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Letters 10/20/08

- October 20th, 2008
Pollution affects us all
I read your article about the Alba well with great interest. My heart goes out to the people at CMS Energy who must incur an estimated $140,000,000 to clean up Bay Harbor. No company would knowingly cause such a problem.
Someone once asked Mother Theresa “who causes the problems in the world?” She replied “I do.” We are all polluters. Any woman who uses nail polish and especially nail polish remover is a polluter. If we multiplied our toenails with all the toenails in America it would cost more than $140,000,000 to clean up the waste if it was all dumped in one place.
I am disappointed to learn how many people think Alba, Bay Harbor and Petoskey are separate problems. We are all one community or one ohana as they say in Hawaii. Let’s think of the problem as a great big “PetAlba Bay” problem.
I am concerned about the effect Bay Harbor has on Petoskey water since two or three of the Petoskey wells are located at Bay Harbor. I checked into it and learned that no organic compounds are being tested for as recommended in the “EPA National Water Quality Standards 2006” report. I also learned Petoskey water samples are being taken downstream and not at the wellhead. That’s what a hydrologist and an environmental scientist who used to work for Dow Chemical told me.
Many people say Petoskey‘s water tastes bad. One person told me it aggravates Crohn‘s disease. Another said two nurses whispered to him: “Stop drinking Petoskey water,” when he was a patient. He did and got better.
There is a simple solution. Homes can install a reverse osmosis system which removes 99 percent of the contaminents or buy bottled water. Petoskey‘s Big Boy has installed a reverse osmosis system and Grain Train is installing a system so that water can be bought in reusable polycarbonate bottles. It would be wonderful if we could stop burying our head in the sand and just do what we can to improve our health.

Irene Parker • Petoskey

Dirty political trick
Hey, Macomb Republicans and their chair James Carabelli: kick ‘em while they’re down!
Yours was the first attempt to get rid of non-Republican votes in Michigan, disenfranchising your neighbors who lost their homes to foreclosure and no longer live at that address.
Most foreclosures happened because of Republican Congress’ dogged deregulation over the years, with considerable help from corporate greed. Now, Macomb County tried to disenfranchise those foreclosed with its “Lose your home; lose your vote” policy.
Great, dirty political ploy! Those foreclosed owners would be voting for Obama/Biden, because under their plans, 95 percent of American families would get a tax cut and a moratorium on further foreclosures, which would provide some breathing space for the little guy. The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee brought a lawsuit against Macomb Republicans and others like them country-wide. Now what?
Hey, we move it up a notch from a county party to a state official, Michigan Secretary of State: Republican Terry Lynn Land. She initiated her illegal voter purging program to disenfranchise thousands more. That brought out the ACLU to sue an elected official to make her do her job honestly.
Last week, Judge Stephen J. Murphy III found that Land had violated a federal law when she purged 1,500 newly registered voters this year because their mailed voter registration cards were returned undelivered. Those voters and any others since 2006 purged from the rolls for the same reason must be reinstated, because of the “motor voter” act. That federal law prevents such purging for two future general federal elections.
When the Washington Post contacted Land, neither she nor her spokesperson was available for comment.
Butt out, dirty tricksters. Let the votes fall where they may.

Patti Fox • Bellaire

Corruption everywhere
I agree that the U.S. system is good and “has not failed.” How can one presidential administration be blamed for the whole sorry situation?
There is corruption in different degree everywhere one looks: church, state, law, education, banking, etc. Congress needs to investigate itself.

Marian Johnson • Manistee

Greed & blame
Let’s stop blaming each other for the financial crisis. There is plenty of blame for both political parties for the mistakes.
Who will do the best job of fixing it?
The agreement between the Clinton administration and congressional Republicans in 1999 set the stage for sweeping banking deregulation. Both Democrats and Republicans gave the bill near unanimous support.
Phil Gramm, who was chairman of the Senate Banking Committee at the time, succeeded in inserting two provisions which all but eliminated any oversight of the industry. The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was repealed by the deregulation bill, and the protections that Roosevelt put in place became a thing of the past. Greed took over on Wall Street, and the rest is history.
This November we need to elect someone who will address this issue with the truth. Many of the regulations need to be put back in place; some programs will need to be cut; spending will need to be curtailed; and taxes will need to be raised.
Every citizen is going to feel the pain.
This is no longer about Republicans, and Democrats... it’s about Americans. We need to work together to solve this, and get our country back on the right track.
Barack Obama is talking about things he will do, and is continuing to take the high ground, while John McCain is obsessed with negative ads and “swift boat” tactics. Barack has shown us he is willing to reach out, to listen, to pay attention, and to act in our behalf. I hope you will join me in voting for Barack Obama on Nov. 4, and help start the healing process in America.

S. Kay Rose • Empire

Victims of war
Did you know that over 96,000 Iraqi men, women and children have lost their lives since the United States invasion
of Iraq?

Mary Eschbach • Cedar

Caring candidate

The attack ads distort perceptions of the candidates. The Obama I have listened to is not a terrorist, nor does he agree with terrorism. He is not taking away guns from responsible owners of guns. He is not a socialist who is going to make us pay for programs we can’t afford. He is not going to raise taxes that hurt our economy.
He does care about the “common good” and the ones who are left behind. I find that is worth my vote after years of a government benefiting those who have much so that they can keep more.

Robert McQuilkin • Frankfort

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