Letters 05-23-2016

Examine The Priorities Are you disgusted about closing schools, crumbling roads and bridges, and cuts everywhere? Investigate funding priorities of legislators. In 1985 at the request of President Reagan, Grover Norquist founded Americans for Tax Reform (ATR). For 30 years Norquist asked every federal and state candidate and incumbent to sign the pledge to vote against any increase in taxes. The cost of living has risen significantly since 1985; think houses, cars, health care, college, etc...

Make TC A Community For Children Let’s be that town that invests in children actively getting themselves to school in all of our neighborhoods. Let’s be that town that supports active, healthy, ready-to-learn children in all of our neighborhoods...

Where Are Real Christian Politicians? As a practicing Christian, I was very disappointed with the Rev. Dr. William C. Myers statements concerning the current presidential primaries (May 8). Instead of using the opportunity to share the message of Christ, he focused on Old Testament prophecies. Christ gave us a new commandment: to love one another...

Not A Great Plant Pick As outreach specialist for the Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network and a citizen concerned about the health of our region’s natural areas, I was disappointed by the recent “Listen to the Local Experts” feature. When asked for their “best native plant pick,” three of the four garden centers referenced non-native plants including myrtle, which is incredibly invasive...

Truth About Plants Your feature, “listen to the local experts” contains an error that is not helpful for the birds and butterflies that try to live in northwest Michigan. Myrtle is not a native plant. The plant is also known as vinca and periwinkle...

Ask the Real Plant Experts This letter is written to express my serious concern about a recent “Listen To Your Local Experts” article where local nurseries suggested their favorite native plant. Three of the four suggested non-native plants and one suggested is an invasive and cause of serious damage to Michigan native plants in the woods. The article is both sad and alarming...

My Plant Picks In last week’s featured article “Listen to the Local Experts,” I was shocked at the responses from the local “experts” to the question about best native plant pick. Of the four “experts” two were completely wrong and one acknowledged that their pick, gingko tree, was from East Asia, only one responded with an excellent native plant, the serviceberry tree...

NOTE: Thank you to TC-based Eagle Eye Drone Service for the cover photo, taken high over Sixth Street in Traverse City.

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Letters 11/3/08

- November 3rd, 2008
Those awful liberals...
They would actually spend money helping people instead of killing people.
A pundit was predicting what would happen if the Democrats gained control of Congress and the White House. He said they would cut defense spending and increase spending on social programs.
Now, isn’t that the worst thing that could happen? Helping the average citizen and cut defense when the Martians are coming, the Martians are coming?

Richard R Riker • Mackinaw City

Letter to Obama
Let me be candid. After all the campaigning, I still don’t know you very well. You are still coming off as advocating intrusive and paternalistic national government with little faith in free enterprise or belief in personal responsibility and accountability.
I worry that your view of self reliance evolved out of your long-time membership in a Chicago church that embraced Black Liberation Theology which perpetuates a victim mentality long ago abandoned by most black Americans and other minority groups who are doing well. I worry about your belief that the role of government is to redistribute income through personal and corporate taxes.
You have not expressed much faith in or respect for the private sector as the real source of the nation’s wealth. The only incentive you have promised to encourage national corporations to locate or expand here is a threat of punitive tax policies. Read Thomas Friedman’s book The World Is Flat to understand we cannot unilaterally establish the level of competitive wages or total cost in a world market.
No matter how much you despise corporate America, companies always have choices of where to locate. You will not be able to build a wall around the country with artificial constraints to keep jobs in the U.S. We will only keep what we earn and deserve in a world of vicious competition.
Much of what you have said and not said, as well as what you have done and not done, undermines confidence in your being the president we need.

Dick Selvala • Cross Village

End suffering: vote yes
As an 18-year-old first-time voter and a Crohn’s disease patient of six years I am urging all Michigan residents to vote yes on proposals 1 and 2.
Proposal 1 is for legalizing marijuana for medical purposes and Proposal 2 is for lifting a Michigan constitutional ban on the research of stem cells or the use of stem cells in Michigan. Both of these proposals would offer relief to patients who have been suffering through diseases such as leukemia, Parkinson’s disease, and those affected by Crohn’s disease. Legalizing these methods of treatments would offer patients hope by giving them a new treatment when all other common medicines and treatments have failed them.
The people who want these proposals legalized are not immoral or “pot heads” -- they just want something to make their bodies healthy again so they can aspire to the same health standards of a person not having these diseases.
Michigan has a chance to help end the suffering of these patients by voting yes on proposals 1 and 2. Let‘s end the suffering and give them hope on November 4th.

Matt Tomlinson • Grawn

Do something drastic
Now that the American people are once again on the hook to bail out more of the Greedy Major Banking Corporations and with talk in the news to give more money to the smaller banks, don’t you think it is time for Congress to own up to its own mistakes?
I for one would not be surprised to see a great many incumbents being voted out this time around strictly for the way they voted on the bail-out.
Joe the Plumber and the rest of us see nothing coming to help, and the smiles, glad hands and vague promises aren’t cutting it. It is time for Congress to save face and do something drastic for the little people.
The quickest way to stimulate the economy and help the housing market is to do away with compound interest on mortgages and credit cards along with all of the surcharges that have been granted to businesses that strengthen their bottom line and are nothing more than a double charge for various operating expenses that they can already deduct on their income tax filings.
Banks and credit card companies will not like it but the country will benefit greatly and the American people will get the break we deserve. This should be implemented on all accounts, new and old within 30 days after the bill is passed after all everything is computerized. Let the CEOs and their golden parachutes take the fall.

James C. Williams • Kalkaska

Poison in Petoskey
Thank you for the clear description of what is happening in Petoskey at Bay Harbor (“Beauty and the Hidden Beast,“ 9/22). We’ve all heard and read parts of the story.
Anne Stanton‘s article presented a great overview to this huge environmental problem. It is in our best interest to contain it and clean it up to protect our beautiful Little Traverse Bay. And by all means we must not pollute yet another pristine site by moving the poisoning substances to the beautiful Jordan River Valley. We should find the means and ways to clean it up and contain it where it is.

Franny Bluhm • East Jordan
Congress unleashed
Rick Coates’ recent column on the bitterness of the presidential campaign was surprising, but accurate. The allocation of blame to include citizens and the media, along with media campaign managers, was equally accurate. It is also citizen/media unwillingness to address the essential deceit of both campaigns that degrades the level of campaign discourse.
Senator Obama is not the Antichrist; Senator McCain is not Doctor Strangelove. But neither could be elected if they told the truth about the looming deficit and national debt. We cannot afford our current Social Security system or our current Medicare program, let alone “improve” Social Security (Democrats) or Medicare (Republicans).
Since you seem sincere in trying to selected “the lesser of two evils” when voting, I have a pragmatic suggestion. It may be hard to believe, but Congress has an even lower approval rating than President Bush. The universal clichè that “our congressman is the exception,” is about as believable as Garrison Keilor having a hometown “where all the children are above normal.”
Electing Senator Obama would empower a Congress distrusted by 91 percent of the voters. The programs and policies of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, etc. would have no check or restraint. As one national commentator noted, the federal government would be like a car with two accelerators and no brake!

Michael Gillman • TC

Cautiously hopeful
The terms socialism and “redistribution of wealth“ sure get some people all excited! But bring up disarmament and conservation and some would consider you anti-American.
Many of us are more bothered by a society with homeless people and (multi) billionaires. We are tired of endless war and the fear-mongering profiteers who proliferate them. We recognize that an economy driven be consumption (at times gluttonous) is selfish and foolish and risks not only the health and security of future generations, but of the planet.
I am cautiously hopeful for the first time in years that things may change. We need not only a change of leadership, but a change of attitude. Be ready to change... to share, to sacrifice, to tolerate. One world, one people, one love... may peace prevail!

Richard Allen • Leland

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