Letters 08-24-2015

Bush And Blame Jeb Bush strikes again. Understand that Bush III represents the nearly extinct, compassionate-conservative, moderate wing of the Republican party...

No More State Theatre I was quite surprised and disgusted by an article I saw in last week’s edition. On pages 18 and 19 was an article about how the State Theatre downtown let some homosexual couple get married there...

GMOs Unsustainable Steve Tuttle’s column on GMOs was both uninformed and off the mark. Genetic engineering will not feed the world like Tuttle claims. However, GMOs do have the potential to starve us because they are unsustainable...

A Pin Drop Senator Debbie Stabenow spoke on August 14 to a group of Democrats in Charlevoix, an all-white, seemingly middle class, well-educated audience, half of whom were female...

A Slippery Slope Most of us would agree that an appropriate suggestion to a physician who refuses to provide a blood transfusion to a dying patient because of the doctor’s religious views would be, “Please doctor, change your profession as a less selfish means of protecting your religious freedom.”

Stabilize Our Climate Climate scientists have been saying that in order to stabilize the climate, we need to limit global warming to less than two degrees. Renewables other than hydropower provide less than 3 percent of the world energy. In order to achieve the two degree scenario, the world needs to generate 11 times more wind power by 2050, and 36 times more solar power. It will require a big helping of new nuclear power, too...

Harm From GMOs I usually agree with the well-reasoned opinions expressed in Stephen Tuttle’s columns but I must challenge his assertions concerning GMO foods. As many proponents of GMOs do, Mr. Tuttle conveniently ignores the basic fact that GMO corn, soybeans and other crops have been engineered to withstand massive quantities of herbicides. This strategy is designed to maximize profits for chemical companies, such as Monsanto. The use of copious quantities of herbicides, including glyphosates, is losing its effectiveness and the producers of these poisons are promoting the use of increasingly dangerous substances to achieve the same results...

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Letters 09/12/2011

- September 12th, 2011  

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The legacy of 9/11

9/11/2001 was a crime, not an act of war. Four women from New Jersey, whose spouses had been killed in the Twin Towers, forced an investigation. Those in power fought the concept, and then stacked the Commission on 9/11 so that the toughest questions would not be asked.

The nation of Afghanistan was invaded and occupied. We were told to go shopping. The nation of Iraq was invaded and occupied. We were told that weapons of mass destruction were everywhere. Millions of people have been killed, maimed, displaced, and negatively effected by a decision to use violence vs. the rule of law.

Arnold Stieber • Grass Lake

Dave Camp & the deficit

As a member of the deficit reduction committee, it’s essential that U.S. Rep. Dave Camp support an agreement that includes substantial new revenue. Taxes must be increased on the wealthy, whose taxes have been reduced by about 30% during the last couple decades (that hasn’t worked out too well, has it?) Mr. Camp must also ensure that corporations and hedge fund managers pay their fair share by closing loopholes.

As a conservative economist recently pointed out, tax increases (especially when levied exclusively on the wealthy) aren’t as bad for the economy as spending cuts because government spending disproportionately puts money into the pockets of people who spend the bulk of that money. This spending is critical because it is increases in demand (for products and services) that drive job growth. Corporations have been making huge profits. Thus, if job growth was driven by companies being able to afford to hire more people, unemployment would be a non-issue.

Mr. Camp’s record suggests a strong bias in favor of the special interests. The Republican-controlled House recently defeated an amendment that would have crippled the Endangered Species Act. Sadly, Mr. Camp is so extreme that he voted for the amendment. Camp has consistently supported the oil industry at the expense of the people. And Camp opposed the ObamaCares health care reforms even though our current system results in tens of thousands of deaths annually due to lack of insurance.

This committee is an opportunity for Camp to redeem himself by showing he supports what’s in the best interest of the country rather than his special interest donors. Hopefully, for our sake, he will. However, his record indicates he won’t unless he hears loud and clear from his constituents that the committee must include substantial revenue increases in its deficit reduction plan.

Fred A. Cepela • TC

Thanks to workers

I’m sitting here on Labor Day thanking God for workers everywhere. Thank you teachers and school staff, doctors, nurses, police, fire, EMT, government workers, sanitation workers, carpenters, fishermen, farmers and those who harvest our food. Thank you all who labor.

I am even more grateful for the union organizers who put their lives on the line to bring us a 40-hour work week, minimum wage, safe working conditions, unemployment insurance, health insurance, pensions and collective bargaining. Unions created the middle class. Thank you.

This idea that businesses are not hiring out of the fear and uncertainty that they may have to pay more in taxes is backwards thinking. We need to spend money to make money. People need jobs to buy goods and services.

Greed, fear, and wanting the President to fail are driving this recession. Let’s work together so everyone succeeds and stop demonizing others.

Beverly Christensen • Cedar

Vax attack

After 30+ years of independently researching vaccines I believe there is much the public is unaware of. I want to appeal to common sense!

Would you ever consent to a medical procedure like surgery if you did not understand what was going to happen during the operation? By ethical law, you must be told the risks of the procedure so that you fully understand what you are consenting to and you sign forms agreeing to the procedure. Would you ever take 5, 10 or more medications at one time without questioning if it is safe? Would you knowingly inject formaldehyde, antifreeze, aluminum, lead, mercury, phenol, acetone or other toxic chemicals into your arm with no regard to how they could hurt you?

For some reason, vaccines fall outside all these “good common sense” guidelines. In the last 16 years we have added more vaccines to the baby schedule bringing the total up to 38 different shots by the time a child is 2 years of age. All those shots contain the above ingredients and at very high toxic levels. I call these “Vaccine Cocktails” and for thousands of children they are “Vaccine Bombs.”

A responsible society must be willing to look at all the facts, even if the outcome is unpleasant. Vaccines are “out dated” and do not protect children and cause more injury than good.

In my opinion, any doctor who will defend this as “safe” is a danger to society.

Mary Tocco • via email

Very distasteful

I am finally taking the time to make a comment about your “My Style” column. Almost every week same thing, ungodly amounts a person has afforded for themselves on one outfit.

I am repulsed that every week, in our current state of this economy, someone is flaunting about how much they spent on one outfit - hundreds of dollars - come on! I think only about four times have I seen amounts under $150 and that is still absurd.

What is your point to people when you put this out there? That “to be cool” you have to spend hundreds to be a person and be noticed? They did SOoooo great getting this one outfit for $400+, gosh, should we pat these people on the back or ask for a donation? outfit could feed or how much clothing do you think you could get for $480 for people less fortunate (which now, is a damn lot of people)? Now a days, I would be embarrassed to say I WASTED that much money on an outfit.

People cannot barely feed themselves or their families, pay rent and such let alone pay $480 for one outfit -- very, very poor taste in article containment for your paper!

I read your paper almost every week, I really like your publication. I just think this column is in extremely poor taste given our state of affairs and I came to a breaking point where I needed to say something.

Thank you for letting me vent. You might do a poll to see if readers really want to see and hear of the squandering others afford when the rest of the world is suffering and cannot even buy new socks or underwear for god's sake!

Teresa Baker • via email

(Thanks Teresa, but we love MyStyle and support freedom of expression, including how our readers choose to dress themselves. Fashion creates millions of jobs all over the world, even in Northern Michigan, and helps to color what might otherwise be a very dull world. - ed.)

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