February 23, 2024


Risk, Consequences, and Probability

Guest Opinion
By Barbara Stamiris | Feb. 17, 2024

At the Northern Michigan Policy Conference, Democrat Hill Harper replied to the Republicans voicing their support for Line 5, saying, “We’re playing literally with poisoning our Great Lakes, which would be catastrophic to Michigan’s economy, catastrophic to Michigan’s tourism. And the juice is not worth the squeeze in this case.” My thoughts exactly. The consequences of a Great Lakes Line 5 failure are easy to envision and often cited. But every risk ... Read More >>

How Old Is Too Old?

Guest Opinion
By Isiah Smith, Jr. | Feb. 17, 2024

The United States and its professional politicians are aging. Joe Biden, 81, and Donald Trump, 77, are the oldest candidates to ever run for re-election as president. The median ages of U.S. senators and representatives are among the oldest on record, and some leaders are facing health questions. To run for the House, one must be at least 25 years of age, 30 for the Senate, and 35 to seek the presidency. ... Read More >>

A Not So Grand Old Party

By Stephen Tuttle | Feb. 17, 2024

A balanced budget. A strong national defense. Smaller, less intrusive government. Unambiguous anti-communism. Near isolationist foreign policy. Those used to be the calling cards of politicians—and their supporters—calling themselves “conservatives.” Their loyalty was to a philosophy rather than an individual, their hero an ideology, not a politician. Edmund Burke, the 18th century Anglo-Irish philosopher and politician, is considered the original founder of conservatism. But we think more of William F. Buckley as ... Read More >>

Where's the Party?

Opinion Columnist
By Mary Keyes Rogers | Feb. 10, 2024

I thought I knew myself. I like my sandwiches cut on the diagonal. I am uncomfortable being jostled in a crowd. And, when given the option, I opt for blue cheese dressing on my iceberg wedge. This is who I am. I’m also a Democrat. Maybe. I’m a Democrat who votes for a lot of Republicans, who is very uncomfortable with the goings-on of the Democratic National Party, who believes its leadership ... Read More >>

Downtown, Dams, Businesses, and Buses

By Stephen Tuttle | Feb. 10, 2024

Let’s see what’s up locally. Traverse City’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is in search of a new executive director, Jean Derenzy having submitted her resignation. Derenzy was a strong steward of the DDA and a powerful advocate for downtown Traverse City, though not everything she and her organization proposed was supported by all. Which brings us to the extension of TIF 97 and the ever-evolving third parking deck. A tax increment financing ... Read More >>

Women Need Not Apply

Guest Opinion
By Greg Holmes | Feb. 3, 2024

When I was a young boy, a priest explained to our catechism class how people became priests. He told us that we would know if we were supposed to become a priest because we would be “called” by God. I was afraid God would call me; there was no way I wanted to be a priest. Fortunately, God never rang me up. Contrast this with the experience of women like Soline Humbert, ... Read More >>

Joe, Lia, Rockford, and Cowell

By Stephen Tuttle | Feb. 3, 2024

President Joe Biden lags in the polls, suffering all manner of negativity from his opponents. While it’s true enough he hasn’t been a very good self-salesman, the country’s numbers are nearly all heading in the right direction. We’ve already established that crime is not just down, according to the FBI, but significantly down in nearly every category and especially crimes of violence. But it’s not crime that will determine the 2024 election; ... Read More >>

Rhetoric Is Up, But Crime Is Down

By Stephen Tuttle | Jan. 27, 2024

Donald Trump has nearly made fear-mongering an art form. He announces we’re facing great danger, usually imagined, then finds someone to blame for it and declares himself the only solution. You might recall his announcement speech before he ran in 2016, with ugly assertions that illegal immigrants were being “sent” and included rapists and murderers so we must fear them. Then he banned travel from several Muslim countries because he equates Muslims ... Read More >>

Real Change Requires Loss

Guest Opinion
By Isiah Smith, Jr. | Jan. 27, 2024

Two separate events occurred in the last few weeks. The first was when Harvard President Claudine Gay announced she was stepping down just six months into her presidency amid a firestorm of controversy at the university. The second was the annual MLK birthday celebration. At a glance, these two events seem entirely unrelated. But upon closer examination, it became apparent that they had much in common. In her Jan. 2 resignation letter, ... Read More >>

My 2024 Hopes for Michigan’s Legislature

Guest Opinion
By Levi Teitel | Jan. 20, 2024

During some much needed relaxing over the start of the new year, I kept thinking about the slew of progressive victories that Michiganders made possible in 2023. We made important strides for workers, the environment, women, and LGBTQ+ folks that will improve the quality of life for all Michiganders. It was a good reminder about what can happen with a Democratic trifecta in Lansing. In 2024, I’m looking forward to the legislature ... Read More >>

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