Letters 06-20-2016

More About Kachadurian Columnist Tom Kachadurian’s recent fit to slash out at the world of science and scientists is just another example of his profound ignorance and shallowness...

Love Wins Wow! Donald Trump scares me! He is a nasty individual who has the one thing that makes him dangerous…money! If he becomes president, the U.S. will be completely destroyed. It is already in serious trouble...

The New Normal Fifty more gunned down. They say it was a gay bar. Remember “saloons” had a connotation of a specific “type” of entertainment. Today, bars are simply social meeting places for all walks of life...

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dates 03-26-2016

Dates Jamie Kauffold The late season slopes at Shanty Creek Resorts, Bellaire are transformed into side-by-side uphill truck racing for the Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge on Saturday & Sunday, April 2-3. This event features five tire classes of racing & is one of Michigan’s largest organized off roading events.
Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Noggin Room

Dining Kristi Kates The Perry Hotel has a long and storied history, starting in 1899 when it was built as one of 20 luxury resort hotels in Petoskey. Today, it’s the only one of those 20 still in operation and it’s diversified its offerings by adding three levels of restaurants to its properties: one upscale, one outdoors and one very popular pub.
Saturday, March 26, 2016

Letters 03-28-2016


Women Beware These are perilous times for women. If you are female, be prepared for the upcoming Dark Age. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, you’re going to be in the crossfire of a right wing misogynist blowback the likes of which you have never experienced. You’re going to hear the terms bimbo, Hildabeast, ugly, fat, and other words to describe the first female candidate for president. Every inch of her body will be will be subject to mockery by the same men who sported Sarah Palin buttons that said “Coldest State Hottest Governor”...

Fair and Balanced? At the latest Republican debate, Fox News came prepared to ask the tough questions. They went after Trump’s tax plan that would greatly increase our debt and income inequality by giving the biggest tax breaks to the wealthy. While exposing the ramifications of a candidate’s policy is fair game, Cruz’s tax plan was not exposed, even though his plan also increases the debt and income inequality. Fox confronted Trump for being endorsed by KKK member and Cruz attacked Trump for not denouncing such an endorsement. Fox made no mention of Cruz being endorsed by an extremist anti-abortion group that believes killing doctors who perform abortions as justifiable homicide...

Heroin Statement Heroin use is an epidemic of extreme proportions in northern Michigan. Period....

Military in School Your maturing child in public school has frequent encounters with military recruiters present in the schools. Other groups such as Veterans for Peace are restricted. Students have indicated that recruiters’ pitches are strong on patriotism and adventure, giving little or no mention of adverse effects such as loss of control over your life for a number of years, chance of being maimed or killed, increased risk of being raped and risk of emotional consequences such as PTSD and increased likelihood of suicide...

Fighting the Strawman Democrats are wasting time campaigning against a Republican strawman. Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee and he does not want to be president because that is not his game plan. Trump considers himself to be the “king of deal makers.” His greatest thrill is manipulating others into some arrangement where he controls the outcome, ultimately to his personal benefit...

Tuttle Is Off Mr. Tuttle, I protest. Methinks you paint with far too broad a brush. The power of the written word lies in the details. “Us vs. Them,” (3/21/16) is a total train wreck. Next time, instead of briefly addressing several major topics connected with a weak subject thread, write one column properly skewering Bernie, and thank you so much for actually writing about Bernie again. Didn’t you get the memo...

Bernie Bashing Is anyone else tired of Steven Tuttle’s Bernie bashing? Week after week he dismisses Bernie Sanders while singing Clinto’s praises; now he’s gone too far (“Us Vs. Them,” 3/21). Tuttle claims Sanders is trying to scapegoat Wall Street firms and big banks for America’s woes, but “that the facts don’t line up with the accusation is just an inconvenience”...

WAR What is it good for? As the old Vietnam protest proclaims: “ War is good for business; invest your children.” Yes, war is good for business; the business of selling products for killing. World arms sales are up 14 percent, with the U.S. supplying the largest amount. Modern weapons of destruction such as drones and missiles have isolated us from the horror of death and environmental destruction. Endless wars built on meaningless pretexts are sucking us dry economically and morally...

Saturday, March 26, 2016

What's Thriving Michigan?

Features Sheri McWhirter Nathan Havey’s Thrive Consulting Group has been engaged by the Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals to create Thriving Michigan.The goal is for Michigan to reach what Havey calls “the tipping point” for this concept: when about 15 percent of companies self-identify as conscious capitalism businesses by January 2019.
Saturday, March 26, 2016

Nathan Havey

Changing The Way Northern Michigan Business Thinks

Features Sheri McWhirter

Nathan Havey is a myth buster — a business myth buster — and he wants to change the way business takes place across Michigan. “We are trying to shift the paradigm of business,” said Havey, 33, who moved to Leelanau County in August 2014 from Washington, D.C.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Features Patrick Sullivan The 38-year-old convict was several years into a 5-to-30-year sentence for running a downstate meth lab, keeping his head down as chance for release approached. Then, the unthinkable happened at Pugsley Correctional Facility, the low-level security prison near Kingsley.
Saturday, March 26, 2016

Another Slice of Life Inside

Features Patrick Sullivan

One former northern Michigan resident ended up at Pugsley while serving a five-to-ten-year sentence after a felony conviction. The ex-con, who talked in the condition of anonymity, recalls his time spent in prison as an extraordinary waste of taxpayer dollars noting recidivism rates that exceed 40 percent within three years.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mr. Weather: Jim Keysor

Features Kristi Kates Driving to work is an autopilot program for most people, especially when their workday begins in the dark, as Jim Keysor’s does much of the year. When you’re a meteorologist, though, carefully observing the road conditions and precipitation on your way to the office is part of your job.
Saturday, March 26, 2016

What Exactly Is El Niño?

Features Kristi Kates Meteorologists still aren’t sure what causes this climate cycle that seems to recur every few years; this round of El Niño, one of the strongest on record so far, ramped up last fall. It typically causes a milder winter and has done just that in many areas this season.
Saturday, March 19, 2016

Patty Larkin’s Natural Evolution

Music Kristi Kates Patty Larkin’s soulful, contemporary brand of music is easily woven into things like latenight public radio shows, compilation albums and supper parties. It’s there she makes her strongest mark, with tunes that catch the ear so well, you’ll find yourself Googling or Shazaming to learn just who is making this music.
Saturday, March 19, 2016

And Don’t Miss Chris Smither

Music Kristi Kates When singer-songwriter Chris Smither hit 50 years of singing and songwriting in 2014, he marked the occasion with Still on the Levee, a two-disc career retrospective recorded in New Orleans and featuring fresh versions of two dozen songs from the entire stretch of his career, including “Devil Got Your Man,” the first song he ever wrote.
Saturday, March 19, 2016

Us Vs. Them

Other Opinions Stephen Tuttle

Who’s to blame? They are. And they aren’t us. That’s the distilled message we’re getting from presidential campaigns. Create a problem, identify villains, blame them for everything. Unfortunately, it is a political infection that has spread to debates on local issues, too. Our intrepid presidential candidates have certainly chosen different targets...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

North Korea’s War Talk

Other Opinions Jack Segal My first experience with North Korea was during my initial tour as a diplomat in far away Botswana. North Korea had been invited to participate in a national trade fair with other nations, but when I walked into its pavilion, all that was on display was anti-American propaganda. I asked the North Koreans to explain why. Without a word, one of the North Koreans charged at me with a cricket bat.
Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dates 03-19-2016

Dates Jamie Kauffold Alternating “moody rock swagger with the ghostliest of soundscapes,” Birds of Chicago performs at Inside- Out Gallery, TC on Thursday, March 24 at 8pm. This concert kicks off The Real Midnight Album Release Tour. Tickets: $20 advance, $25 door. 929-3254.
Saturday, March 19, 2016

Letters 03-21-2016


Earth to Trumpsters Our technical team set out to make preliminary plans for the big wall that President Trump will build on the Mexican border. We arrived in Brownsville, Texas to discover, much to our surprise, that the border there consists of a river called the Rio Grande. Extensive research by our experts (on Wikipedia) revealed that the border meanders northwesterly for 1,248 miles along this river to the city of El Paso, Texas (or only 889 miles if you don’t measure every little bend)...

The Social Security “Problem” Social Security needs fixing. But before we embark upon a “fix,” perhaps we should look back on what happened to this great program so history will not repeat itself. Where did the money go? The answer lies in 1983, when the Great Republican President Ronald Reagan signed the Social Security Amendments. This increased payroll taxes, ostensibly to invest and fund Social Security’s future. However, it allowed the government to remove nearly $3 trillion over time for use within the General Fund...

Bring Some Civility I find it ironic that Northern Express publishes an issue decrying a lack of civility, polarization, anger and bigotry while at the same time, in that very same issue, it publishes insulting mean spirited cartoons aimed at conservatives...