Letters 07-25-2016

Remember Bush-Cheney Does anyone remember George W. Bush and Dick Cheney? They were president and vice president a mere eight years ago. Does anyone out there remember the way things were at the end of their duo? It was terrible...

Mass Shootings And Gun Control The largest mass shooting in U.S. history occurred December 29,1890, when 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee in South Dakota were murdered by federal agents and members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection.” The slaughter began after the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms...

Families Need Representation When one party dominates the Michigan administration and legislature, half of Michigan families are not represented on the important issues that face our state. When a policy affects the non-voting K-12 students, they too are left out, especially when it comes to graduation requirements...

Raise The Minimum Wage I wanted to offer a different perspective on the issue of raising the minimum wage. The argument that raising the minimum wage will result in job loss is a bogus scare tactic. The need for labor will not change, just the cost of it, which will be passed on to the consumer, as it always has...

Make Cherryland Respect Renewable Cherryland Electric is about to change their net metering policy. In a nutshell, they want to buy the electricity from those of us who produce clean renewable electric at a rate far below the rate they buy electricity from other sources. They believe very few people have an interest in renewable energy...

Settled Science Climate change science is based on the accumulated evidence gained from studying the greenhouse effect for 200 years. The greenhouse effect keeps our planet 50 degrees warmer due to heat-trapping gases in our atmosphere. Basic principles of physics and chemistry dictate that Earth will warm as concentrations of greenhouse gases increase...

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Letters 6/7/07

- June 7th, 2007
Global warming facts
This letter is directed specifically to those, including our elected officials, who believe global warming is a natural cycle of our planet and has little or nothing to do with human activity.
The evidence suggests that the Earth has been considerably warmer, especially during the age of the dinosaurs, hundreds of millions years ago, and colder where the Earth may have been completely frozen about 600 million years ago. But in looking at climate change during the past several million years, there is probably no previous episode of such a dramatic rise in global temperature as has been observed in the last few decades, and those rises have never before been associated with increased carbon dioxide from fossil fuels.
Why is that? For the past few centuries, we humans -- for the first time in the planet’s history -- have removed and burned fossil carbons to provide energy on a massive scale. This process combines with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, which we release into the atmosphere through our tailpipes and smokestacks. About half the carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels accumulates in the atmosphere and leaves the atmosphere in five years.
Unfortunately, the other half of the carbon dioxide gets stuck in the natural carbon cycle for hundreds of years, which mean the carbon dioxide gets recycled back into the atmosphere. The results of this yearly accumulation of carbon dioxide is that atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased by 40% since the start of the industrial era to levels the planet has not seen in at least a million years.
How do we know if the increase in carbon dioxide of the past few centuries is of human origin? We have very good estimates of how much has been burned owing to the fact that fossil fuels are commercial commodities. The carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere is consistent with these estimates. Also, examination of the composition of atmospheric carbon shows that it is becoming more like the carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.
Finally, the oxygen content of the atmosphere is decreasing slightly, consistent with the oxidation of carbon through combustion.
It is also a scientific fact that we can slow down global warming by taking specific actions immediately. We must use energy efficiently like Europe and Japan, which use half the amount of energy per capita and maintains our standard of living. Our industries must restrict their carbon emissions or face a carbon emission tax. Our government must stop subsidizing carbon-based industries and increase subsidies for non-carbon industries.
If we take action now, our cost will be one percent of the global economy, but if we do business as usual then impact of global warming will cost us 20 percent of our economy.

Ronald Marshall • Petoskey

Recycling double talk
I was pleased to see the new Waste Management advertising campaign touting their new Think Green (registered trademark) concept. Having been a commercial customer for a number of years, I was looking forward to finally being able to recycle the glass waste my business generates through Waste Management.
I looked up their website, www.wm.com/WM/ThinkGreen, and thoroughly enjoyed reading about their “deep commitment to making a difference for the environment, for communities and for people,” how they “continue our role as an industry leader, offering communities and businesses more effective and affordable recycling options,” and how they “are taking the reduce-reuse-recycle concept into every venue.” My spirits were soaring!
I called their customer service department to set up my glass recycling service. A very friendly gentleman immediately informed me that Waste Management did not, for any price, deal with glass recycling for commercial businesses in Michigan. Sorry.
Lesson learned. Thanks, Waste Management... where “it’s one thing to say we support recycling. It’s quite another to step up to the challenge of making it work.”

Paul R. Danielson
Proprietor, Trattoria Stella

More on them changes...
In reflection of our youth, I read your article and I do recall our era (re: Random Thoughts, “Them Changes,” 5/10).
I grew up in Escanaba in a youth that was fun but rough. We felt honored to have what we had. We simply did not know of any other way.
We went duck hunting in the fall before our first class, which was homeroom. That was at 8 a.m. sharp. We hunted in an area called Portage Marsh, a massive wetlands of cattails. Mostly, it was three of us, Dave, Spud and myself.
When our principal, Mr. Baltic, learned we had our shotguns and shells locked up in my truck (a ’50 Ford coupe), he had a suggestion. He said to bring them up to his office and he’d put them in the walk-in vault.
So, picture this: three 17-year-old boys carrying their 12 gauge shotguns and ammo up the steps into the old high school and down the hall, up two flights of stairs and into the principal’s office. After last period, we retrieved the guns and left the school.
We did this countless times with deer rifles during deer season.
We were all good boys from good families. In a small town, everyone knew everyone. Trust and respect were adamant.
We have that today, but we also have the other element, sadly. Interesting, isn’t it? This wasn’t the Wild West; this was a Michigan town in the ’60s.

John Colvin • TC

A better way
For years now, since the psyche industry began boiling down our mental, emotional, and spiritual difficulties into “chemical imbalances in the brain,” and well meaning individuals have tried to convince me of the accuracy of this new “science,” I have turned to my “Tiger in the Path“ analogy. It goes like this: You are walking down a jungle path. It is a beautiful day and life is great. Suddenly a tiger appears in the path before you. Adrenaline begins pumping into your veins, filling you with the rush of fear and energy necessary to flight/fight for your survival. At that moment there is an incredible imbalance of chemicals.
But what came first, the adrenaline or the tiger?
All emotions cause shifts in the chemicals in our body. What comes first is the emotion, be it apathy, grief, anger or fear. To address the chemical imbalance is to avoid addressing the emotions that are causing the imbalance.
As Ben Hansen so aptly stated, “Emotional and spiritual problems cannot be solved by popping a pill.” In our current materialistic world with economic and professional stress, global injustice, and family and community disintegration, it is easy to see that many people are feeling helpless, hopeless, and disenfranchised. The spiritual bankruptcy of our country is epidemic.
It is unforgivable in the face of this, and the dire economic straits of our state, that the psyche and drug industries would aggressively seek to profit from potentially fatal, extremely dangerous, and ultimately useless chemical Band-Aids.
The Church of Scientology and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights have been championing this cause for years. It is a profound relief to see others taking up the banner and fighting for mental and spiritual health and freedom.
Although it may be true that there are many roads to God and that God can be found in many places, I challenge anyone to tell me that God can be found in a chemical cocktail. There are solutions to life’s problems. They are spiritual solutions.
Thank you Ben Hansen, Anne Stanton, and the Northern Express for speaking out against this. I am pleased that during “Mental Health Month” you have shown your readers where NOT to turn for help.

Elisa Brabenec • Suttons Bay

Drug overdose
Consider the latest trend. Now there is a beef flavored Prozac, Reconcile, for dogs unhappy when owners leave! However veterinarians prescribe a two-week dose paired with behavior modification therapy so the dogs get OFF it!
A Family Circle Magazine 4/17/2007 article estimates that psychotropic medications for American women between ages of 20 and 44 rose to 16%, or one in six, up 57% from 2001. Adult ADD prescriptions soared to 113% for that same group. If it weren’t made “nice” with a term like “chemical imbalance” instead of, “brain damaged” would women accept this bandwidth?
Unfortunately, with the women diagnosed, it’s easier to blame heredity and offer these drugs their children!
I am working on a manuscript exposing that childhood is under attack in America and it is our nation’s newest pathological illness!
Like lemmings marching towards the sea, parents, educators and government agencies are allowing psychotropic drugs to “fix” obsolete schools, cover up familial stresses and even more terrifying, “design” better learners, more focused employees and happier spouses. It even has a catchy name, cosmetic neurology...
And yet, why were so many school shooters on psychotropic drugs? There are over eight incidents from 1999-200, including Eric Harris, a Columbine shooter on Luvox.
Psychotropics potentially remove the moral compass within a soul; hence, black box warnings!
You know that Prozac for infants is up 300%? Or that America’s Ritalin use is 90% of prescriptions filled worldwide?
The passage of national legislation based on the New Freedom Commission’s adoption of a Texas Medication Algorithm Project mandating the testing of the mental health of children in our schools is chilling. Let’s not even mention the rise of polypharmacy (where multiple medicines relieve their side effects).
Don’t like something about yourself or your kid? Find out what to call it, get a pill and make it go bye-bye!

Mary Ellen La Douceur • Troy

Kids & medication
Hereby, I wish to acknowledge Ben Hansen, Anne Stanton and the Northern Express for stepping forward in exposing the horror of psychotropic drugs.
Specifically, when it comes to children and the overmedication or experimental medication of people who need help but end up in a labyrinth of “symptoms“ brought about by these medications. Often with no way out but another prescription.
I would like to remind those physicians who prescribe psychotropic drugs for personal profit of the Hippocratic Oath they had to take before acquiring a license to practice medicine. It states among other things:
“That you will exercise your art solely for the cure of your patients and will give no drug, perform no operation, for a criminal purpose, even if solicited, far less suggest it.”
By now it is no secret that Big Pharma is motivated by money “at the expense of your life, that of your children, and the future society they will live in.
The State of Michigan should recognize these facts and do something about the shady alliance with drug companies, if only to educate people about these facts and possible alternatives.
ADHD symptoms can be handled without prescriptions. Dr. Mary Ann Block has written an excellent book called “No More ADHD - No More Ritalin.“

Marlene Smith • Northport

Tips for empire builders
Northern Express recently ran a movie review about the 300 Spartans; and in the past, the paper has run a review about Troy.
What both of those movies have in common is that they dealt with the history of fallen empires over 2,000 years ago.
From that great era of Greek power, Athenian ruler Pericles left three wise empire protection rules.
Since then, empires have been rising and falling in a generally western course. Now, only one overtly military world empire remains: the American empire.
But, due to ruler choice, that empire is in big trouble. That has happened because of the damage of the Iraq War, which has violated all three of the rules of Pericles at a most unfavorable time in imperial world history.
Pericles warned that it was foolish for a nation to choose to go to war when it did not have to, and so it has proven to be.
Is an Iran War next?

Louis Burford • Petoskey

Bicycle lesson
I ride bikes and wish more people would. We laugh at you silly people in your inappropriately large cars and high gas prices!
My bikes used to frequently get stolen and I’d get pissed off and blame the tourists. I always got the bikes back, sometimes years later, and it‘s always been some local idiot who thieved them.
I would’ve saved myself a lot of grief if I’d discovered what I did last year: city-issued bike licenses. These are free and available at the police department on Woodmere in Traverse City.
One of my bikes went missing a couple months ago. It was gone only a couple days before I got a call from a police officer who had it in his trunk and returned it to me. He asked if I would let people know about the licenses and that they find stolen bikes all the time and rarely are they able to match them to the owners because they don’t have licenses. So do it bikers, and the rest of you get out of your rolling eyesores and walk!

Mike Morey • TC
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