Letters 10-27-2014

Paging Doctor Dan: The doctor’s promise to repeal Obamacare reminds me of the frantic restaurant owner hurrying to install an exhaust fan after the kitchen burns down. He voted 51 times to replace the ACA law; a colossal waste of money and time. It’s here to stay and he has nothing to replace it.

Evolution Is Real Science: Breathtaking inanity. That was the term used by Judge John Jones III in his elegant evisceration of creationist arguments attempting to equate it to evolutionary theory in his landmark Kitzmiller vs. Dover Board of Education decision in 2005.

U.S. No Global Police: Steven Tuttle in the October 13 issue is correct: our military, under the leadership of the President (not the Congress) is charged with protecting the country, its citizens, and its borders. It is not charged with  performing military missions in other places in the world just because they have something we want (oil), or we don’t like their form of government, or we want to force them to live by the UN or our rules.

Graffiti: Art Or Vandalism?: I walk the [Grand Traverse] Commons frequently and sometimes I include the loop up to the cistern just to go and see how the art on the cistern has evolved. Granted there is the occasional gross image or word but generally there is a flurry of color.

NMEAC Snubbed: Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council (NMEAC) is the Grand Traverse region’s oldest grassroots environmental advocacy organization. Preserving the environment through citizen action and education is our mission.

Vote, Everyone: Election Day on November 4 is fast approaching, and now is the time to make a commitment to vote. You may be getting sick of the political ads on TV, but instead, be grateful that you live in a free country with open elections. Take the time to learn about the candidates by contacting your county parties and doing research.

Do Fluoride Research: Hydrofluorosilicic acid, H2SiF6, is a byproduct from the production of fertilizer. This liquid, not environmentally safe, is scrubbed from the chimney of the fertilizer plant, put into containers, and shipped. Now it is a ‘product’ added to the public drinking water.

Meet The Homeless: As someone who volunteers for a Traverse City organization that works with homeless people, I am appalled at what is happening at the meetings regarding the homeless shelter. The people fighting this shelter need to get to know some homeless families. They have the wrong idea about who the homeless are.

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Moogfest to welcome Massive Attack, Mgmt

Kristi Kates - October 18th, 2010
Moogfest to Welcome Massive Attack, MGMT
The inaugural Moogfest, an event put together to celebrate the life and accomplishments of the legendary Robert Moog (the inventor of the influential Moog synthesizer), is set to take place October 29th through the 31st in Asheville, North Carolina this year. Mr. Moog was well-known for crafting a line of the synth instruments that have been used by everyone from Kraftwerk and Daft Punk to Radiohead. Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, MGMT, Hot Chip, and Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi are among the acts that will pay homage to Moog at the event, which will include live performances as well as workshops, panels, art exhibitions, and film screenings; go to moogfest.com for more info...
Beatles manager Brian Epstein was recently honored with a plaque at 13 Monmouth Street in Seven Dials, the site of Epstein’s first London-based office. Liverpool singer Cilla Black - who was also managed by Epstein - unveiled the plaque at a special ceremony. In addition to his work with The Beatles and Black, Epstein ran a full roster of acts in the mid-60s at a pivotal time for the music business; he also served as godfather to John and Cynthia Lennon’s son, Julian. The influential manager passed away in 1967 at the age of 32 due to what’s been termed an accidental drug overdose...
The story of Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia is heading to the big screen, via director Amir Bar-Lev, who will work to turn Robert Greenfield’s Garcia biography Dark Star into a movie. The film is set to focus on Garcia’s early life, before he became best known for working with the legendary jam band; it takes on the period when Garcia was working in coffeehouses and playing bluegrass music, showcasing the formative influences that led him to the big-stage performer he became...
LCD Soundsystem and the aforementioned Hot Chip are in the middle of the fall tour that they teamed up for, making one big road dance party for LCD and Chip fans; LCD are currently promoting their latest album, This is Happening, through these live shows, including a stop at the Coachella fest earlier this year. Stops left on the pair’s schedule include Salt Lake City (10/19), Milwaukee WI (10/22), and a quartet of UK dates that find the tour wrapping up on 11/15...

Legendary singer-songwriter Elvis Costello is set to release his latest album, National Ransom, on November 2nd, and he’s spiffed up his online presence, to boot; revisit this influential performer via his new disc and his groovy official site at www.elviscostello.com...

Afghan Whigs/Twilight Singers indie rocker Greg Dulli is embarking on a long-overdue solo tour, An Evening with Greg Dulli, that will take him through NYC (10/19) and Philly (10/20), plus a solid dozen dates in Western Europe.. Next year’s T in the Park Festival is getting a jump on pre-sale tickets for the 2011 summer event; snag yours early at www.tinthepark.com...
Beck revealed in a recent Pitchfork interview that he’s pondering releasing a new album that he recorded back in the fall of 2008; the musician is currently without a record label, as his contract with Interscope Records recently ended... Universal Music and MTV are apparantly still feuding, with licensing talks at a stall and Universal artists’ videos being pulled from airing on the MTV channels...
Miniature pop phenom Justin Bieber has been tapped as the newest celeb spokesperson for skin care brand Proactiv... And if you’re looking to, er, scent-enhance your punk look, team up those Doc Martens and mohawks with the new Etat Libre D’Orange, a signature Sex Pistols perfume (yes, you read that correctly) that will offer a fragrant mix of “black pepper, heliotrope, and leather”...
And here are a few of this week’s new releases to enhance your CD collection... Apache Beat’s Last Chants... New Collisions’ The Optimist... Idlewild’s Post Electric Blues... and Clinic’s Bubblegum... and that’s the buzz for this week’s Modern Rock.
Questions, comments, rants, raves, suggestions on this column or your favorite musicians? Send ‘em to Kristi at modernrocker@gmail.com

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