Letters 07-25-2016

Remember Bush-Cheney Does anyone remember George W. Bush and Dick Cheney? They were president and vice president a mere eight years ago. Does anyone out there remember the way things were at the end of their duo? It was terrible...

Mass Shootings And Gun Control The largest mass shooting in U.S. history occurred December 29,1890, when 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee in South Dakota were murdered by federal agents and members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection.” The slaughter began after the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms...

Families Need Representation When one party dominates the Michigan administration and legislature, half of Michigan families are not represented on the important issues that face our state. When a policy affects the non-voting K-12 students, they too are left out, especially when it comes to graduation requirements...

Raise The Minimum Wage I wanted to offer a different perspective on the issue of raising the minimum wage. The argument that raising the minimum wage will result in job loss is a bogus scare tactic. The need for labor will not change, just the cost of it, which will be passed on to the consumer, as it always has...

Make Cherryland Respect Renewable Cherryland Electric is about to change their net metering policy. In a nutshell, they want to buy the electricity from those of us who produce clean renewable electric at a rate far below the rate they buy electricity from other sources. They believe very few people have an interest in renewable energy...

Settled Science Climate change science is based on the accumulated evidence gained from studying the greenhouse effect for 200 years. The greenhouse effect keeps our planet 50 degrees warmer due to heat-trapping gases in our atmosphere. Basic principles of physics and chemistry dictate that Earth will warm as concentrations of greenhouse gases increase...

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Letters 6/15/09

- June 15th, 2009
Headed for disaster
To the guy in the June 8 Express who believes in banning smoking in the restaurants and bars of Traverse City and across Michigan: I believe to each their own!
Like Michigan is not suffering enough with the economy crumbling. I smoke and I lived in Arizona when the ban on smoking in restaurants took place about two years ago and the local businesses in Arizona took a hit. Bad!
I was a bartender and server and I noticed a decline in sales, my tips and regular customers (who never came back!) Believe me, banning smoking is a stupid idea!
Local businesses already have a say as to whether they are smoke free or not. I respect any place that is non-smoking (and I am a smoker -- I do not even smoke in my own home). Respect our right to smoke if the business allows it because we pay a way high tax anyway. And to top it all off there are already bars and restaurants that have non-smoking sections, or no smoking allowed at all.
That‘s fine but I believe we the people are entitled to freedom of choice. Let the local businesses decide. If you do not like the smoke then find a bar/restaurant that is already smoke-free.
Kristina Moen • TC

Cartoonist Derf takes a hit
As some of you may recall, I had a little tangle with cancer six years ago. I’m still cancer-free, but the fraking radiation treatments damaged my heart. I’m scheduled for open heart surgery this week. The prognosis is good for a full recovery, but the first few weeks will be tough.
The City strip will go on. I didn’t miss a deadline during chemo, and I won’t miss one now. Sorry. this all came as a bolt out of the blue, and I’m already stuck in the hospital, with no computer and no Internet. It’s torture! I’m writing this... sob... by hand! Like a 12th century monk.
See you all once I pass through the Cleveland Clinic’s digestive tract.

Derf • Cleveland

Missed the irony
In reading this letter from William Heil, the only thing I could agree on was his first sentence, “Thank heaven for the National Rifle Association! .. the vigilant guardians of our Second Amendment Rights.”
I’m not sure what woodwork this guy came out of but he obviously doesn’t speak for all NRA members; in fact, I would guess very few. I can’t believe he would have the audacity to think that he is a good representative of the NRA.
In short, he represents the kind of person that is responsible for giving the NRA a bad reputation.
I am a lifetime member of the NRA and an avid shooter and hunter. I do feel that guns should be allowed in our national parks if they are carried by responsible citizens with a license to carry in that state.

Daniel Link • Cedar

Support the home team
I hope Michiganders who have purchased and drive foreign cars and trucks will reconsider as GM and Chrysler come out of chapter 11. Now you know that your purchase decision helped put GM and Chrysler into their current situation.
It‘s amazing to me how active and retired state employees, teachers, blue collar, white collar and yes, even UAW members, did not consider their families, neighborhoods, local dealerships, and even our great state of Michigan, only to save a few bucks, and buy the competition. How many of us have enjoyed a great Michigan life, sent our kids to college, vacationed at great state parks, and moved into the middle to upper middle class because of our state‘s automotive industry and supply base?
Equal employment opportunity started with the Big Three. And when you listen to NPR (don’t we all?) you will hear of support from the Ford foundation, but Toyota and Honda are missing!
We have a second chance; this time there are no excuses. Check it out: American quality, fuel mileage, new technology, performance, excitement and reliability are better than competitive. If you‘re tired of a broken state budget, lower house values, foreclosed neighborhoods, closed small town dealerships, layoffs and suffering local businesses, make your next purchase a GM/Chrysler/Ford vehicle, designed and assembled in Michigan or at least in our midwest region.
If we don’t support the home team and help ourselves, we really don’t deserve help from anyone else!

Adrian DenHaan • Beulah

TC pool a good facility
The past few weeks I have noticed a number of very negative articles in the daily newspaper regarding the Easling Pool at the Civic Center in Traverse City.
This is just wrong. The pool is a great place to swim for lap swimmers and for families during open swim. I have used other pools in my travels around the country some brand new others not so new. The Easling Pool is a good facility, considering its age. I have an annual membership and it is a great bargain. The $3 daily use charge is also a bargain.

Dave Anderson • TC

Red Wings predictions
I am writing in response to your article about the Detroit Red Wings on June 1. There are a few things in the article that I disagree with.
First, Lidstrom will never play for another team in the NHL ever. He will be the Red Wings captain until the day he retires, and I would not be surprised to see number 5 hanging from the rafters soon after his retirement. Second, Ozzie is not going anywhere soon either. In January 2008 he signed a three-year extension to his contract, worth an estimated $1.5 million per year. So even if the original contract was up at the end of last season, that still gives him another two in Detroit.
As for Marian Hossa, he has publicly stated on more than one occasion that he wants a long term deal, so that he can finish his career with one team. He has also said that he wants that team to be Detroit, and will again take a pay cut if Kenny Holland can make it happen. With the Franzen signing, it’s not looking like a good possibility, but never say never to Mr. Holland.
Chris Chelios says he wants to continue to play, and realizes that as the Wings bring in a defense man like Erickson and Meech, his play time will dwindle further than it did this season. Because of that he has also said he realizes that if he wants to play, it will more than likely not be in Detroit.
And the clutch playoff guys who are Maltby and Drapper, I doubt they are going anywhere either. They have been in Detroit for most of their careers, because no one else wanted them. Who doesn’t love the $1 pick-up story?! All those guys do is work as hard as possible, and because of that, they have been a huge part of all of the Wings Cup wins since 1997. I think that they too will finish their careers in Detroit, for whatever the Wings will pay, no matter how much money they could get elsewhere.
That’s the funny thing about the Red Wings. They are the model team in all of sports, not just hockey. Guys will take pay cuts to come to, or stay in Detroit. Or if you’re Steve Yzerman, you take a pay cut in the middle of your contact term so the team has more money to bring on other stars, like Bret Hull. And Mr. and Mrs. Illich take care of the all of the Wings, including the players, staff, and all of their families, past and present.
Go Wings!

Eric Mac Intyre • via email

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