Letters 08-31-2015

Inalienable Rights This is a response to the “No More State Theatre” in your August 24th edition. I think I will not be the only response to this pathetic and narrow-minded letter that seems rather out of place in the northern Michigan that I know. To think we will not be getting your 25 cents for the movie you refused to see, but more importantly we will be without your “two cents” on your thoughts of a marriage at the State Theatre...

Enthusiastically Democratic Since I was one of the approximately 160 people present at when Senator Debbie Stabenow spoke on August 14 in Charlevoix, I was surprised to read in a letter to Northern Express that there was a “rather muted” response to Debbie’s announcement that she has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president...

Not Hurting I surely think the State Theatre will survive not having the homophobic presence of Colleen Smith and her family attend any matinees. I think “Ms.” Smith might also want to make sure that any medical personnel, bank staff, grocery store staff, waiters and/or waitress, etc. are not homosexual before accepting any service or product from them...

Stay Home I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I read the letter of the extremely homophobic, “disgusted” writer. She now refuses to patronize the State Theatre because she evidently feels that its confines have been poisoned by the gay wedding ceremony held there...

Keep Away In response to Colleen Smith of Cadillac who refused to bring her family to the State Theatre because there was a gay wedding there: Keep your 25 cents and your family out of Traverse City...

Celebrating Moore And A Theatre I was 10 years old when I had the privilege to see my first film at the State Theatre. I will never forget that experience. The screen was almost the size of my bedroom I shared with my older sister. The bursting sounds made me believe I was part of the film...

Outdated Thinking This letter is in response to Colleen Smith. She made public her choice to no longer go to the State Theater due to the fact that “some homosexuals” got married there. I’m not outraged by her choice; we don’t need any more hateful, self-righteous bigots in our town. She can keep her 25 cents...

Mackinac Pipeline Must Be Shut Down Crude oil flowing through Enbridge’s 60-yearold pipeline beneath the Mackinac Straits and the largest collection of fresh water on the planet should be a serious concern for every resident of the USA and Canada. Enbridge has a very “accident” prone track record...

Your Rights To Colleen, who wrote about the State Theatre: Let me thank you for sharing your views; I think most of us are well in support of the first amendment, because as you know- it gives everyone the opportunity to express their opinions. I also wanted to thank Northern Express for not shutting down these types of letters right at the source but rather giving the community a platform for education...

No Role Model [Fascinating Person from last week’s issue] Jada quoted: “I want to be a role model for girls who are interested in being in the outdoors.” I enjoy being in the outdoors, but I don’t want to kill animals for trophy...

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Letters 04-01-2013

- April 1st, 2013  

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Obamacare’s benefits

Three years into Obamacare, politicians are still fighting over it and the public is still divided about it. Yet millions of Americans have benefitted from it.

President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law on March 23, 2010. As a community health representative I have seen the many benefits firsthand. People under age 26 now have access to health coverage under their parents’ plans, and many preventive services are now covered by insurance without co-pays such as birth control, annual exams, Pap and STD tests.

Some of the biggest changes are still on the horizon, set to begin in 2014, including insurance exchanges, tax credits for coverage, and the expansion of the Medicaid program.

Here in Michigan, some House lawmakers appear determined to keep the Medicaid expansion benefit from our state’s citizens despite knowing the public and Governor Snyder support it.

Medicaid expansion would give nearly half-a-million low-income workers access to health care while also saving state tax dollars and bringing in billions in new money. The figures are staggering: an estimated 10-year state savings totaling $1.1 billion and new federal revenue to the state totaling $20.5 billion.

So once again lawmakers are shamelessly putting their own petty agendas ahead of Michigan’s families and economy. It is our job to let politicians know we are not going to stand for their stalling tactics once again.

Ann Fraley • Health Care Specialist • Planned Parenthood of West & Northern Michigan

Whither Interlochen?

While reading your Best of Northern Michigan edition, I wondered when the Village of Interlochen moved to Benzie County? I have lived in Interlochen for 37 years and it’s always been in Grand Traverse County. Bud’s and the Hofbrau are indeed two of Interlochen’s best restaurants, but they are not in Benzie County.

Kathy Johnson • Interlochen

(Good point Kathy -- the reason we place Interlochen in Benzie County for the ‘Best Of’ issue is because there are so many restaurants and businesses in Grand Traverse County that the village would likely get overlooked in that region’s listings. Interlochen is an ‘in between’ community, so we place it in the Benzie listings to raise its profile in the issue. - ed.)

Pretentious MyStyle

When did pretentious become stylish in Traverse City? I am a local born and raised gal who has been a fan of Northern Express until the recent MyStyle article featured a “banana bread princess” New Yorker (who recently moved here) fashioning a $2,742 outfit.

What happened to featuring a local who wears items from the area with a reasonable yet fashionable sense of style? I hope the new contributor can get a realistic sense of the local economy and can inspire your readership for fashion sense and not nonsense.

Sarah Roberts • TC

Clueless representative

Some of our citizens find Rep. Ray Franz and his staff unresponsive to requests for information about dates for town meetings and about global warming.

Regarding global warming, Franz has unburdened himself during his campaign. He very clearly stated in a debate with Alan O’Shea in Glen Arbor that the whole batch of work on warming was and is “a hoax.” It’s a hoax, he claimed, in the opinion of “30,000 scientists” who were polled in 1998 by a poorly based group of petitioners.

As a matter of fact, he noted that an increased sale of SUVs pleases him since this helps warm his winters. Inconsistent? Well, you might think so...

The US National Academy of Sciences issued a news release about this poll stating: “The petition project was a deliberate attempt to mislead scientists and to rally them in an attempt to undermine support for the Kyoto Protocol. The petition was not based on a review of the science of global climate change, nor were its signers experts in the field of climate science.”

However, that humans are causing global warming is indeed the position of the Academies of Science from 19 countries, plus 27 scientific organizations that study climate science. More specifically, around 95% of active climate researchers actively publishing climate papers endorse this consensus position.

Franz doesn’t belong in this latter league.

But, maybe on another planet.

Robert E. Marshall • Lake Leelanau

Rigged arbitration

Corporate kangaroo courts have quietly usurped our constitutional right to trial by judge and jury... welcome to arbitration where corporations win 99% of cases.

Most arbitrators are chosen by the corporation who generally handpick arbitrators from firms with proven records of favoring the corporation.

The “standard forms” you either sign or click “I Agree” probably has an arbitration clause. Even some employment agreements have an arbitration clause. The clause to look for goes by the name of BMA – “Binding Mandatory Arbitration.”

You would be surprised to find this clause in your agreements with AT&T, Amazon, Citibank, eBay, Verizon, PayPal, Netflix, Sony... and the list goes on and on. From Hooter’s to Macy’s to Manpower, the employment agreement has a BMA clause. This clause also states you cannot join a class action suit against the corporation.

For more eye-opening information, go to hightowerlowdown.org. You’ll be disgusted by what has been done to negate the rights of your 7th Amendment to the Constitution. Make no mistake, Republicans have one thing on their agenda – GOLD! Not People!

David Petty • Charlevoix

Peak government

Remember when America was running out of oil in the early ’70s, along with concerns over acid rain and ozone layer depletion? Remember when “climate change” was politicized into global warming and now back again to climate change, thanks to Al Gore?

Remember the predicted concept of Peak Oil, and peak almost everything else? And yet America is on the edge of energy independence despite President Obama’s policies, and the mainstream press's attempt to scare us away from Canadian oil, pipelines and fracking, or almost anything that provides independence from unfriendly oil. Except of course the 3% we get from green energy. Remember three years ago when we were told we could insure 30 million folks and the cost of medical insurance would go down?

These scare tactics work through a clever combination of science and politics and unquestioning support from the mainstream media. The results are never as predicted because these folks always underestimate America’s response of supply/demand, market capitalism and tech innovation, like horizontal fracking.

Now a new concept is emerging. Peak government, has the possibility of bringing Americans together around the concept of limited, right-sized local, state and federal governments, to achieve post-recession levels of economic growth, creating jobs and growing the middle class.

Peak government is easy to understand, and discuss, and not difficult to achieve with the political tools at hand.

Adrian DenHaan • Beulah


Due to an editing error, Andrew Dost was mistakenly named as the bass player for the band fun. in last week’s Express. Dost, a Frankfort native is actually a multiinstrumentalist who plays keyboards and piano for Grammy Award winning and multiplatinum selling band.

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