May 26, 2018


A Billion Here, A Billion There ...

By Stephen Tuttle | May 19, 2018

  The Department of Defense got a big raise for 2018 and 2019. Their budget, now beyond $700 billion annually, means our defense budget is larger than that of the next seven countries ... combined.  Maybe that will make us stronger. Maybe taxpayers will be on the hook for billions in cost overruns. Again.   The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford is a case in point. The first of a new generation ... Read More >>

A Friend’s Passing

Guest Column
By Jack Segal | May 10, 2018

Dennis Sandole, Ph.D., passed away on May 4. He was professor of conflict resolution at George Mason University, and so much more. I first met Dennis and his lifelong partner and wife, Ingrid Staroste, in Frankfurt, Germany. Dennis was a young professor from the University of Southern California’s Graduate School. He was teaching courses to part-time students like me while completing his first book. Publications in neat stacks served as the décor ... Read More >>

Social Media Misuse and Incivility is Hurting Democracy

By Christie Minervini | May 5, 2018

We've all experienced it. An unkind remark while scrolling through the online comment section; then another, even more provocative. Finally, the attacks get personal as trolls disrupt the conversation, making unfounded claims and spinning conspiracy theories in an attempt to challenge others' opinions. In this new frontier of digital media, many acknowledge that civil discourse has become the exception, rather than the rule. In fact, there’s so much incivility, animosity, and disrespect ... Read More >>

Is there a line between education and indoctrination?

By Rev. Dr. William C. Myers and Scott Blair | May 5, 2018

Scott’s StatementBelievers bringing children up in their faith feel they are passing down life’s most important and joyous understandings. They may also hope to impart protection to their children by enrolling them in God’s care. Parents may not view religious teaching as indoctrination or intend it to cause harm, but harm can occur (even as compassionate principles are also conveyed). Children may feel guilt over natural thoughts and behaviors. They might fear ... Read More >>

Conspiracy of Ignorance

By Stephen Tuttle | April 28, 2018

  There are those among us who believe nearly everything is the result of a conspiracy.  All of it. They don't believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, don't believe we ever landed on the moon, believe our own government orchestrated 9/11, and believe Bill and Hillary Clinton are murderers. They believe the food we eat, the medical treatment we receive and climate scientists are all part ... Read More >>

Ain't No Sunshine

Guest Column
By Amy Kerr Hardin | April 28, 2018

“Sunshine Week” came and went with little fanfare earlier this year, garnering all the predictable editorials calling for more transparency in government, a concept captured by the maxim “sunshine is the best disinfectant.” Transparency. It's a simple premise. The laws governing it are fairly straightforward too. Yet, some local leaders remain utterly baffled by the concept. They repeatedly violate these easy-to-comprehend statutes, only to earn a wrist slap, along with a few ... Read More >>

Can #MeToo Break Up the Good Ol’ Boys?

Guest Opinion
By Mark Pontoni | April 21, 2018

When a society is in the middle of massive social change, it’s very difficult to see exactly what is happening and how far that change will go. Sometimes, we get an obvious event that becomes the symbol of change that we can glom onto, helping us put all this change in context. For example, when Obergefell v. Hodges was decided, suddenly gay marriage was a legal right. But hadn’t the process toward ... Read More >>

To Accuse

By Stephen Tuttle | April 21, 2018

  Some Republicans running for the U.S. House of Representatives have adopted an interesting campaign strategy: Elect me, or they will impeach him. The Democrat corollary —  elect me, and I will impeach him — hasn't yet appeared but likely will.   It's entirely possible if Democrats regain control of the House there will be Articles of Impeachment introduced. Maybe even several. It's less likely any will get much further.  To impeach — ... Read More >>

Meanwhile, Here at Home ...

By Stephen Tuttle | April 14, 2018

There's so much happening in Traverse City that it's impossible to focus on a single issue. So let’s tackle a few.  • Anyone who has ever traveled by train understands it's a more comfortable and civilized mode of transportation, given you have the time to spare.  And it's an economically and environmentally friendly way to get from here to there. On longer hauls, you can even get your own little room with ... Read More >>

One Trigger Pull, One Round

By Thomas Kachadurian | April 14, 2018

Predictably, gun-banning advocates have pounced at recent shooting incidents. As always happens, the result of their hysteria is that gun sales have spiked, and donations to the NRA climbed to new heights. Oddly enough, despite this complete activism failure, the shouting mob retain a self-righteous superiority. Satisfied, soon they will move on to their next outrage. We’ve seen this pattern over and over. In that time, more Americans have exercised their Second ... Read More >>

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