Letters 09-26-2016

Welcome To 1984 The Democrat Party, the government education complex, private corporations and foundations, the news media and the allpervasive sports and entertainment industry have incrementally repressed the foundational right of We the People to publicly debate open borders, forced immigration, sanctuary cities and the calamitous destruction of innate gender norms...

Grow Up, Kachadurian Apparently Tom Kachadurian has great words; too bad they make little sense. His Sept. 19 editorial highlights his prevalent beliefs that only Hillary and the Dems are engaged in namecalling and polarizing actions. Huh? What rock does he live under up on Old Mission...

Facts MatterThomas Kachadurian’s “In the Basket” opinion deliberately chooses to twist what Clinton said. He chooses to argue that her basket lumped all into the clearly despicable categories of the racist, sexist, homophobic , etc. segments of the alt right...

Turn Off Fox, Kachadurian I read Thomas Kachadurian’s opinion letter in last week’s issue. It seemed this opinion was the product of someone who offered nothing but what anyone could hear 24/7/365 on Fox News; a one-sided slime job that has been done better by Fox than this writer every day of the year...

Let’s Fix This Political Process Enough! We have been embroiled in the current election cycle for…well, over a year, or is it almost two? What is the benefit of this insanity? Exorbitant amounts of money are spent, candidates are under the microscope day and night, the media – now in action 24/7 – focuses on anything and everything anyone does, and then analyzes until the next event, and on it goes...

Can’t Cut Taxes 

We are in a different place today. The slogan, “Making America Great Again” begs the questions, “great for whom?” and “when was it great?” I have claimed my generation has lived in a bubble since WWII, which has offered a prosperity for a majority of the people. The bubble has burst over the last few decades. The jobs which provided a good living for people without a college degree are vanishing. Unions, which looked out for the welfare of employees, have been shrinking. Businesses have sought to produce goods where labor is not expensive...

Wrong About Clinton In response to Thomas Kachadurian’s column, I have to take issue with many of his points. First, his remarks about Ms. Clinton’s statement regarding Trump supporters was misleading. She was referring to a large segment of his supporters, not all. And the sad fact is that her statement was not a “smug notion.” Rather, it was the sad truth, as witnessed by the large turnout of new voters in the primaries and the ugly incidents at so many of his rallies...

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Letters 09-24-2012

- September 24th, 2012  

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Defending workers’ rights

Proposal 2 on Michigan’s November ballot doesn’t force anyone to join a union or to pay union dues. Then why vote for it? Yes on 2 prevents those who want to eliminate collective bargaining from using their power to abuse workers’ rights.

Abuse of power has been demonstrated recently in Wisconsin. Governor Walker removed collective bargaining rights for a select few -- public employees who voted against him in a recall ballot.

Walker said it was about saving money, but even after the unions accepted steep pay and benefit cuts, he continued his drive to end collective bargaining, clearly favoring authoritarian rule.

The elimination of cronyism is essential to collective bargaining. Collective bargaining is founded upon the same principles of democracy that our country holds dear: the freedom of association, self-organization and the right to vote.

Through negotiation and consensus, workers can assemble to identify key issues such as adequate pay, humane hours and fair performance assessment. Assembling and voting on these issues is a democratic process.

Our country joins Afghanistan, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Somalia in not yet enshrining into law the right to collective bargaining. Voting Yes on Proposal 2 is a step in the right direction.

Mary Eliowitz • TC

Appalled by article

I am appalled that a guest opinion writer in the Northern Express would insinuate Kirsten Keilitz was not qualified for a probate judge job simply because she does not have children. The probate court does not only deal with children, but elder law, estates, etc.

Many of us who have children have not yet had to deal with aging parents as Kirsten has. (And let’s be honest, many judges with families are not involved with their own children.) She is both professionally and personally qualified for the job. She is smart, sensitive, rational, and trustworthy. She is the best candidate for judge.

Colleen Shannon • via email

Oil biz targeting Obama

Why are Republicans opposed to Obama’s plan to allow taxes on very high incomes to return to where they were during the Clinton years? Have they forgotten that when Clinton raised the top tax rate, what followed was arguably the best economy in American history?

In Obama we finally have a leader who stood up to the oil and auto industries by substantially raising mileage standards. This is the only way to have a meaningful effect on gasoline prices. And, more importantly, it will greatly reduce our spending on gas simply by reducing the amount we consume.

It’s no wonder Marathon Oil chose the two months prior to the election to close their Detroit refinery. The oil industry wants Obama gone because he has the nerve to work on behalf of the people.

Fred Cepela • TC

Australians vs. Paul Ryan

I have lived in Australia for 33 years and respect their way of life. They did not go into a recession in 2008-9 because they have a good fiscal policy and bank regulation. They have an excellent national health system, a carbon tax, and educational support. Yes, there is healthy debate between right and left on policy issues but Parliamentary leaders from the major parties compromise on issues vital to the nation’s health.

The Australian media views America through this policy framework. It is not surprising that they view the Republican vice-presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan as not credible. The Australian “Financial Times” columnist Martin Wolf summed it up as follows: “Over the next decade, the Ryan plan is inadequate and incomplete. Over the long run, it is incredible. It may be good politics, it is bad policy.”

• Ryan priorities are: tax cuts benefiting the rich; spending cuts predominantly affect the poor.

• Ryan does not specify reductions in tax expenditures, which he says would generate a 19% GDP tax revenue.

• Ryan’s plans to pay for his tax cuts by slashing tax breaks for employer-provided health insurance, mortgage interest, 401(k) accounts and state/local taxes is not going to happen.

• Ryan predicts that by 2050 federal health spending will be lowered by 0.75%, despite the steady increase in seniors, simply by eliminating eligibility for over 65s in 2022. If you believe that is likely, I have a bridge to sell you.

• Ryan’s plan would raise the Federal debt by $6 trillion over the next decade.

This view from down-under is worth considering by American voters.

Peter Wolcott • Northport

Tit for tat on ID requests

On 7/17/12 I submitted a Letter to the Editor to this area’s daily newspaper. To date this letter has gone unpublished.

The letter was critical of an article which appeared criticizing “Voter ID” requirements. The article contained the standard “voter ID” hyperbole.

The same ‘newspaper’ that claims that Voter ID requirements would “disenfranchise voters,” has no problem requiring verification of identity prior to printing letters to the editor. Excuse me while I turn to my well-used Webster dictionary seeking the definition of hypocrisy!

The following comes from their website:

“We must contact you before publication to confirm you actually sent this letter, so we require your telephone and address.” They also require your name.

To date, no contact has been initiated by the newspaper for verification. In fact, three follow-up emails, and one follow-up phone call initiated by myself have gone unanswered.

I understand the paper’s right to choose what they publish, but in the interest of full disclosure they should clearly state that if a letter is critical of their opini... whoops, ‘news article’ then it will not be considered for publication.

I submit this letter to Northern Express fully understanding that they also require proof of identity, and have in the past run articles critical of “Voter ID.” I’ve previously read, in the Northern Express, letters critical of Northern Express articles. I believe this letter stands a chance of publication even in light of these facts.

The other newspaper? I’m thinking of adding a couple parakeets to our family.

Tony Melling • via email

Gravy train slowing down

In reference to “Man Without a Plan” (Letters, 9/17): Just wondering if you watch the news and have observed the uprising of the Arabic people burning our flags, chanting death to America, attacking our embassies and killing our citizens, not to mention the threat of Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

If not, then you are living in a bubble and are very misinformed as to why the military budget needs to stay intact.

Oh, and by the way, as far as I know Bush has not been president for the last three-and-a-half years, so blaming him won’t fly anymore.

Seems like most Democrats have not much to condemn Mitt Romney for, so they're grasping at anything they can find, such as his income tax, which if you check into further he has paid in the last few years.

Playing the race card is not going to work anymore either. It is not Obama’s skin color that is in question here, it is his policies that are not working to bring about jobs and his lack of strength to lead this country in times of international crisis that has many people worried.

Food and gas prices are soaring (inflation) and if you have not tried to find a job in the last three years you have no idea of how hard it is to find one. My hunch is you’re worried about the free taxpayer gravy train slowing down. What you don’t seem to understand is that a system that relies on people working to pay the taxes for the so-called “free programs” can not sustain for the long haul without people finding jobs and will eventually come crashing down.

Melody Bajema • via email

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