Letters 08-31-2015

Inalienable Rights This is a response to the “No More State Theatre” in your August 24th edition. I think I will not be the only response to this pathetic and narrow-minded letter that seems rather out of place in the northern Michigan that I know. To think we will not be getting your 25 cents for the movie you refused to see, but more importantly we will be without your “two cents” on your thoughts of a marriage at the State Theatre...

Enthusiastically Democratic Since I was one of the approximately 160 people present at when Senator Debbie Stabenow spoke on August 14 in Charlevoix, I was surprised to read in a letter to Northern Express that there was a “rather muted” response to Debbie’s announcement that she has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president...

Not Hurting I surely think the State Theatre will survive not having the homophobic presence of Colleen Smith and her family attend any matinees. I think “Ms.” Smith might also want to make sure that any medical personnel, bank staff, grocery store staff, waiters and/or waitress, etc. are not homosexual before accepting any service or product from them...

Stay Home I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I read the letter of the extremely homophobic, “disgusted” writer. She now refuses to patronize the State Theatre because she evidently feels that its confines have been poisoned by the gay wedding ceremony held there...

Keep Away In response to Colleen Smith of Cadillac who refused to bring her family to the State Theatre because there was a gay wedding there: Keep your 25 cents and your family out of Traverse City...

Celebrating Moore And A Theatre I was 10 years old when I had the privilege to see my first film at the State Theatre. I will never forget that experience. The screen was almost the size of my bedroom I shared with my older sister. The bursting sounds made me believe I was part of the film...

Outdated Thinking This letter is in response to Colleen Smith. She made public her choice to no longer go to the State Theater due to the fact that “some homosexuals” got married there. I’m not outraged by her choice; we don’t need any more hateful, self-righteous bigots in our town. She can keep her 25 cents...

Mackinac Pipeline Must Be Shut Down Crude oil flowing through Enbridge’s 60-yearold pipeline beneath the Mackinac Straits and the largest collection of fresh water on the planet should be a serious concern for every resident of the USA and Canada. Enbridge has a very “accident” prone track record...

Your Rights To Colleen, who wrote about the State Theatre: Let me thank you for sharing your views; I think most of us are well in support of the first amendment, because as you know- it gives everyone the opportunity to express their opinions. I also wanted to thank Northern Express for not shutting down these types of letters right at the source but rather giving the community a platform for education...

No Role Model [Fascinating Person from last week’s issue] Jada quoted: “I want to be a role model for girls who are interested in being in the outdoors.” I enjoy being in the outdoors, but I don’t want to kill animals for trophy...

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Letters 09/26/2011

- September 26th, 2011  

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Call of the Wind

One sunlit and breezy summer day I had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand the beauty of what a wind farm could be.

Just off 115, south of Cadillac across rolling farmland not so unlike our own Benzie County, windmills stand in exquisite harmony with their surroundings. As I watched those marvels hard at their work it became clearer than ever; these are not things to fear or dread, for as in many manmade creations there is a gentle and artistic grace to them.

So sometime when you get a chance, travel to Stony Corners Road. See for yourself. Hopefully you’ll then appreciate why so many of us in Joyfield Township are advocating for this elegant source of power.

Thomas Hart • Joyfield Township

Support Jobs Act

With 25 million Americans lacking adequate work, our country and our state needs jobs now. Please back President Obama’s job plan.

Republicans should not stand in the way.

Nearly all of the proposals in the American Jobs Act have been approved in the past by Republicans, so there is no reason for them not to pass the President’s bill except to play politics with American jobs.

Bonnie Mitchell • Johannesburg

marketing campaign (Letters 9/19). Why stop there? About 70% of us all too readily believed the lies of the Bush II crowd about the need for war.

You may recall during the Cuban missile crisis that our ambassador Adlai Stevenson used U2 spy plane pictures of missile sites in Cuba at the UN to justify our blockade. Kennedy called French President Charles de Gaulle and offered to have a military jet fly the pictures to Paris. While de Gaulle was no fan of the USA, his response provides great contrast. He reportedly told JFK that a special flight was not necessary, since no America president would ever lie about circumstances that could justify war.

The much bigger question is how 51% of us voted for Bush a second time—after the 9/11 Commission found no connection between Saddam and 9/11 and after the Duelfer Report (Iraq Study Group) found no WMD programs in Iraq.

Is it any wonder why the Bushies now avoid foreign travel, lest they be arrested and put to trial for war crimes? The other 70% of us will have to live with their varying degrees of personal culpability and think of an excuse to use on Judgment Day. As Fox Noise shows daily, many still prefer to rely on their opinions rather than any real examination of truth and facts.

True Lies

David Monroe of Interlochen apparently didn’t like Stephen Tuttle’s article about our immoral and unnecessary invasion of Iraq. He provides a list of prominent Democrats who also initially believed the WMD

Leonard Page • Cheboygan

More on ‘The Wrong Turn’

I spent a few days in the Traverse City area after Labor Day and was fortunate enough to pick up a copy of Northern Express Weekly and read Stephan Tuttle’s column, “The Wrong Turn.”

I recently retired after having had the privilege of spending the past 18 years as an employee of the U.S. House of Representatives and the American taxpayer while working as a staffer for two members of Congress. As a result, I spent more time looking closely at national issues than most do, or, sadly, more closely than most people are willing to invest the time to do. Mr. Tuttle has summed up the situation in which we find ourselves as a nation in a succinct and understandable column that every American should read.

Too many of us are letting sound bites from talking heads replace the reading, listening and thinking that should be invested in forming our own opinions.

From my generation’s war in Vietnam forward we have shown a willingness to applaud and support the same flag-wrapped phrases that continue to cost this great country embarrassment internationally, squander precious tax dollars, and more importantly, cost thousands of precious American lives. My thanks to Mr. Tuttle for putting his thoughts on paper and to Northern Express Weekly for printing it.

Jim Lewis • Saginaw

Wise viewpoint

Stephen Tuttle is a gem. His calm, evenhanded approach to writing about various issues is a welcome break from the panicladen discourse one usually finds in our present day media.

His opinion piece titled, “Take a Shot” demonstrates the staggering success rates for vaccines that have sadly passed through the taken-for-granted realm of our lives and entered the conspiracy theory realm. His efforts to bring people back to levelheadedness will be worth it if even one or two people contemplating NOT immunizing their children change their minds after reading his piece.

Thanks Stephen Tuttle. Keep it up.

Bob Buelow • Harbor Springs

Chose not to vaccinate

I am writing this in response to Stephen Tuttle’s article, “Take a Shot.” I have researched vaccinations for over 12 years now and have read article after article similar to what was written here. I’ve become tired of the fear-based rhetoric to scare parents into vaccinating their children.

I’ve become weary of the calls of conspiracy theory and urban myth in order to discredit reasons people choose not to vaccinate. I chose not to vaccinate myself and my children but I didn’t make that choice lightly and I didn’t make it as an uniformed mother of two. I made it after doing my own research, talking to physicians and other parents, and looking for healthier, more natural alternatives. As a natural health practitioner, I talk to many parents whose children are suffering from vaccine-related health issues. Those parents don’t need scientific studies to know how and why their child was harmed (even though the studies are out there) and they don’t need anyone telling them that they can’t prove it. As a parent, you know. That is enough.

My plea to parents and individuals is not to choose to vaccinate or not vaccinate because someone tells you what you should or should not. Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to Stephen Tuttle. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Make an informed choice, not an empty one. That’s what I did and that is why I am 100% confident in my decision not to vaccinate. I am healthier for it and so are my children. But that’s me. You need to make your own choice.

Tuttle asks me to keep my unvaccinated children away from him and “the rest of us.” But Mr. Tuttle, if you have such confidence in the vaccines you are getting, why would you have to worry about that?

Heidi Kistler • Lake Ann

The legacy of biomass

To understand the result of removing “sustainable biomass” from our state forests, travel through an area in the Upper Michigan Kingston Plains, sometimes referred to and appropriately named “the pine barrens.”

Here, 120-year old stumps show the size of the white pine trees clear-cut from an area that remains “barren” today.

William Griffiths • via email


Credit for the photo of Father Fred on last week’s cover should have gone to Bob Ashmun of Traverse City.

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