January 18, 2020



A northern Michigan way of life — and bonding.
By Ross Boissoneau | Jan. 18, 2020

You sit on a wooden bench, wearing a bathing suit (or less). The temperature rises to 100, then 120 degrees. You start to sweat, and then ladle water onto scalding-hot rocks. The temperature continues to climb, to more than 150 degrees, yet you continue to sit. And sweat. And sweat some more. Welcome to the sauna (pronounced "sow-nah"; with the first syllable pronounced like the word for female pig). For those unfamiliar (generally, ... Read More >>

6 sublime XC trails, 7 amazing races, 1 Olympic medalist.

A silent sport-lovers' special
By Laurel Sutherland | Jan. 18, 2020

The air is cold, the flakes are flying, and the woods of northern Michigan are the least crowded you’ll ever see them. Take advantage and hop on your classic or (where allowed) skate skis and glide onto one of these gorgeous winter trails. Kettles Trail LoopEmpire The 3-mile Kettles Trail loop is a new, easy-to-access Nordic ski venue. It opened in fall 2019, adding about 100 miles of hiking trails to Sleeping Bear ... Read More >>

Kingsley's Judson Market & Restaurant

A Big Deal in a Small Town
By Janice Binkert | Jan. 18, 2020

It’s not always easy to be the new kid on the block, but Judson Market & Restaurant, which debuted in Kingsley on Nov. 4, has been welcomed into the community with open arms. The Northern Express talked with Mark Dunham, the Great Lakes Culinary Institute alumnus who helped owner, Chris Roehler (who also owns Rolling Farms Café in Traverse City), open the new venue and now serves as its general manager.  The ... Read More >>

Whose America is This?

Pulitzer-winning journalists discuss their book and the rise and fall of America’s middle class.
By Clark Miller | Jan. 11, 2020

Has America become more concerned with Wall Street than Main Street? Journalists (and married couple) Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn tackle the question in their forthcoming book, “Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope.” Shortly after their book is released on Jan. 14, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writing team will make their way to Traverse City’s City Opera House on Friday, Jan. 31, to kick off the winter/spring season of the 2020 National Writers Series. The ... Read More >>

Live: on Stage

Your go-to theater guide for winter and beyond
By Ross Boissoneau | Jan. 11, 2020

From shows that have never been performed before to those that have stood the test of time, the region raises the red velvet curtain on an astonishing number of stage productions each winter. Make a date to unpeel from the couch and take in some ultra-high-definition (i.e., in-person) performances this season. There’s a host of shows to choose from. BAY HARBORNever before seen? Yes, and never again — that’s the nature of ... Read More >>

Art & Joe

Are coffeehouses the modern day artist's patron?
By Ross Boissoneau | Jan. 11, 2020

How many people enter an art gallery each day? Is that number greater or smaller than the number of patrons who visit a coffee shop? Carol Spaulding knows the answer. That’s why she her friend and fellow artist Angela Saxon create a monthly art show at BLK\MRKT in Traverse City’s Warehouse District. Within the cozy confines of the coffee shop, the walls showcase art by a variety of visual artists, typically a different ... Read More >>

Was it Racism?

The City of Cadillac denies that an encounter between a police officer and a 13-year-old African American was an act of racism.
By Patrick Sullivan | Jan. 11, 2020

It was on a warm, sunny summer evening when the 13-year-old Cadillac student bought some cookies at one of the city’s Dollar Generals before heading home on his bicycle via a section of the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail, a 92-mile trail that runs from the southeast end of Cadillac’s Lake Mitchell to Comstock Park outside Grand Rapids.A few minutes into his ride, the youth became alarmed: A car was trailing him ... Read More >>

Willy Porter Coming to Cadillac

Gopherwood bringing the maverick in house. Literally.
By Ross Boissoneau | Jan. 11, 2020

He’s received accolade upon accolade. “A dazzling acoustic guitarist with a moody baritone,” according to The Washington Post. “A genre-defying maverick,” says Frets magazine. “A relaxed and fearless performer who’ll entertain you as well as move you,” according to Acoustic Guitar Magazine. The Boston Globe is perhaps most flattering: “An acoustic picker with the Olympian speed of Leo Kottke, bolstered by rootsy vocals and twisting, offbeat lyrics that evoked John Hiatt.”  And he’s available to ... Read More >>

Mirror of History

Northern Lower Michigan's oldest home still stands — and is a reflection of the region itself.
By Patrick Sullivan | Jan. 4, 2020

If you drive by the old white house on Mission Road in the village of Old Mission, on the Old Mission Peninsula, there isn’t anything about it that jumps out at you to reveal what a significant building it is. There is a historical marker, but other than that, it looks like another old farmhouse on a peninsula filled with old farmhouses.Looks can be deceiving.The modest two-story structure is in fact the ... Read More >>

Sober Scene Small But Growing

Places to play and party if you're avoiding alcohol
By Ross Boissoneau | Jan. 4, 2020

There are countless bars across the region, but indoor spots where people can socialize without alcohol around … ? Turns out, they’re few and far between. Studio Anatomy in Traverse City is one. Brian Chamberlain started the underground hideaway as a recording studio but recognized he could include entertainment to help fill the space and the hours when it wasn’t in use and attract a much larger audience. “I realized in 2012 there ... Read More >>

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