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Facts About Trails I would like to correct some misinformation provided in Kristi Kates’ article about the Shore-to-Shore Trail in your April 18 issue. The Shore-to-Shore Trail is not the longest continuous trail in the Lower Peninsula. That honor belongs to the North Country Trail (NCT), which stretches for over 400 miles in the Lower Peninsula. In fact, 100 miles of the NCT is within a 30-minute drive of Traverse City, and is maintained by the Grand Traverse Hiking Club...

North Korea Is Bluffing I eagerly read Jack Segal’s columns and attend his lectures whenever possible. However, I think his April 24th column falls into an all too common trap. He casually refers to a nuclear-armed North Korea when there is no proof whatever that North Korea has any such weapons. Sure, they have set off some underground explosions but so what? Tonga could do that. Every nuclear-armed country on Earth has carried out at least one aboveground test, just to prove they could do it if for no other reason. All we have is North Korea’s word for their supposed capabilities, which is no proof at all...

Double Dipping? In Greg Shy’s recent letter, he indicated that his Social Security benefit was being unfairly reduced simply due to the fact that he worked for the government. Somehow I think something is missing here. As I read it this law is only for those who worked for the government and are getting a pension from us generous taxpayers. Now Greg wants his pension and he also wants a full measure of Social Security benefits even though he did not pay into Social Security...

Critical Thinking Needed Our media gives ample coverage to some presidential candidates calling each other a liar and a sleaze bag. While entertaining to some, this certainly should lower one’s respect for either candidate. This race to the bottom comes as no surprise given their lack of respect for the rigors of critical thinking. The world’s esteemed scientists take great steps to preserve the integrity of their findings. Not only are their findings peer reviewed by fellow experts in their specialty, whenever possible the findings are cross-checked by independent studies...

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Letters 3/24/05

Various - March 24th, 2005
The Golden Cat
Re: “Track of the Cat,“ 3/10/05:
On 07/21/90 - en route to be married the following day in Houghton Michigan - I was driving my beloved and I westbound on M-28. Our 1990 Honda CRX - a two seater - was approximately 15 minutes west of Seney. The northern border of Seney National Wildlife Refuge was on the left.
From the right, a golden cat lept from the underbrush beyond the emergency lane, landing on the yellow paint dividing the highway. After recoiling, the cat leapt again, landing beyond the emergency lane for eastbound, into the brush. This all occurred in the span of perhaps three seconds. The cat, when it landed, was six feet in front of the CRX.
My wife-to-be and I looked in a knowing way.

Geoffery Von Lau • Eastport

The rich gain & kids suffer
Although not surprised, I daily become more disheartened as I watch Bush and Republican politicians hand over our nation to corporations and the wealthy.
As a registered nurse who has worked in long term care (in administration), I know first hand how Medicaid cuts affect the quality of life for the elderly. The proposed budget cuts in health care and education that the President and his cronies plan on sneaking through Congress are unconscionable. The debt burden for our children and the tax breaks for the rich from this budget is simply abhorrent.
I haven’t language strong enough to relay how opposed I am to what is happening to my country. The subjects mentioned are just a few of the deplorable items involved in this budget proposal. Folks, please wake up, it is almost too late.

Cathleen Sixbey • TC

Irresponsible budget
Republicans are pushing through the budget this week before critics and the media can point out huge program cuts and corporate giveaways.
As the budget explodes the deficit to over $400 billion, the Republican budget slashes education funding, especially funds for middle class and low-income Americans. The budget gives the wealthiest Americans permanent tax breaks, while cutting programs for the middle class and poor.
“Get a job!” you tell us. Well I know plenty of middle class teenagers and adults working two jobs and they’re the ones scrapping the bottom of the barrel. The education programs should be the first on our list as Americans to build income, not slash it. Education is what leads us to do great things in the future. If it’s cut down, we will never grow.

Joshua K. Lentz • Interlochen

Material world
This letter is in response to comments made about Lisa Franseen‘s article on environmental despair (Letters, 3/10).
Some people, more than others, are in touch with the value of our natural world. Some reasons why some peole are not, I suspect, has to do with the development our our materialistic societies in conjunction with our ever-growing population, resulting in the never-ending need for resources and jobs.
But understanding and witnessing the negative consequences of environmental degradation (including the loss of human life) should be enough to jolt anyone to develop a concern for it. Our desire for excess material does make us selfish. But how much material do we need to survive? How much material can we obtain without profoundly sacrificing the natural world?
We do we humans think that we are so much more important than any other animal speices we share this planet with? Why do we think that we are more important than trees or plants?
Whatever happened to advocacy for human population control? If we decrease our population then maybe we could learn to get our priorities straight.
Educating people to value the environment and take care of their planet seems like a positive direction to go in. I don‘t believe reality is set in stone.

E. Kalakowski • Grawn

Support women‘s choice
Do you know how stupid all this “discussion“ on abortion is? The government can‘t legislate women‘s reproductive destinies. A woman is the only one who can decide.
There is a diaphram, birth control pills, IUDs, the morning after pill, and if you don‘t like all of those options there is the “just say no“ and take a cold shower.
I don‘t like to throw up, so when I got sick and tired of that, I quit getting pregnant. It gets right down to you run your life of someone else will.

Marilyn Oslund • Mackinaw City

Terrible insult
I have been told you learn something new each day, and according to your Jan. 13 story, “From the Ukraine to the U.S.,“ are you are telling us our neighbor to the north is the Canada and to the southwest is the Mexico? So this is the America? I don‘t think that is correct. I have never heard of the Germany or the France. Who was your geography teacher?
A region is the East, the West, never a country. It‘s a terrible insult to us Ukrainians and it hurts and that‘s not right. Please correct this error.

Dol Giles • TC

TV trash
There’s been a lot of talk in the press lately about how one activist organization, the Parents Television Council, is trying to dictate television standards for the rest of the country by encouraging its members to file complaints with the FCC. It seems that the press believes that the hundreds of thousands of complaints filed by outraged citizens over the rampant raunch on television somehow don’t count simply because the complainant belongs to an organized group.
If the networks put an FCC complaint form on their websites or if they flashed the FCC’s phone number across the screen between shows there would be a flood of complaints. Parentstv.org is currently the only website that provides this useful tool.
But the number of complaints filed, and where they’re coming from shouldn’t matter. Whether we’re talking about one complaint or one million, it all boils down to one issue: Are networks breaking the law by
showing indecent content and will the FCC do its job to enforce the indecency laws?

Shanna M. Roney • Ypsilanti

“The excessive tax cuts for the rich, combined with a total lack of discipline on spending by the Bush team and its Republican-run Congress, have helped China become the second-largest holder of U.S. debt, with a little under $200 billion worth (of U.S. Treasury bills).
What China might do with all its U.S. T-bills in the event of a clash over Taiwan is a total wild card that we have put in Beijing’s hands.”

Thomas L. Friedman
-- New York Times

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