November 14, 2018

A Nobody, or a Drug Kingpin?

Middle Eastern Magic

The secret to the mouth-watering recipes at Nada’s Gourmet Deli are in owner NadaSaco’s mind and quite literally in her touch. Her traditional Mediterranean recipes are made ... Read More >>

We've Got Spirit!

Bottoms Up
Yes, we do! We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you? Well, Cherry Apple Spirit Cider that is – and we’re thatexcited about it. Call your squad, bust out ... Read More >>

Deciphering Fortnite

If you are the parent to a pre-teen, you know about the emotes. And Ninja. And that weird way your kid and the random kid across the ... Read More >>

NMC Students Fly to TCNewTech Pitch Night Win

For a quartet of NMC students, the future is here. The initial product from their startup company won the $500 prize at TCNewTech’s October Pitch Night.  It’s ... Read More >>


Frank Mays was one of two survivors of the sinking of the Carl D. Bradley
The Carl D. Bradleywas headed to port in Manitowoc, Wisconsin on Nov. 18, 1958, to put in for the winter so that badly needed repairs to its ... Read More >>

Oma’s Cherry-Infused Vodka

Bottoms Up
Distiller Kyle Miller’s “Oma” — that’s German for grandmother — has been infusing her vodka with Traverse City cherries since she emigrated to the Mitten State from ... Read More >>


In Search of Bruce Catton’s Benzie County

The country’s preeminent Civil War author grew up in a backwoods Benzonia, learning about the war from local Union Army veterans decades after the war’s end. Their lessons — about a country divided, states ...

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Jim's Joint B.B.Q.'s The Smokestack

Jim’s Joint B.B.Q. in Honor abstains from both rules and region. And man, does that work well for those of us who worship at the shrine of smoke. Without the commandments of ...

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Petoskey Native Stevens Teams Up With Gallant

He might be a Brooklyn, NY kinda guy now, but indie-rock multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Sufjan Stevens has roots in Petoskey, even though he departed for bigger locales to kick-start his music career. Currently ...

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“All persons ... ”

Well, that was unpleasant, wasn't it? Now that it's over we can go back to the airwaves full of prescription drug commercials.   We should, however, take a few minutes to consider ...

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Virtual Express



A Mile In Someone Else’s Boots

On October 13, Northern Express ran a guest opinion column written by Thomas Kachadurian entitled “Get Your Boots On.” The piece alleges that the political left in the U.S. uses tools like political correctness, “safe zones,” and media campaigns to repress free speech and censor truth. As examples ... Read More >>

The Case that Will Not End

  In August 2011, when Patricia and Martin Knudsen’s son Michael suffered a horrific electrocution death at Clinch Park Marina, the couple thought they had hit the lowest point in their lives. What they didn’t yet know is that losing their son was only the beginning. The ... Read More >>

Northport’s Impact on the Civil War

Northport's location at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula is a little like that of an island;  you don’t pass through on the way to somewhere else. But a century and a half ago, when the primary means of transportation was by water, it was a key ... Read More >>

The Family Business:  Now Run by Women

 Sons following their fathers into the family business is trope as old as time. But daughters joining their mothers? Thanks in no small part to some post-war revolution and several decades of advancement in women’s rights, we’re seeing generations of women not only rising through the ranks ... Read More >>