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Rev. Myers: No harm, no foul! I understand the saying. I played ball. At 6’4” and 240 lbs., a finesse player I’m not. Incidental contact should be ignored. Let them play! But I question this as a philosophy for life when it comes to sexual trafficking...

Singer: When Bill and I agreed to take up this topic, I imagined I would be writing about how innocuous pornography is and that -- like other personal activities -- there should be no restrictions on its use for adults. I have always felt that porn can be detrimental to children’s emotional development and that parents must control its access (which is simple to enact)...

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My old law partner Merritt W. Green II — Tim — died last month. He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense of social justice.

The black and white snapshot from 1960 shown here — the old courthouse, the terrazzo floor, the arched windows, the white cops, the large black man in work clothes, Tim – shows exactly what he was. It’s 1960; the Civil Rights Act hasn’t been passed yet. Tim’s being taken to jail; the cops are laughing at something he just said; his black client looks like he wants to protect Tim.

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