Letters 12-05-2016

Trump going back on promises I’m beginning to suspect that we’ve been conned by our new president. He’s backpedaling on nearly every campaign promise he made to us...

This Christmas, think before you speak Now that Trump has won the election, a lot of folks who call themselves Christians seem to believe they have a mandate to force their beliefs on the rest of us. Think about doing this before you start yelling about people saying “happy holidays,” whining about Starbucks coffee cup image(s), complaining about other’s lifestyles…

First Amendment protects prayer (Re: Atheist Gary Singer’s contribution to the Crossed column titled “What will it take to make America great again?” in the Nov. 21 edition of Northern Express.) Mr. Singer, the First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …”

Evidence of global warming Two basic facts underlay climate science: first, carbon dioxide was known to be a heat-trapping gas as early as 1850; and second, humans are significantly increasing the amount of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels and other activities. We are in fact well on our way to doubling the CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere...

Other community backpack programs I just read your article in the Nov. 28 issue titled “Beneficial backpacks: Two local programs help children.” It is a good article, but there are at least two other such programs in the Traverse City area that I am aware of...

A ‘fox’ in the schoolhouse Trump’s proposed secretary of education, Betsy DeVos (“the fox” in Dutch), is a right-wing billionaire; relentless promoter of unlimited, unregulated charter schools and vouchers; and enemy of public schooling...

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Letters 9/4/03

Various - September 4th, 2003
Lost hikers

I was surprised by your July 31, 2003 response to Gerry Harsch’s point-by-point correction of the MLUI‘s position on the Hartman-Hammond Connection project. You state hundreds of residents who‘ve walked along the river found the proposed bridge 0.5 mile south of South Airport Road. A mile is 5,280’ whether you walk or drive. If you trust your vehicle’s odometer, check the distance next time you cross South Airport Road on Cass Road when you get to Hartman Road. If you travel LaFranier or Garfield Road, check the distance to Hammond Road. If it’s not showing 1.25 miles, you had better get the odometer fixed because all the land surveys show the distance to be 6,600 feet, not 2,600 feet. I would say you and Thayer are about a mile off on your “facts“.
The “Smart Roads“ option publicly discussed by the MLU is readily available. This literature proposes closing driveways, improving BATA, limiting sewers and water service extensions, building roundabouts and sidewalks. Smart Roads doesn’t state that additional lanes will be added to Cass, Keystone and Beitner Roads – the roads they propose all the traffic south of South Airport Road use for the next 20 years. A typical two-lane road can safely and conveniently handle about 12,000 cars a day. So how are these existing two lane road going to handle the estimated 30,000 cars a day coming off South Airport Road onto Hartman-Hammond 20 years from now?
The old saying goes, “You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time“? The last public survey in our county found that 61% of the residents supported the Hartman Hammond Connection. When told there was opposition, 6% dropped their support. Is this 6% the hundreds of area residents that have found a bridge crossing at 0.5 mile from South Airport Road?

Michael Dillenbeck • Manager, Grand Traverse County Road Commission

Attention gay people

Letter to T.C. citizens,gay and/or otherwise inclined. You oughta‘ know, but apparently many of you don‘t. This is a new era in American culture, and you can own your sexuality. You don‘t have to hide anymore. You no longer need two
personalities; one for your friends and another for your co-workers. You no
longer need to perpetuate cultural stereotypes.
When you hide who you are, you‘re only empowering the rednecks, and the “Christian“ right. As for the redneck, yes, the potential threat of violence is always there, but know this, it‘s rooted in their own confused sexuality.
I‘ve mostly had straight male friends -- guys who were comfortable in their own skin -- me being gay? It was a non-issue. As for the Christian right, well, due to the sheer economic power of the gay community, they don‘t have a chance (in their own private hell) of pushing anybody back in the closet. Traverse City residents need to realize this. If all the local gay business owners and investors took to
the hills, this town would evaporate.
Also people on average just don‘t care anymore whether you‘re “straight“ or “gay.“ It‘s irrelevent. So own who you are, and own your economic power; because in a town like this, it‘s all that really matters. And keep that in mind this fall when you vote for community leaders.

Mike Morey • TC

We Created Saddam

Every week there is a new “reason“ to justify invading Iraq. This week it is because 200,000 people disappeared under Saddam Hussein‘s rule. This is intolerable.
But let‘s explore this history. In the mid 1950s the Iraqi people overthrew the British and began a process of democratic elections. The U.S. didn‘t like the direction Iraq was heading and installed Saddam Hussein. We trained him and his people, we supplied him with weapons and money, and we supported his overthrow of democratically elected leaders. Over the years we encouraged Saddam‘s tactics. We used him to fight Iran and supplied him with chemical weapons. Rumsfeld (during his first tour) met with him on numerous occasions. We were neutral when Saddam asked our State Dept. for permission to invade Kuwait.
During the first Gulf “war“ we bombed Baghdad (killing hundreds of civilians) and much of Iraq. We destroyed their water, sewer and electrical systems. We used depleted uranium in our shells and bombs and permanently contaminated the earth. Then we lead sanctions and bombing to prevent rebuilding and cleanup. The World Health Organization said that during the 10 years of U.S.-lead sanctions, 1.2 million Iraqis died because of lack of clean water, proper sewage treatment and medicines. And most of these were children. We are now beginning to see the effects of depleted uranium - deformed children, high cancer rates - in Iraq and our troops.
We have “outkilled“ Saddam Hussein 6-to-1 in less than half the time. We installed him and fully supported him. To invade a country, to kill Iraqis, to place U.S. troops in harm‘s way to correct a problem that we created is beyond intolerable. Its barbaric. I believe all parties involved in this atrocity must go before an international court and be tried for crimes against humanity.
I left Vietnam 32 years ago. I had hoped that we learned a lesson. What I see that we learned is that the military/industrial/media/political complex is alive and well and getting fatter at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE.

Arnold Stieber • Grass Lake

No draft necessary

Chairman Mao once said that the United states government was like a hand with five fingers trying to hold down six flies. That is especially true now.
Political leader orders have forced a military manpower shortage on the Pentagon. That shortage has developed because American military forces have been sent to an excessive number of foreign countries and left there.
The reason is because political leaders have ordered the Pentagon to train a growing number of foreign military forces in order to have a controlling interest in them and their governments.
But it was the military manpower demands of the unnecessary war in Iraq that both caused and exposed such a strategic military weakening of national security. That can be fixed, but not all of the anti-American threats created by such an internationally understood war of aggression.
If the military manpower shortage is made up by bringing back another unnecessary draft as a congressional bill seeks to do, then American families will be hurt again just as they were during the Vietnam War.
Because that war was clearly proven unnecessary for national security, that clearly proves that the military draft supporting it was unnecessary.
Added to the observation of Chairman Mao should be a related one of warning from Frederick the Great: One who attempts holding down all finishes by losing all.

Louis Burford • Petoskey
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