July 22, 2018


Bay Burrito Co.

A fiesta of food in Suttons Bay
By Kristi Kates | July 21, 2018

What’s missing in Suttons Bay? To Seth and Jenn Friedman, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan natives who keep a second home in the petite Leelanau Peninsula village, the answer was Mexican street food. So they took matters — and tacos, and burritos, and quesadillas — into their own hands. SOMETHING DIFFERENTThe Friedmans have been vacationing in northern Michigan for 20 years. But after 18 years of corporate life at Chrysler, Seth Friedman decided that ... Read More >>

Dine at Kewadin's Pine Hill ... Nursery?

Beer, wine, meals, and music at your local garden center
By Ross Boissoneau | July 14, 2018

There aren’t many restaurants where you can order a pizza, a glass of beer, and a forsythia bush. But that’s the thing at Pine Hill Nursery in Kewadin: What started as a nursery has morphed over the years into a gift shop, greenhouse, music venue, and yes, a restaurant. It offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner; beer and wine; and live music three nights a week — just like a real restaurant. Only ... Read More >>

Boat to Dinner

Cruise the blue highway to a memorable summer meal
By Janice Binkert | July 7, 2018

So you’ve been out frolicking on the water in your boat all day, and you’ve worked up an appetite! You’re ready to feel solid ground under your feet again and enjoy some yummy food in a casual atmosphere. We’ve got you covered, with seven unique Northern Michigan restaurants (on six spectacular bodies of water) where you can moor your watercraft free of charge right out front or at one of the courtesy ... Read More >>

Smoke & Fire: BBQ 101

Tips and Insights from the Pros
By Janice Binkert | July 7, 2018

Barbecue is cooking at its most elemental, dating back to early humans’ discovery of fire. It’s something people all over the world have in common, from the Far East to the Middle East, from the South Pacific to South America, from Asia to Africa, and of course right here in the USA. As a quote from the late, great Anthony Bourdain reads: “BBQ might not be the road to world peace, but ... Read More >>

Montmorency Cherry Juice Box

Bottoms Up
By Lynda Wheatley | June 28, 2018

So you’ve heard for years that drinking the juice squeezed from tart cherries eases muscle pain, soothes arthritis aches, and makes your heart healthier. And maybe you’ve dutifully popped a couple tablespoons in a glass, added water, and slugged some down each morning. Well, Shoreline Fruit’s Cherry Bay Orchards’ line has gone one better and bigger, just in time for your Cherry Festival picnic, parade, and party needs. They put a bag ... Read More >>

Bacon Habanero Tortilla Chips

By Lynda Wheatley | June 23, 2018

There’s a picky person in every Up North party crowd. And if yours has a dieter, a vegan, or a gluten-free, GMO-hating, Mexicali-loving bacon addict, just serve a sack of Late July Snacks’ Bacon Habanero tortilla chips, and you’re golden. Probably the least offensive but best tasting chips we’ve inhaled in a long while, these tasty triangles are naturally flavored, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and made with organic, non-GMO corn. With all they ... Read More >>

Charlevoix’s French Quarter

By Janice Binkert | June 23, 2018

You’ve no doubt heard the old adage “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” Well, at the New Orleans-inspired French Quarter bistro in Charlevoix, there is a strong case for taking that philosophy to heart, because the lunch and dinner specialties there are so intriguing, you might find yourself indulging to the point where you have no room left for sweet endings. And you’d be forfeiting more than just calories to have to ... Read More >>


By Lynda Wheatley | June 16, 2018

It’s a cruel irony that bathing suit season happens to coincide with the absolute best time of year to sit outside and sip wine. (A six-ounce glass will run you about 115 to 150 calories, but let’s be honest: With this scenery, who stops at a single glass?) Luckily, Chateau Chantal makes available in its tasting room snack cooler a healthy low-cal, low-carb snack that pairs immensely well with wine and keeps ... Read More >>

Florence via Leelanau

Experience Bella Fortuna
By Kristi Kates | June 16, 2018

What do you do when you travel and end up falling in love with a place? If you’re Dr. Jane Fortune and Dr. Robert Hesse, you do your best to bring that sense of place right back home with you. ARTS AND CULTUREFortune and Hesse, who were together for 26 years before Dr. Hesse passed away at the end of 2016, had traveled frequently to Italy, and were also longtime advocates of ... Read More >>

Koeze Cream-Nut Peanut Butter

By Kristi Kates | June 9, 2018

Skippy Peanut Butter has been around since 1932. Jif has been on shelves since 1958. And Planters brought their Mr. Peanut-approved peanut butter to consumers in 2015.But Koeze Company’s Cream-Nut Peanut Butter is among the oldest brands in the bunch — the company has been making peanut butter since 1925, right here in Michigan.Using the same recipe they started with in the early ’20s, the company still makes their all-natural peanut butter ... Read More >>

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