Letters 08-22-2016

Historically Wrong In regard to Mary Keyes Rogers’ column about the downtown charter amendment, neither Samuel Adams nor Thomas Jefferson were at the Constitutional Convention...

The Film Possibilities I was surprised that none of the Traverse City Film Festival films addressed the most pressing and dangerous issue of the day: radical Islamic Jihad. Perhaps a storyline could have illustrated how the West brought this on themselves, or if we could only find jobs for those fellows! Perhaps put it down to global warming...

Helmets Save Lives The facts are in. Wearing a helmet is the most effective tool to save your brain in a motorcycle accident. The bonus? Helmets also save hearts. Nearly two yrs ago, on Aug. 26, 2014 our son lived...

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Monday, October 22, 2012

In TC: Division Street proposal 1

4 community leaders weigh in on road plan

Features Northern Express Community

If you've ever tried crossing Division Street as a pedestrian, or have endured its half-mile-long traffic jams during rush hour, you know that this is a highway in need of re-invention.

TC Proposition 1 offers a solution 'down the road,' but would involve giving up a strip of parkland along Division. The proposal has aroused passions both for and against. Following are the thoughts of four noteworthy citizens:

Monday, March 4, 2013

'Hare - Brained'

One stupid night, years and years in prison

Features Patrick Sullivan It was a hare-brained plan, and it failed in almost every way it could, except that no one got shot or killed.

There were six involved, and five went to the trailer that night, Feb. 28, 2012, a rundown, dingy-looking thing on a dead-end street across from a cemetery in the village of Wellston in Manistee County.

The plan was to rob the place to get a backpack that belonged to the woman. She was a medical marijuana patient, and they figured there was pot and cash in the bag.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Gaylord Renaissance Plan

Features Kristi Kates

Gaylord’s downtown area has long relied on the friendliness of its people and quaint “Alpine Village” theme to draw visitors to the downtown area, while providing locals with a neighborly place to shop and do business.

But over the past several years, downtown Gaylord has been suffering, both economically and aesthetically. So the Gaylord Renaissance Plan was formulated, an idea that’s actually been in the works since the late 1990s, but is only now starting to gain a foothold.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Letters 03-28-2016


Women Beware These are perilous times for women. If you are female, be prepared for the upcoming Dark Age. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, you’re going to be in the crossfire of a right wing misogynist blowback the likes of which you have never experienced. You’re going to hear the terms bimbo, Hildabeast, ugly, fat, and other words to describe the first female candidate for president. Every inch of her body will be will be subject to mockery by the same men who sported Sarah Palin buttons that said “Coldest State Hottest Governor”...

Fair and Balanced? At the latest Republican debate, Fox News came prepared to ask the tough questions. They went after Trump’s tax plan that would greatly increase our debt and income inequality by giving the biggest tax breaks to the wealthy. While exposing the ramifications of a candidate’s policy is fair game, Cruz’s tax plan was not exposed, even though his plan also increases the debt and income inequality. Fox confronted Trump for being endorsed by KKK member and Cruz attacked Trump for not denouncing such an endorsement. Fox made no mention of Cruz being endorsed by an extremist anti-abortion group that believes killing doctors who perform abortions as justifiable homicide...

Heroin Statement Heroin use is an epidemic of extreme proportions in northern Michigan. Period....

Military in School Your maturing child in public school has frequent encounters with military recruiters present in the schools. Other groups such as Veterans for Peace are restricted. Students have indicated that recruiters’ pitches are strong on patriotism and adventure, giving little or no mention of adverse effects such as loss of control over your life for a number of years, chance of being maimed or killed, increased risk of being raped and risk of emotional consequences such as PTSD and increased likelihood of suicide...

Fighting the Strawman Democrats are wasting time campaigning against a Republican strawman. Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee and he does not want to be president because that is not his game plan. Trump considers himself to be the “king of deal makers.” His greatest thrill is manipulating others into some arrangement where he controls the outcome, ultimately to his personal benefit...

Tuttle Is Off Mr. Tuttle, I protest. Methinks you paint with far too broad a brush. The power of the written word lies in the details. “Us vs. Them,” (3/21/16) is a total train wreck. Next time, instead of briefly addressing several major topics connected with a weak subject thread, write one column properly skewering Bernie, and thank you so much for actually writing about Bernie again. Didn’t you get the memo...

Bernie Bashing Is anyone else tired of Steven Tuttle’s Bernie bashing? Week after week he dismisses Bernie Sanders while singing Clinto’s praises; now he’s gone too far (“Us Vs. Them,” 3/21). Tuttle claims Sanders is trying to scapegoat Wall Street firms and big banks for America’s woes, but “that the facts don’t line up with the accusation is just an inconvenience”...

WAR What is it good for? As the old Vietnam protest proclaims: “ War is good for business; invest your children.” Yes, war is good for business; the business of selling products for killing. World arms sales are up 14 percent, with the U.S. supplying the largest amount. Modern weapons of destruction such as drones and missiles have isolated us from the horror of death and environmental destruction. Endless wars built on meaningless pretexts are sucking us dry economically and morally...