April 17, 2021



Some not-so-euphoric stats on the state of the state since legalization
April 17, 2021

In 2008, Michigan voters approved the use of medical cannabis by residents with certain health conditions. A decade later, we voted to approve its use by all adults, for any reason. What happened between those two dates is the focus of a comprehensive report the University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center compiled from original research and official sources. The report documents everything from who’s using cannabis in the state for medical and ... Read More >>

Traverse City Marijuana Permits

A Legal Catch-22
By Craig Manning | April 17, 2021

A “death sentence.” That’s what Traverse City’s medical marijuana establishments are calling the City of Traverse City’s stalled progress toward allowing the sale of recreational cannabis. The businesses, which have largely banded together as the “Traverse City Cannabis Coalition,” recently launched a petition and a campaign under the hashtag of #LetUsSell. They claim that, without recreational licenses, their businesses “will likely start to fail by summer 2021.” But litigation is slowing the ... Read More >>

Eat, Drink, Rub: THC Products Review

Our annual cannabis issue
By Lynda Wheatley | April 17, 2021

Progress, thy name is marijuana. Despite what for any other industry would be major stumbling blocks — major disruptions in global supply chain management due to the pandemic and, uh, the not-so-convenient refusal of some governments to legalize sale of cannabis — has hardly registered as a hiccup for the world’s legal marijuana market.  According to a market analysis report released last month by Grandview Research, a U.S.- and India-based market research ... Read More >>

Sneak Peek: Chris Bohjalian to Talk with Locals Before Next Novel Drops

Free Writers Series event with bestselling author April 29
By Anna Faller | April 17, 2021

Award-winning author Chris Bohjalian is one of those people who was born to write. A schoolroom hobby-turned-carefully-honed craft, Bohjalian credits his earliest compositions for his attraction to the darker side of life would come to define his future stories. “They were about things like disembodied hands emerging from wishing wells and sibling rivalry on the school safety patrol,” says Bohjalian. “One ends, “The dripping stopped and the vultures had their meal.”  Safe ... Read More >>

Redefining the Next Northern Homescape

Three home artists teams up to tackle NoMi's affordable housing problem with lux style
By Anna Faller | April 10, 2021

The best designs are based on déjà vu. At least, that’s Angelo Adamo’s approach. A transplant to the Grand Traverse area and Creative Director at Design Elemental, Adamo’s philosophy for crafting quality spaces is focused on the evocation of emotion — whether or not his clients recognize it. “My biggest message is to help people connect to their memories,” he says.  “So, when someone says, “Wow! I feel like I’ve been here ... Read More >>

Mim's Mediterranean

Fresh Greek-inspired eats Up North
By Eric Cox | April 10, 2021

Mim’s Mediterranean Grill, 1823 U.S. 31-N, Petoskey, is a bit of an oasis for some. Its Greek-inspired cuisine and diminutive and colorful house-turned-restaurant serve as a welcome respite from the region's delicious but ubiquitous pub fare. At Mim’s, says owner Brett Brinkle, freshness, quality, consistency, and value collide. And it may be the happiest accident in Northern Michigan. Now with an additional food truck location at downtown Petoskey’s popular Back Lot, Mim’s ... Read More >>

Trends in Outdoor Living

What’s hot for your outdoor spot
By Ross Boissoneau | April 10, 2021

After a year of near-confinement, our homes’ outdoor spaces have become sanctuaries of solace and sanity — and we’re investing a lot of time and money to make them beautiful, comfy, and ideally, available for more than just three or four months of the year. That trend is not slowing down. “It’s really crazy,” says Tina Garner. The manager at Labadie’s Summer Casuals, on US-31, east of Honor, says the staff usually ... Read More >>

Truth vs. the World

Attention media consumers and news hounds: press freedom fighter Dr. Courtney Radsch is coming
By Craig Manning | April 10, 2021

Tell the truth. A journalist’s job can be summed up in those three small words. It sounds like the simplest thing in the world.  Dr. Courtney Radsch knows better. She knows how, when government interests clash with the truth, it’s often the journalists who pay — sometimes with their lives. She knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the hateful online abuse that many journalists — especially women ... Read More >>

Salvage Stars

Who to know and where to go for upcycled home goods … and recycled homes
By Ross Boissoneau | April 10, 2021

Reduce? Sure. Reuse? You betcha? Recycle? Only as a last resort. So how about rebuild? Or repaint, or refinish, or renovate? If you’re like the legions of people who saw their increased stay-at-home time as an opportunity to redecorate, refresh, or renovate said home, you likely tackled at least one home improvement project since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. (According to survey results published by Statistica in July, 76 percent ... Read More >>

Wedding Rides

8 awesome options to get you to your vows on time
By Ross Boissoneau | April 3, 2021

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for. Your prince has long since arrived on his white horse, and you’re finally making it official. So why not up the horsepower and ride to and from your nuptials in a style that suits this next milestone in your journey? Whether you want a classic ride for just the two of you, a party bus for a dancing dozen-plus, or a romantic horse-drawn wagon to ... Read More >>

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