April 25, 2019

Don't Call it Puppy Love

Hero or Criminal

Julian Assange is either a constitutionally protected journalist exposing scoundrels and malfeasance — or a criminal computer hacker who tried to access classified Department of Defense files. ... Read More >>

The Saga of a City

Moving rivers, a murderous banker freed, salt mines, lumber barons — highlights from Manistee’s first 150 years.
Manistee became a city 150 years ago, in 1869, which makes it one of the oldest cities in northern Michigan. By contrast, while both Manistee and Traverse ... Read More >>

Creatures Great and Small

Petoskey’s Kei Ju Farm and Rescue
“I cuddle skunks,” Julie Hall said, reaching into a straw-filled bin and pulling out a black and white-striped critter that would make anyone else run for cover. ... Read More >>

The Roadhouse

With a huge tequila selection, outdoor deck, and fab food, Benzonia's Mexican bar & grill is a must.
In spite of the catchy yellow, red, black, and green logo sign on the front of the historic building it calls home “at the top of the ... Read More >>

Paul Reiser Returns to His First Love

Actor takes a break from "Stranger Things" and "Red Oaks" to bring his stand-up to City Opera House stage
Paul Reiser is no stranger to audiences. He’s successfully navigated television, from My Two Dads to Mad About You to Stranger Things. He’s appeared in movies, such ... Read More >>

Must-have Items for Spring

Northern boutiques weigh in on what styles are selling now.
It’s spring (some days, anyway), and rumor has it summer is right behind. Once stripped of our bulky parkas, hats, and boots, what will we need to ... Read More >>


Trombonist Billy Gauthier Started a Jazz Band in 1978.

Over the course of its 40 years of existence, Northwestern Michigan College’s Big Band has seen conductors come and go (and sometimes come again). Scores of musicians have passed through its ranks. It’s even ...

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The Cooks' House

It’s a paradox: For two cooks whose cuisine speaks volumes, they prefer not to. They just want to cook. Eric Patterson and Jen Blakeslee, chef-owners of The Cooks’ House in Traverse City, celebrated the ...

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Gambino, Pilots, Simon Lead Outside Lands

Childish Gambino and Twenty One Pilots will headline the 2019 Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco (taking place in the city’s Golden Gate Park Aug. 9–11.) But it’s a three-day fest, so who’s the ...

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Be Best? Michigan’s Better Than That

Last year First Lady Melania Trump unveiled, albeit awkwardly, her “Be Best” campaign. Its centerpiece is preventing cyberbullying among youth. The anemic and unprofessionally executed rollout was against the backdrop of her husband’s steady ...

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Virtual Express



CBD Laws: Dazed and Confused

The sign outside of Family Video in Kalkaska lets drivers know the store has more than just movies. The sign reads: “CBD PRODUCTS NOW AVAILABLE HERE! CHECK IT OUT.” CBD is short for cannabidiol, a kind of chemical compound that occurs naturally in hemp and marijuana plants, but does ... Read More >>

East Meets West Meets … North

Used to be that things like yoga and acupuncture were considered unconventional, — even downright weird, with no proven benefits. Today, those and other alternative therapies might not quite be mainstream, but they’re regarded as legitimate means of treating or preventing diseases or conditions. As a result, ... Read More >>

If They Only Had an App …

Spark in the Dark is hoping to provide more than just a spark. Hopefully it’ll ignite a blazing fire — if it can secure an ACT grant through USA Today. The local nonprofit is vying with other organizations from around the country for part of $2 million ... Read More >>

Joe’s Empire Ale & Joe’s Friendly Root Beer

The preponderance of brewpubs and craft brews has so impacted local bars and restaurants that many have had specialty beers made and branded specifically for their establishment. Joe’s Friendly Tavern in Empire goes that one better. Not only does it offer Joe’s Empire Ale ($5 per pint) ... Read More >>