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Letters 9/22/08

- September 22nd, 2008
Our world standing
As a long-time visitor to Northern Michigan from the United Kingdom, I find visits during election years fascinating. None more so than this one.
Candidates may be ranting on about jobs, the economy, education or security, but presidential elections are also about America’s standing in the world. The last eight years have been a disaster.
It is shocking to see how reviled and ridiculed this country is around the world. That’s not healthy for the U.S. or the planet as a whole.
In a recent BBC poll conducted in 22 countries, Barak Obama was favored by a margin of 4-to-1 to become president. Not only would a McCain presidency smack of business as usual, but in his choice of running mate, the derision has reached new heights.
One can smugly declare that this does not matter since these people have no vote in the elections anyway. But the major issues facing our planet will only be resolved if we all work together to resolve them. And that will not happen if the United States continues to be disliked and mistrusted, let alone a continuous laughing stock.

Alan Deverell • TC

Exxon outrage
I saw a news story about how Exxon had made a record profit, one of their highest yet. We have paid outrageous prices at the pump for them to make this profit.
We have paid higher prices in grocery stores, retail stores, and restaurants so Exxon could make a huge profit. We have paid so they could celebrate their good fortune while record numbers fill local food banks and thousands of people are losing their homes because they can’t make ends meet.
I think it is long past time we stand up and let Exxon know this kind of business practice is not acceptable in America. It is time we stop complaining about gas prices and do something about it
Plan your shopping and work to minimize what time you spend driving, start walking whenever possible, use the bus system, ride a bike, car pool to work... do whatever you can to reduce the amount of gas you buy. Shop stations not owned by Exxon. If enough people follow through with this, it will send a very loud message through reduced profits: that doing business at the expense of the American people doesn’t work!

Peggy Zinn
via email

Political Sign
The campaign sign destruction in Antrim County so far is a disgrace to our basic freedom of speech. I am aware of at least 37 Obama signs destroyed and or stolen. Sometimes an entire area is stripped of their signs. Then another evening another entire road is cleared. This does not appear to be just kids being kids. It appears to be a organized effort to squash freedom of speech. I am manager of the Antrim County Democratic Party office and we continue to replace them and will continue to do so. If we are “fighting for freedom” in Iraq, then maybe we should honor those freedoms at home. It is a slap in the face to those soldiers and veterans who have given so much to their country only to have such disrespect shown at home.

Sally Hannert • Bellaire

Negative campaigning
I am voting for Obama for one reason: I feel he gives our country the best shot at ending this war. But it hurts me to read all this hate and contempt for Palin because of her religion. I am a christian because I sought out truth in my life. And I can tell you that there has been no need for change in religion because God has given us the truth, the way, and the life in Jesus Christ. And if you’re going to hold the acts of men against God I feel for you. Jesus did not teach us to Kill others when they sin, so I’m not sure what religion it is that killed people for sexual immorality or had human sacrifices to apease an angry God, but my God is LOVE.
Sam Eickenroth • Kingsley

Lesson from the Past
Paul Krugman had it right when in a recent article he spoke of the lies in McCain’s television ads. Haven’t we learned from the “Swiftboat” ad during 2004’s election which negated John
Kerry’s service to his country?
Until the American electorate learns to distinguish between fact and fiction we are all doomed to have another George W. Bush as the leader of our country. For those who are undecided about whom to vote for in this presidential election I urge you to read “Dreams From My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope.” I think you will be convinced that Barack Obama is the leader we need at this crucial time in our history.

Mary K. Parker • Traverse City

Geena for President
My name is Pauline Anderson. I live down state, but have a home in northern Michigan. I just read the article “Why Not Geena?” and was so inspired by it, I felt the need to respond. This is by far the best article I have read about Sarah Palin! It is well written and “hits the nail on the head”. Robert Downes deserves a raise! I am a teacher and am planning on taking this in to school tomorrow so my colleagues may enjoy it as much as I have.
Thank you Mr. Downes!

Pauline Anderson • via email

Just the facts
I found it interesting that the story on the Gallery 544 revisited show had so many blunders that it actually was allowed to be printed. Gallery 544 was/is an artist co-operative that rented gallery space from Mr. Oberschulte. The correct artist names are Flora Hoffman and Nancy Stuck, FYI. The basic rules of Journalism 101 must never be forgotten, get the facts straight. Thanks.

Billy Hoxie, 544 member
via email

Editors note: We have received another letter regarding the inaccuracies of this story. Due to space restrictions we are only able to run one - and we sincerely apologize for the errors.

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