Left Foot Charley’s Strawberry Cider

Bottoms Up

If summer and fall met and mingled under an August moon, Left Foot Charley’s strawberry cider would be the result of their magical union. Imagine a dry cider — one of LFC’s classic cider styles — infused with 400 pounds of strawberries. The initial sip is a surprisingly un-sweet but crisp and sparkling one that concludes with an equally surprising creamy finish. Wine- and cider-making maestro Brian Ulrich originally — and temporarily — brought this combo to the masses two years ago, and its devotees are thrilled to see it back on tap. Count us among its biggest fans. $15 for a growler, $7 for a glass, and only available for a limited time. Find it at 806 Red Dr., Suite 100, at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City. (231) 995-0500, www.leftfootcharley.com

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