August 4, 2020


Debunking Defunding

By Stephen Tuttle | Aug. 1, 2020

“Defunding” the police means different things to different groups. For some, it is synonymous with reforming the police. For others it means a diversion of some funding, now used by law enforcement, for social and mental health workers. Still others hope for a Utopian future in which there is no policing at all.  The United States didn't even have municipal police departments until Boston created the first in 1838. Prior to that, ... Read More >>

Are You a COVID Snob?

Guest Opinion
By Amy Kerr Hardin | Aug. 1, 2020

  It can be satisfying to judge other people. It gives us a sense of control. We don’t feel so helpless when we have the power to point fingers, blame someone. Over the past several months we’ve seen a wave of reactionary pandemic-shaming of those not following the “rules.” One of those favored rules is placing COVID-19 precautions above all other health considerations. It’s understandable that people gain a fleeting sense of ... Read More >>

The Parties Are No Party

By Stephen Tuttle | July 25, 2020

The Republican Party was born on March 20, 1854, in Ripon, Wisconsin. Their first presidential candidate was John C. Fremont, the first Republican elected president was Abraham Lincoln. Democrats got their start earlier, forming officially in 1828. Andrew Jackson was their first presidential candidate and first to be elected.   The parties have changed some since then.   Early Democrats were mostly pro-slavery; most Republicans, abolitionists. Democrats mostly pushed the idea of “manifest destiny,” ... Read More >>

Big Changes Are Needed, So Let's Start Small

Guest Opinion
By Gary Howe | July 25, 2020

If ever there was a time for reimagining our society, the time is now. The last six months have amply shown the need for addressing a cracked system. We need a massive investment in public health and healthcare, a commitment to justice in our justice system, and a government that — well, actually tries to govern. We can get there. We will get there. Right? As we work to overcome those inequalities ... Read More >>

A Health Experiment

By Stephen Tuttle | July 18, 2020

  There is near unanimity regarding getting kids back to school. We all know it's important on multiple levels.  We know in-person classrooms with on-the-spot individualized instruction is most effective. We know some children, especially those left out of the digital age, will not have opened a book for six months by the time schools reopen. We know socialization is an important component of their maturation journey, and they've been isolated too ... Read More >>

COVID-19: Our Failures and the Path to Correction

Guest Opinion
By David Frederick | July 18, 2020

Prior to COVID-19 no one alive today had witnessed a worldwide pandemic. The last pandemic, also caused by a virus, resulted in the death of millions. It occurred just over a century ago. It would seem reasonable to assume that Americans would be comparatively well protected from the reoccurrence of such a plague. Our country is home to many of the most sophisticated scientific research facilities; and in the case of one ... Read More >>


By Stephen Tuttle | July 11, 2020

  There is an ongoing conspiracy. Not just any conspiracy but one writ large in capital letters followed by exclamation points. It seems several hundred, or thousand, government employees — members of the so-called deep state—  are involved in a plot to overthrow President Trump. Oh, and they're also Satan-worshipers and participate in an international child sex abuse, torture, and trafficking ring. That's the basic premise of someone who posts messages in ... Read More >>

It Ain’t Over Till it’s Over. And It’s Not Over.

Guest Opinion
By Tom Gutowski | July 11, 2020

There’s a huge disparity between the well-being of white and Black families in America. Median Black household wealth is about one-tenth of median white household wealth. Median Black household income is 61 percent of that of whites. Black life expectancy is three and a half years shorter. Black children are almost twice as likely to live in poverty. About 41 percent of Black families own their own homes, compared to 73 percent ... Read More >>

Endangering Us is Not a Right

By Stephen Tuttle | July 4, 2020

  We know a little but still don't know much.  We know, for example, our refusal to social distance or wear a mask in public spaces makes the spread worse. We know the states that refused to mandate those simple actions are now epicenters of surging infections. We know hot weather doesn't kill it. If it did, there wouldn't be hot spots in hot states like Florida or Texas or, especially, Arizona. ... Read More >>

Libertarian Solutions to Reforming Police State

Guest Opinion
By Donna Gundle-Krieg | July 4, 2020

Americans are finally seeing the need to reform the way our society enforces laws, as the issue of police force has been placed front and center before us. The Libertarian Party has been ahead of the game for decades on the issues of reforming our criminal justice system. Since the 1960s, we have advocated for getting rid of laws that create “victimless crimes.” We have long believed in holding police accountable. Last ... Read More >>

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