Letters 08-31-2015

Inalienable Rights This is a response to the “No More State Theatre” in your August 24th edition. I think I will not be the only response to this pathetic and narrow-minded letter that seems rather out of place in the northern Michigan that I know. To think we will not be getting your 25 cents for the movie you refused to see, but more importantly we will be without your “two cents” on your thoughts of a marriage at the State Theatre...

Enthusiastically Democratic Since I was one of the approximately 160 people present at when Senator Debbie Stabenow spoke on August 14 in Charlevoix, I was surprised to read in a letter to Northern Express that there was a “rather muted” response to Debbie’s announcement that she has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president...

Not Hurting I surely think the State Theatre will survive not having the homophobic presence of Colleen Smith and her family attend any matinees. I think “Ms.” Smith might also want to make sure that any medical personnel, bank staff, grocery store staff, waiters and/or waitress, etc. are not homosexual before accepting any service or product from them...

Stay Home I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I read the letter of the extremely homophobic, “disgusted” writer. She now refuses to patronize the State Theatre because she evidently feels that its confines have been poisoned by the gay wedding ceremony held there...

Keep Away In response to Colleen Smith of Cadillac who refused to bring her family to the State Theatre because there was a gay wedding there: Keep your 25 cents and your family out of Traverse City...

Celebrating Moore And A Theatre I was 10 years old when I had the privilege to see my first film at the State Theatre. I will never forget that experience. The screen was almost the size of my bedroom I shared with my older sister. The bursting sounds made me believe I was part of the film...

Outdated Thinking This letter is in response to Colleen Smith. She made public her choice to no longer go to the State Theater due to the fact that “some homosexuals” got married there. I’m not outraged by her choice; we don’t need any more hateful, self-righteous bigots in our town. She can keep her 25 cents...

Mackinac Pipeline Must Be Shut Down Crude oil flowing through Enbridge’s 60-yearold pipeline beneath the Mackinac Straits and the largest collection of fresh water on the planet should be a serious concern for every resident of the USA and Canada. Enbridge has a very “accident” prone track record...

Your Rights To Colleen, who wrote about the State Theatre: Let me thank you for sharing your views; I think most of us are well in support of the first amendment, because as you know- it gives everyone the opportunity to express their opinions. I also wanted to thank Northern Express for not shutting down these types of letters right at the source but rather giving the community a platform for education...

No Role Model [Fascinating Person from last week’s issue] Jada quoted: “I want to be a role model for girls who are interested in being in the outdoors.” I enjoy being in the outdoors, but I don’t want to kill animals for trophy...

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Letters 8/29/11

- August 29th, 2011
The Moon Over Arcadia
Did you see the moon over Arcadia last night?
Alone in the evening sky
Luminescent over the earth
Full and round, a perfect orb?

Did you see the moon last night?
Starting low, climbing high
More than a pearl, less than a planet,
Glazed with tangerine glow
First in the company of sunset,
Then blazing stars?

Did you see the moon last night?
Lighting the journey to dawn,
Slipping low, glistening golden
Saying goodnight to our good morning?

I hope you can see the moon on future nights-
That it won’t be lost in competition
With batteries of blinking Industrial turbine lights,
Constructed high in the sky
With random abandon.

I hope in the future,
The moon which
Mariner’s sail by,
Lovers swear by,
Poets write by,
And astrologers plan by
Is still eminently visible,
As the sole bearer of light in darkened skies.

I hope as the new moon rests, biding its time,
Making us appreciate its source and power,
That we look to the blank heavens
As testament to its glorious cyclical illumination.

I hope, both now and in the future,
That the moon is always rising,
Alone, bright, and beautiful, over the
Pleasant valley we call Arcadia.

Connie Macek • Arcadia

Changes to downtown TC
The citizens of Traverse City need more information, and the opportunity to express their thoughts, regarding a dramatic change proposed for the southwest corner of Cass and Front Streets.
Based on information provided at the Traverse City Commission meeting held on August 15, three historic buildings are to be
demolished, the “pocket park” on the corner will be eliminated, and the” Santa House” location will be gone.
The proposed replacement is a five story building which will alter the skyline and cast a long shadow over that block of downtown. With that change would come a loss of local architectural history. The present buildings reflect the fine brick and stone craftsmanship of their time, especially on the higher levels, rewarding the upward glance.
Our historic buildings say “You are in Traverse City.” There is continuity of tradition and uniqueness of place. Thoughtful restorations such as The City Opera House and the State Theater illustrate the esthetic and economic benefits of downtown preservation.
Historic buildings provide diversity and stability in downtown district enterprises; modernization should never come at the expense of wiping out historic buildings in
great swathes. The economic value of historic buildings is irreplaceable.

Barbara Baker • TC

Don‘t blame tea party
For Bob Downes to blame the tea party for the stock market drop is just plain dumb! (Random Thoughts 8/22)
Standard and Poors is to blame because of lowering our credit rating. They lowered it because of too much debt! Plus the market is worried about Europe and it’s debt. Wake up Bob, the world is broke.

Charlie McCain • via emaIl

Defend no-fault
It has been my experience that Michigan has the best no-fault auto insurance policy in the USA.
I used to think that accidents happen to other people. I am a good driver and I am in control. In 1997, my husband was killed in an auto accident. I was left with three young children as a stay-at-home mom. I had no income whatsoever.
The insurance covered his wages for the next three years and the things that my husband would have done, such as mowing yard, fixing the car, etc. Four months after my husband‘s accident, my grandmother took two of my children to the Ionia Free Fair, and on their way home a volunteer fire fighter fell asleep while driving, crossed the center line while cresting the hill, and hit my grandma and kids head on at 65 miles an hour.
Grandma was killed instantly, but my son was rushed to Sparrow Medical Center in and ambulance and daughter was aero medevac‘d to Butterworth. My daughter sustained a closed head injury and was in a coma for four-plus months. She was hospitalized for 30 days and then went for rehab for three months. (The helicopter ride alone cost $20,000-plus).
My daughter had complete shearing of her brain and had to relearn everything: walk, talk, eat, with extensive tone and other disabilities as well. She is still in therapy today, but is doing amazing. She just graduated from Elk Rapids High School, is looking into going to college, and starting her own doggie day care facility.
Without no fault auto insurance, I do not know were my daughter would be right now, or my family.
It is very important that we all contact our representatives and have a voice on this matter, as (changes to no-fault insurance) are being rushed through to be voted on as early as September or October.
I no longer believe that stuff just happens to other people, ‘cuz it happened tenfold in one year to me, and I see it every day and thank God for Michigan no-fault insurance. It is worth every penny!

Christine O’Connell • via email

Fraudulence of fracking
As landowners in Cheboygan County we were approached by “landmen” in the Spring of 2010 to lease our mineral rights. The State of Michigan owns our mineral rights so this was not an option and one we never would have signed up for.
Our land is in a strict conservation easement with The Little Traverse Conservancy, forever protecting it from development, deforestation, mining, etc... Little did we know that the state could -- without our permission and with our land being in a conservation easement -- lease our mineral rights, which is exactly what they did. The state leased our mineral rights to Canadian Gas Company, Encana.
The State of Michigan has and continues to receive windfall revenues from leased lands. The state has not warned landowners of the unacceptable risks from horizontal high-volume slickwater fracturing or fracking. The state and the gas/oil companies are working together to defraud the citizenry about the hazards of the fracking process.
Let us be clear, DO NOT look to the state to protect our natural resources. The DNR/DEQ’s number one priority is to profit by it. The Department of Geological Survey is responsible for monitoring the process of gas/oil exploration and admits to being funded by those industries.
The state nor the gas industry are telling the truth, but one only has to do a bit of research to see what has happened to rural communities all over the country when fracking is permitted. The following has occurred and we must stand up and say NO TO FRACKING:

• Massive water diversions from freshwater aquifers.
• Polluted air from venting & flaring activities.
• Boom & bust industries/subsidies & loopholes.
• Toxic chemicals & secret formulas.
• Heavy industrialization of rural & residential areas.
• Exceptions from the Clean Water & Clean Air Acts.
• Sales of Michigan’s gas on the international market.
• Hazardous water from flowback.
• Hype and disingenuous P.R. of industry.
• Devalued property

Water is our most precious resource. We must ask ourselves, are temporary jobs worth destroying our rural environment and forever polluting our waters for our children and grandchildren. No amount of money is worth this.

Joanne Cromley • Cheboygan
Don’t Frack Michigan

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