December 8, 2019


Has He Done Enough?

By Stephen Tuttle | Dec. 7, 2019

We know, for a fact, it is illegal to solicit or receive information from a foreign national or government to influence a federal election. We know that because it's written in black and white in the statutes.   We know, for a fact, President Donald Trump asked the newly elected president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter at a time the senior Biden was a declared presidential candidate leading ... Read More >>

Why Ukraine Matters

Guest Column
By Jack Segal | Dec. 7, 2019

Amidst the clamor of the House impeachment hearings, an unexpected group of heroes emerged. State Department Foreign Service Officers (FSO) and White House experts demonstrated the quality of people who anonymously manage our foreign policy in Washington and who represent our country in more than 160 diplomatic missions. Through their calm demeanor, their depth of knowledge and most of all, their patriotism, these diplomats and experts who had been unknown to the American ... Read More >>

Boycotting Everything

By Stephen Tuttle | Nov. 30, 2019

We are in an epidemic of boycotts, or at least attempted boycotts. These are bipartisan efforts, with both the left and the right mightily offended about something, offering up a long list of targets. The strategy is simple: Don't buy these products, don't shop at these stores, and don't invest in these stocks.   The issues that generate boycotts are varied but the three most popular these days are President Trump, guns and ... Read More >>

Giving Thanks

By Stephen Tuttle | Nov. 30, 2019

Thanksgiving is the best of holidays, except maybe for some cooks. It's a time when family, friends, and oftentimes stragglers with no place else to go are all welcome.   It has the added advantages of outstanding food and no secular connections; most everybody celebrates the same holiday at the same time. We give thanks for the companionship of our loved ones, the meal, and whatever good things have come our way. And ... Read More >>

Ageism in action: From “OK, Kiddo” to “OK, Boomer”

Guest Opinion
By Mary Keyes Rogers | Nov. 30, 2019

Ageism is not attractive coming off the tongues of those demanding I become “woke.” This Baby Boomer would like to state the obvious, that ageism is no different than racism, sexism or any of the other discriminatory “-isms.” To know my age tells you nothing about who I am. “OK, Boomer” hits me with the same punch today as “OK, Kiddo” felt 30 years ago, when at 26-years-old I served as executive ... Read More >>

Fear and Loathing in America

Guest Column
By Tom Gutowski | Nov. 23, 2019

Upraised middle fingers have replaced civil debate. Many people think those whose political opinions differ from their own are morons, and they aren’t shy about saying so. What’s going on? There used to be liberal and conservative Democrats, and liberal and conservative Republicans. No more; we’ve sorted ourselves into one party that leans left and another that leans right. And we’ve sorted ourselves geographically, too. In 2016, 80 percent of U.S. counties went ... Read More >>

Thank a Farmer

Guest Opinion
By Cathye Williams | Nov. 16, 2019

November is a favorite month for me. Just past the blazing glory of September and October, and before the frigid plunge into December, November sits unassuming, and I believe, slightly underrated. It’s amazing to me that somehow this month still delivers us sustaining foods — squash and apples, late fall greens, venison for those lucky enough, and sides of hog or beef for those who have planned well. These foods have waited ... Read More >>

“Untold human suffering … ”

By Stephen Tuttle | Nov. 16, 2019

A recent report in the publication Bioscience, signed by 11,000 scientists in several different fields from 150 countries, declared we are in a “climate emergency” and warned of “untold human suffering.” That doesn't sound good at all.  This is not to be confused with the reports produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations committee that analyzes reams of data and presents conclusions to world leaders.  Nor is it ... Read More >>

Taking Orders from a Fool

By Stephen Tuttle | Nov. 9, 2019

What happened to those Trump generals? And where were their defenders?   Our presidents seem to have an affinity for the military. Uniformed officers, with chests bristling with ribbons, make for a most excellent photo-op. It's a physical manifestation of the real power we vest in the president.  Which is not to suggest that affinity isn't real despite all the obvious public relations stunts; more than half of our presidents, 26 of 45, ... Read More >>

A Vital School of Choice: Your Home

Guest Opinion
By Donna Gundle-Krieg | Nov. 9, 2019

When the time came to send our children to school in the Metro Detroit suburbs 20+ years ago, my husband and I were excited to try the sparkling new public school a mile away. It had all the shiny bells and whistles, and it was located in a highly rated district. We were confident that both of our kids would fit in and do well. For many reasons, the experience did not ... Read More >>

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