June 14, 2021


We Like Big Boats, and We Cannot Lie

In-water boat show at Bay Harbor June 18–20
By Lynda Wheatley | June 12, 2021

Since buying your own yacht isn’t likely this year due to supply and demand issues, what’s the harm in dreaming bigger? The best place to do it is Bay Harbor June 18–20. That’s when the village hosts its annual In-Water Boat show, an event that draws dozens of drool-worthy vessels to the marina’s docks, as well as the latest and greatest in watercraft and boating accessories to the marina’s grassy grounds. Even ... Read More >>

Boat Dreams Sunk?

Local watercraft sales continue surge as demand outstrips supply
By Ross Boissoneau | June 12, 2021

If you’re looking to get out on the water this summer, good luck. A banner on the top of Sailsport Marine’s website says it all: “Thinking about a new boat, kayak, or board this year? Act fast! Supply is tight.” With all the pandemic-related restrictions last summer, boating was one of the few things people could do. That led to a nearly unprecedented demand, and things haven’t slowed down this year. “Traffic ... Read More >>

4 Rivers. 4 Adventures. Go!

Kayak trips for every level of paddler
By Todd VanSickle | June 12, 2021

Northern Michigan is a kayaking mecca — and for good reason. The region’s myriad waterways offer a variety of adventures for all levels of kayakers, and an opportunity to rent one of these boats is as ubiquitous as it is to buy. (A visit to your local Meijer or sporting goods store is often all it takes to nab one for general use on inland lakes, while specialized retailers — The Outfitter ... Read More >>

Gifts for Dad

Be ready for Father's Day, June 20
By Lynda Wheatley | June 12, 2021

A card, a case of beer, a big hug or handshake — most dads don’t require much fanfare on Father’s Day (June 20 this year). But if you’ve got one who always goes the extra mile for you, maybe this year you’d like to get a little something extra for him too. Here are a few ideas we found that might make your job easier, though we’re guessing you didn’t always make ... Read More >>

Selling — and Buying — Michigan Distilleries’ Canned Cocktails Just Got Easier

Whitmer signs off on good vibrations for summer libations
June 12, 2021

In case you missed it among the news that summer has arrived and the world is re-opening, Governor Whitmer recently signed a series of bills into law to ease the sales and delivery of canned cocktails. The bill package creates several amendments to the Michigan Liquor Control Code that give distillers more leeway in how they manufacture, sell, and deliver canned cocktails. Senate Bill 141 allows small distillers to deliver mixed drinks ... Read More >>

Do Not Go Dumbly into This Good Summer

Stock up on IAF Smarts First: June 17 Foreign Policy Mashup
By Lynda Wheatley | June 12, 2021

Summer brain drain — aka the “summer slide” — is the theory that students stop learning and sometimes even forget much of what they learned during the school year, and — get this — research shows it’s a real deal. Before you start worrying about the hard-earned smarts your third-grader is going to lose after breaking free this week, consider your own cranium for a minute: When was the last time you fed it ... Read More >>

Torch Lake Takeover

Algae blooms are increasing in one of the North’s most beautiful lakes
By Craig Manning | June 12, 2021

You don’t need to live on the shores of Torch Lake to know how breathtakingly gorgeous it is. A massive inland lake (the biggest in Michigan, by water volume), Torch Lake is known for its party-raising sandbars, its cavernous depths (nearly 300 feet to the bottom at its deepest point), and its pure, clear waters. Local legend has it that National Geographic once named Torch the “third most beautiful lake in the ... Read More >>

Summer ’21 Mega-Music Guide

Live music is back! Here’s where to be, when.
By Ross Boissoneau | June 5, 2021

After a summer of silence, musicians are ready to retake the region’s stages. From free shows in the open air to large-scale performances in state-of-the-art concert halls, the sounds of rock, pop, classical, jazz, folk, and more will once again rise up to rock local audiences Up North. There is one huge caveat, of course: COVID-19 restrictions might force sudden changes to schedules or, worse, cancellations. Different venues and events may opt ... Read More >>

The Beers of Summer: 6-Pack Edition

Stock up and set out for the ultimate six-pack of summer-beer-paired adventures
By Amy Martin | June 5, 2021

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and it’s time to indulge in some summertime craft beer. In your best interest (and for the purposes of “research”), we’ve compiled not only our picks for some of Michigan’s best warm-weather sippers but also the best places in the area to enjoy them — because the only thing that tastes better than a beer on a hot summer day in northern Michigan is ... Read More >>

Detroit Blues on Elmbrook GC's Patio

Light Up the Night Concert Series (and Shambles golf) starts June 13
By Lynda Wheatley | June 5, 2021

Like at most golf courses, you’re encouraged to keep quiet on the tee at Elmbrook GC in Traverse City. But at 7pm June 13 on Elmbrook’s patio, you’re welcome to scream, shout, and rock your heart out. That’s because Elmbrook and the TC Golf Center are bringing in award-winning Detroit blues singer Tosha Owens to perform — and multi-platinum guitarist and adopted northern Michigan son Kenny Olson to host — the first ... Read More >>

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