Letters 05-23-2016

Examine The Priorities Are you disgusted about closing schools, crumbling roads and bridges, and cuts everywhere? Investigate funding priorities of legislators. In 1985 at the request of President Reagan, Grover Norquist founded Americans for Tax Reform (ATR). For 30 years Norquist asked every federal and state candidate and incumbent to sign the pledge to vote against any increase in taxes. The cost of living has risen significantly since 1985; think houses, cars, health care, college, etc...

Make TC A Community For Children Let’s be that town that invests in children actively getting themselves to school in all of our neighborhoods. Let’s be that town that supports active, healthy, ready-to-learn children in all of our neighborhoods...

Where Are Real Christian Politicians? As a practicing Christian, I was very disappointed with the Rev. Dr. William C. Myers statements concerning the current presidential primaries (May 8). Instead of using the opportunity to share the message of Christ, he focused on Old Testament prophecies. Christ gave us a new commandment: to love one another...

Not A Great Plant Pick As outreach specialist for the Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network and a citizen concerned about the health of our region’s natural areas, I was disappointed by the recent “Listen to the Local Experts” feature. When asked for their “best native plant pick,” three of the four garden centers referenced non-native plants including myrtle, which is incredibly invasive...

Truth About Plants Your feature, “listen to the local experts” contains an error that is not helpful for the birds and butterflies that try to live in northwest Michigan. Myrtle is not a native plant. The plant is also known as vinca and periwinkle...

Ask the Real Plant Experts This letter is written to express my serious concern about a recent “Listen To Your Local Experts” article where local nurseries suggested their favorite native plant. Three of the four suggested non-native plants and one suggested is an invasive and cause of serious damage to Michigan native plants in the woods. The article is both sad and alarming...

My Plant Picks In last week’s featured article “Listen to the Local Experts,” I was shocked at the responses from the local “experts” to the question about best native plant pick. Of the four “experts” two were completely wrong and one acknowledged that their pick, gingko tree, was from East Asia, only one responded with an excellent native plant, the serviceberry tree...

NOTE: Thank you to TC-based Eagle Eye Drone Service for the cover photo, taken high over Sixth Street in Traverse City.

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My style

None - August 19th, 2011  

Cindy Toranzo is crazy, quirky, fun! Her global fashions span across continents; one day wearing an African dashiki, the next, a sari from India. This former New York City gal is always fabulous. When it comes to her clients, the stylist at Salone de Capelli prefers a more classic and chic look. She says, “I like to make women glamorous!” Cindy, who specializes in hair and make-up for special events, will have an opportunity to showcase her out-of-thebox styling skills during “Fashion Is Art” on August 20 at the Traverse City Wine & Art Festival. This year’s event will include an eye-catching fashion show featuring ambassadors modeling styles from local salons & boutiques. In addition, festival attendees are encouraged to dress their best for the opportunity to win prizes. www.traversecitywinefestival.com

-Fashion Feature by Kristy Kurjan

Dress (Dolce & Gabbana)...........................gift

Shoes (Bakers).........................................$50

Ring (New York City).................................gift

Hair Cut & Color (Salone de Capelli)........$150


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