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Tastemakers:Harrington?s By The Bay Pork Involtini/Michelle?s Miracle Tart Cherry Concentrate

Rick Coates - June 27th, 2011
Harrington’s By The Bay Pork Involtini

Restaurateurs John McGee and Glen Harrington were struggling to come up with a name for their new restaurant. Taking over the former Freshwater Lodge location on West Bay in TC last fall, everything was set for a winter remodel and a spring opening except the name.
“We were tossing around about 100 potential names and it was to the point where we couldn’t move forward with several things without a name,” said McGee. “So I wrote two names on a slip of paper and put one in each hand. I asked Glen to pick a hand, he had no idea why, and he did and I opened the slip and it was Harrington’s, so that is the name we went with, of course the other slip had my name on it.”
Harrington and McGee are veterans of the local restaurant scene; both most recently worked as managers of Apache Trout Grill.
According to McGee there are no hard feelings from their previous employer about opening a competitive restaurant across the street. “We both see ourselves as collaborators not competitors; there are not very many restaurants on this side of Traverse so both restaurants will benefit from each other,” said McGee.
Harrington’s By The Bay has hired over 100 employees and they are open for lunch and dinner with breakfast on the way soon for Sundays.
Certainly the steaks on the menu will separate Harrington’s from other restaurants in the region, with their hand-carved, USDA Prime (versus Choice) beef aged 40 days. However, despite the temptation I opted to look further into the menu during my first visit a couple weeks ago (they opened at the end of May) and came across two items of interest.
First I am a big fan of the Classic Wedge with Bleu Cheese and always like it when restaurants put their own spin on this salad. Harrington’s has a Baby Romaine Wedge that was out of this world: fresh baby romaine along with crumbled bacon and a great homemade bleu cheese.
For my entree, I chose the the Pork Involtini, a house specialty made with pork medallions that are sauteed and rolled with mozzarella and asparagus in a white wine sauce. This was exceptional and of course would pair with any number of great wines from their impressive handcrafted wine cellar at the entrance.
Harrington’s By The Bay will quickly become a dining out staple for visitors and residents alike. For more information find them on Facebook or call 231-421-9393.
--Rick Coates

Michelle’s Miracle
Tart Cherry

The National Cherry Festival kicks off this weekend (July 2 - 9) and of course there will be plenty of opportunities to taste cherries in a variety of ways over the next week. In your Cherry Festival travels be sure to seek out Michelle’s Miracle Tart Cherry Concentrate.
While the FDA won’t allow farmers, cherry processors and makers of cherry products to market the potential health benefits of cherries because the claims have not been proven to satisfy FDA requirements, many people subscribe to the health benefits of cherries. In fact it was those claims that gave Michelle White, a single mother of two, the idea to launch her company 10 years ago.
White was working at a cherry processing facility and noticed the growing number of people coming in with empty jugs asking for cherry concentrate claiming that it helped with arthritis among other ailments. So White got the idea of bottling the concentrate (a byproduct of the pitting process of tart cherries) and marketing and selling it around the country.
Her idea worked and now her Cherry Concentrate is sold throughout the U.S. along with some additional cherry supplement products she has developed. White suggests having one once per day either in a glass of water of in your favorite beverage. Consider using in your morning smoothie or even at the cocktail hour, it goes great in vodka, rum and whiskey. Or pour over Moomers Vanilla Ice Cream.
Michelle’s Miracle is another Northern Michigan success story, look for Michelle and her products at the National Cherry Festival next week. Or go to her website to for additional information on all her products the potential health benefits and where to purchase. --Rick Coates
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