building the wall if they think that is necessary, but build it on their own side of the line. In the name of God, let us stop supporting and funding this 21st Century hatred and form of lebensraum.

Max W. Holden • TC

Vote for health care
Health care is one of Michigan‘s most pressing issues. The Medicaid program is in crisis. Funding for Michigan hospitals and doctors has been cut while the need for Medicaid services skyrocketed more than 19%. Basic health care services for Medicaid patients -- mostly children, single mothers and the elderly -- are being threatened. Our population is among the least healthy of all states. And there is a growing shortage of nurses when demand for nursing care is soaring.
When you vote on Nov. 2, please do not waste your support on candidates who fail to address these very serious health care issues.

Diane Butler, RN • TC

Four more years?
Our President says he needs four more years to finish his work and make the world a safer place. Can we ready afford four more years of “miscalculations?”
Since President Bush took office the economy has been in a recession at best and a depression for the thousands who have lost their jobs.Investors still are not back to where they were when President Clinton left office. Once again, “trickle down economics” has failed the middle and lower class, but has been a boon for the super rich. Over a million more families are considered below the poverty level and this statistic is increasing at an alarming rate, 17.6% of children in our country are included in this calculation. Over 40 million have no health insurance with more losing their health benefits everyday.
Environmental and tax changes have benefited the group that really runs this administration, the large corporations. One has to wonder what our grandchildren will be left with as far as the lakes, rivers, air, wildlife, quality of life, and a huge national debt in the future. The administration has not put forth any conservation incentives to lessen our dependence on oil. Why is this? Is it self interest of those in power?
Going to war in Iraq has been nothing short of a disaster. It will take decades to pay for this “miscalculation.” The families of our brave soldiers, especially the 10,000+ killed and wounded, can never be repaid.
When Bush first learned that an attack was imminent on the U.S. a month before 9/11, he left Washington for a month-long vacation at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. After the 9/11 tragedy we had the support of almost every country in the world, That support has been squandered.
The Clinton administration left the country with a budget surplus and in 3 1/2 years President Bush has turned that surplus into a deficit that will take generations to get us back to the 2000 levels, if ever. It’s time to fire Bush and give the Democrats a chance to restore some sanity to the White House.History someday will determine if George W. Bush was one of our worst Presidents. I have my own opinion now.

Bill Hoff • Suttons Bay

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