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Marlin‘s House of Brews

Danielle Horvath - August 16th, 2007
Can a coffee shop survive in a small tourist town in Northern Michigan? That was the question Cortney Miller-Lamb and her family asked themselves and anyone who would listen when they were thinking about opening one. That was four years ago; fast-forward to now and she would give you a resounding “Yes!”
“The response has been huge, more than I ever would have imagined!” Miller-Lamb said, regarding the opening of Marlins House of Brews in downtown Frankfort in 2003. “Coffee drinkers are a very loyal bunch and even though the winters are challenging, we knew when we started that we would be open year around. The tourists support us in the summer of course, but it’s the locals that keep us here.”
With Wi-Fi service, free-of-charge computers for use around comfy couches, a full array of coffee house choices, and a view of Betsie Bay across the street, Marlins has become a popular place to come and relax. The friendly staff has gotten to know “the regulars” and during slow times, people can pull up out front and they will have their drink ready to go.

Miller-Lamb and her family are familiar faces in the Frankfort area. She worked at the Coho Café for seven years and her husband Andrew is the owner of A. Papanos in Frankfort. Although Miller-Lamb has a teaching degree from Grand Valley, she soon realized the job market in the Traverse City area was limited, and she had waitress and restaurant experience.
“There were no jobs, and I come from a big Greek family who do everything together. And since my Aunt Andrea owned the building, it was a natural for us to combine forces and start a business.” Her grandfather, Tom Metes is a long-time resident and was the driving force behind her coffee shop idea.
Marlins House of Brews showcases local artists, including a student art exhibit during the school year. It also has an eclectic selection of music to go along with the laid-back atmosphere. The business is even more creative in the fall and winter months by hosting a hugely popular Halloween party, along with karaoke and game nights. They may offer music or other entertainment this year.
Marlins House of Brews is open seven days a week in the summer, 8 am – 4 pm, and weekends may be later. Hours decrease in the winter and seasonal selections like homemade soup and flavored hot chocolates are added. Located at 429 Main Street, contact them at 231-352-7168.
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