February 25, 2018

Vintage Vinyl: A local couple’s curated look back

Chris Lemanski's 6,000-mile Stroll

around the world
To experience a different kind of life.          That’s the reason Chris Lemanski moved to South America after growing up in Santa Rosa, California; he wanted to ... Read More >>

More Madness

We aren't going to do anything. At least not anything of real substance. Politicians will yammer away, one side demanding more gun restrictions and the other saying ... Read More >>

Pangea's: Movin’ On Up

The new owner of a popular downtown TC pizza restaurant takes its food — and drink — to new heights.
Take a good look around the narrow, cozy, eclectically adorned interior of Pangea’s Pizza Pub in Traverse City next time you stop in for one of their ... Read More >>

Eight Great Dates

Thanks to the recent warmup, springtime — and its usual counterpart, love — is in the air. Like all species coming out of hibernation, you might be ... Read More >>

A Death in the Jail

A lawsuit follows Alan Halloway's suicide in the GT County Jail just as officials consider building a new facility
Attorneys for the family of a man who took his own life in the Grand Traverse County Jail want answers. They’re asking how it’s possible that an ... Read More >>

Mundos’ Affogato

Bottoms Up
The crew at Mundos — Dan, Sarah, Jack, and John — do more than just brew regular coffee. They focus on specialty coffee, aka any coffee that ... Read More >>


On Trend: House Concerts

For many musicians, gathering together in a friend’s house to strum their guitars is how their career started. But what if that was their career? Or at least a large part of it? House ...

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Bear Creek Organic Farm’s Whiskey Barrel-Aged Honey

Whether you enjoy honey on biscuits, in your tea, or drizzled over fruit, this very unusual take on the sweet stuff is made right here in northern Michigan — with a bit of southwestern ...

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Smashing Pumpkins Make a Bright Return

For months, there’s been rapid-fire talk of the the “will they or won’t they” variety in reference to the Smashing Pumpkins. The verdict is finally in, and the answer is yes: The Pumpkins are ...

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Enlightenment or Societal Regression?

I seldom attend church — unless I’m in Miami, where I spend a part of each winter. My relationship with religion is tenuous at best. However, I am capable of holding two opposed ideas ...

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Virtual Express

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Bad Trip

Dustin Jones and Casey Mutter learned a valuable lesson last October: If you’re freaking out on acid, don’t call police. That’s what Mutter did Oct. 18 when Jones needed to be brought down from a drug-induced panic attack at the home they share in Long Lake Township. ... Read More >>

Northern Michigan’s Legendary Dishes

What are the most iconic and legendary dishes in northern Michigan?  You know the type: the dishes that locals make all their out-of-town friends or relatives try when they visit, or the ones that restaurants tout as “world-famous” on their menus.  From soups and sandwiches to pastas ... Read More >>

The North's Childcare Crisis

Lack of professional childcare is a crisis in northern Michigan that’s tantamount to the affordable housing shortage. Unlike housing, however, the childcare shortage disproportionately affects women. In Traverse City, there are months-long waiting lists for childcare for infants and toddlers. In rural areas, there are childcare deserts ... Read More >>

The Saga of Noverr Farms

A nasty years-long battle between neighbors in the pastoral hills of South Lake Leelanau might be settled soon. But one of the parties, Frank Noverr, has no intention of settling down. At the heart of the conflict is Noverr’s barn and 26-acre farm, a stunning lake-view parcel ... Read More >>