September 21, 2018

The Eat List

Suttons Bay Ciders' Sidra-LaPeno

Bottoms Up
Allow us to introduce you to Sidra-LaPeno. This Spanish-style cider tastes as delicious as its name would sound rolling off the tongue of a tanned European in ... Read More >>

Where Have All the Whitefish Gone?

Experts, restaurants and fishermen watching with bated breath
Whether you grill it, bake it, bake it, steam it, boil it, or broil it, Lake Michigan whitefish is one of the most popular — and tasty ... Read More >>

What The Eyes Don’t See, Dr. Mona Attisha Did

The doctor-detective who revealed Flint’s water crisis coming to TC
In 2015, Flint pediatrician and researcher Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha began noticing symptoms in her young patients that suggested lead poisoning. Health data from a local hospital confirmed ... Read More >>

Health Inspectors

A restaurateur’s best friend — or worst enemy?
Each year, every restaurant in Michigan receives a surprise visit from an environmental health sanitarian. Empowered with the ability to both end livelihoods and protect the public, ... Read More >>

Lose Yourself Among Hartwick’s Ancient Pines

An Ideal autumn daytrip
Covering just a shade under 10,000 acres, sprawling Hartwick Pines State Park is one of the largest state parks in Michigan. Its rolling hills, formed by an ... Read More >>

Closing Time

Mackinac Island's hottest hangouts offer a peek into their last hurrah
During summer, Mackinac Island receives about 15,000 visitors each day. Come October, the island — whose populations dwindles to roughly 500 permanent residents — comes to a ... Read More >>


Cadillac’s Up North Arts

Something was missing in Cadillac.         At least, something was missing if you were the artistic type — or an appreciator of the fine arts.         So the Cadillac Arts Council decided to do ...

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Biére De Mac

The Ranville family has deep roots in the Mackinaw Straits region. They can trace their history in the area back to the 18thcentury, during the era of the voyageurs, when their French-Canadian ancestor Alexander ...

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Teenage Fanclub Loses the Love

Teenage Fanclub has announced that its longtime bassist and vocalist Gerard Love will leave this fall, following the band’s Nov. 15 show at London’s Electric Ballroom. The band plans to carry on without Love for ...

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Bystander failure?

From across a four-lane thoroughfare, I witnessed something. It was Labor Day weekend, and I now find myself feeling ashamed by how I responded — or rather, how I failed to fully respond. Maybe ...

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Virtual Express



Small Up North Towns on the Rise

Spotlight on Bellaire (pictured)Seems Traverse City isn’t the only place in the region making those “Best of” lists. The Antrim County hamlet of Bellaire was recently named to the list of Best Lakeside Towns in the U.S. by Country Living Magazine, alongside the likes of Vergennes, Vermont, Greenville, ... Read More >>

What Happens When Weed is Legal?

Voters in Michigan will decide Nov. 6 whether to legalize recreational marijuana, a measure that observers on both sides believe is likely to pass.What’s it going to mean for northern Michigan? Mark Clark, an attorney who specializes in marijuana at Traverse Legal in Traverse City, said he ... Read More >>

Term Limits: The Best of Intentions Gone Awry

There’s a social media meme making the rounds suggesting that those who don’t like professional politicians should consider having a plumber perform their next colonoscopy. The crude inference is clear: We should place a premium on experience, education, and institutional memory. In any field, from electricians to ... Read More >>

Less Attila the Hun, More Buddha

The half-horse, half-human centaurs from Greek mythology were famous for their archery skills. The creatures, which also made several appearances in the Harry Potter stories and films, are the inspiration for a group based in Gaylord: The Michigan Centaurs. Their goal is to capture that expertise once ... Read More >>