September 21, 2018


Suttons Bay Ciders' Sidra-LaPeno

Bottoms Up
By Blair Yaroch | Sept. 15, 2018

Allow us to introduce you to Sidra-LaPeno. This Spanish-style cider tastes as delicious as its name would sound rolling off the tongue of a tanned European in an olive grove. The folks at Suttons Bay Ciders know first impressions count — evident the moment your nose meets the alluring, spicy wafts of Sidra-LaPeno. The robust notes of jalapeño and habanero peppers pull you in; the strong peppery scents mellow on the taste ... Read More >>

Biére De Mac

Craft beer and exceptional food on the Straits
By Janice Binkert | Sept. 8, 2018

The Ranville family has deep roots in the Mackinaw Straits region. They can trace their history in the area back to the 18thcentury, during the era of the voyageurs, when their French-Canadian ancestor Alexander Ranville arrived on Mackinac Island from Quebec. Eventually, some family members moved from the island to the mainland and over the years became fishermen, lighthouse keepers, railroad employees, and ferry boat workers. And today, a Ranville is the ... Read More >>

Chandler's Gulf Shrimp Roll

By Clark Miller | Aug. 25, 2018

Who says a happy hour can’t be a dignified part of life? With its half-price happy hours from 4pm–6pm, Chandler’s, an intimate basement eatery at 215 1/2 Howard Street in Petoskey, achieves that lofty goal with help from its starter plates. Especially interesting is the Gulf Shrimp Roll (half price at $7). A creation of Executive Chef Tom Kaszubowski, this hearty dish includes avocado, red bell peppers, shrimp, pineapple, togarashi spice, sweet ... Read More >>

The Good Bowl

Starting new life in the United States eventually lead to creating a Vietnamese restaurant
By Janice Binkert | Aug. 18, 2018

  In 1979, Soon Hagerty’s parents and their seven children fled an uncertain future in post-war Vietnam as “boat people” with the dream of finding a safe and promising new life in the United States. They were among the lucky ones who made it, settling in California. In July of this year, Hagerty followed her own dream and founded a Vietnamese restaurant in Traverse City that not only honors her heritage, but ... Read More >>

Simply Sweet Macarons

By Clark Miller | Aug. 18, 2018

Any self-respecting kid who opens the door of the bakery Simply Sweet by Jessica is going to go nuts. The colors alone will do it. Nearly 200 large jars of bright orange, green, red, blue candies line the wall enticingly (or menacingly, if you’re on a diet). But two things stand out for the grownups: the Triple (yes, triple) Chocolate Cupcakes and the Red Velvet Macaron. It’s not a macaroon. The macaron, ... Read More >>

Crepes & Co. Savory Crepe

By Lynda Wheatley | Aug. 4, 2018

We’re not sure there’s a better way to improve your hyper-rushed morning than ordering up a crepe stuffed with ham, cheese, and egg — scrambled or sunny — at French chef Vanessa Grasset's Crepes & Co. Freshly made far faster than any drive-thru McBreakfast available, this buckwheat masterpiece is super-sized, brushed with butter, and — we’re not proud of this — easily handheld so you can devour while driving downtown TC's congested summer ... Read More >>

Left Foot Charley’s Strawberry Cider

Bottoms Up
By Lynda Wheatley | Aug. 4, 2018

If summer and fall met and mingled under an August moon, Left Foot Charley’s strawberry cider would be the result of their magical union. Imagine a dry cider — one of LFC’s classic cider styles — infused with 400 pounds of strawberries. The initial sip is a surprisingly un-sweet but crisp and sparkling one that concludes with an equally surprising creamy finish. Wine- and cider-making maestro Brian Ulrich originally — and temporarily ... Read More >>

The Roost at Bay Bread Co.

Sammies in the penthouse suite.
By Janice Binkert | July 28, 2018

Stacey Wilcox, co-owner of the Bay Bread Company with her husband, Steve, since 20O3, emphasizes that The Roost upstairs from the bakery is basically just “overflow seating,” but there’s no denying that to her, personally — and to many others — it’s so much more than that: a cozy, informal gathering place with a lovely view of the bay, where customers can sit and relax (yes, that’s one definition of “roost”) while ... Read More >>

Bay Burrito Co.

A fiesta of food in Suttons Bay
By Kristi Kates | July 21, 2018

What’s missing in Suttons Bay? To Seth and Jenn Friedman, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan natives who keep a second home in the petite Leelanau Peninsula village, the answer was Mexican street food. So they took matters — and tacos, and burritos, and quesadillas — into their own hands. SOMETHING DIFFERENTThe Friedmans have been vacationing in northern Michigan for 20 years. But after 18 years of corporate life at Chrysler, Seth Friedman decided that ... Read More >>

Dine at Kewadin's Pine Hill ... Nursery?

Beer, wine, meals, and music at your local garden center
By Ross Boissoneau | July 14, 2018

There aren’t many restaurants where you can order a pizza, a glass of beer, and a forsythia bush. But that’s the thing at Pine Hill Nursery in Kewadin: What started as a nursery has morphed over the years into a gift shop, greenhouse, music venue, and yes, a restaurant. It offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner; beer and wine; and live music three nights a week — just like a real restaurant. Only ... Read More >>

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