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Rick Coates - November 19th, 2012  

Burritt’s Fresh Markets Smoked Turkey

There are a lot of schools of thought when it comes to preparing the Thanksgiving turkey. Many food experts suggest preparing two medium size birds (10 to 12 lbs) versus one large 20-plus pound turkey. Then there is the great stuffing in the bird versus not stuffing the bird debate. Of course there is no debating the fresh local bird versus the frozen; we don’t know where this one came from.

However you decide to prepare your turkey, consider adding a Burritt’s Fresh Markets smoked turkey to your Thanksgiving table. These make great pre-meal appetizers, or they will work as that second turkey on the table.

Located in TC, Burritt’s starting smoking turkeys at the end of last week. They start with 12-pound birds, put them in a salt brine overnight, and slow-smoke them with assorted hardwoods. The end result is a tender, juicy turkey with a smoky flavor.

Smoked turkeys may be served right from the fridge and make a great appetizer. You may also warm them up in the oven for about an hour and serve them alongside your traditional turkey, giving your guests an option.

Burritt’s is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year in grand style. They just opened a wine bar a week ago that features several wines by the glass and specially-prepared food pairings. The wine bar is open to the public, but also structured for private functions. But don’t look for a wine list.

“Our wine list is the wall and racks of wine we carry, everything is available,” said Ken Burritt. “We plan to invite area chefs to have wine dinners here. We are very excited about the possibilities and we are going to let the customers shape the direction we take this place.”

Burritt’s is located at 509 W. Front Street (across from the fire station) in Traverse City. For an overview on their products and for the smoked turkey don’t delay, they go quickly. Happy Thanksgiving! --Rick Coates

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