August 20, 2019



Before an A&E television show made the practice famous, Tom Gilbert went through a very public intervention of sorts. Now he assists others to stage them with love and care.
By Patrick Sullivan | Aug. 17, 2019

It starts with a phone call from someone who needs help for someone they love. That leads to a meeting in Tom Gilbert’s office, if the person can get to Traverse City. If they live too far away, they talk by phone.Gilbert gives them the book “Love First: The Family’s Guide to Structured Intervention” by Jeff and Debra Jay, and he helps them assemble a team of three to eight people who ... Read More >>

Leland Gal: Better by Design

A graphic design class she didn’t want to teach evolved into a business she never expected.
By Ross Boissoneau | Aug. 17, 2019

Maggie Mielczarek had an idea. Take what she loved about northern Michigan, combine that with her love of painting and art, and create a brand that reflected it all: clothing, accessories, even the fabric she cuts from. That’s how Leland Gal became a thing. And it was all part of a grand plan. Umm, not exactly. “It was completely by accident,” said Mielczarek. The longtime art teacher had moved to Grand Rapids to take ... Read More >>

Not Your Daddy’s Protein

How to navigate a protein-mad culture through a progressive — and nutrient-critical — lens.
By Loghan Call | Aug. 10, 2019

There are two major trends in food today: protein and plants. Protein-heavy diets are being promoted in both keto and paleo diets, while billions of dollars are being funneled into the creation of plant-based “meats” such as the Impossible burger and others.  The issue, however, is that both of these paths present valid concerns. Whether you’re eating a significant amount of animal products or consuming highly processed plant-based proteins, these choices impact your ... Read More >>

What We’re Drinking This Summer

(Hint: It’s like Zima, but in a can.)
By Ross Boissoneau | Aug. 10, 2019

What kind of alcoholic beverage is most popular in northern Michigan? Does it differ from Manistee to Harbor Springs, Leelanau County to Otsego? Two quick answers: White Claw, and not much. In an admittedly non-scientific study, we called two dozen party stores and beverage shops across the region to find out which adult beverages were popular sellers for them this summer. Most were happy to play. Let’s start down south. At Manistee Beverage Company, James ... Read More >>

Seek & Eat

Take an easy amble to find to the wild foods of August.
By Clay Bowers | Aug. 10, 2019

This summer, while you’re out hiking around the forests and fields of northwest Lower Michigan, remember that many of the places that you go are hiding wild food available to any aspiring forager. Here’s a list of six can’t-go-wrong forageables that can be found in our region this August. PurslanePortulaca oleraceaPurslane might be a common and much-maligned common garden weed, yet it’s one of the most healthful of all of the things ... Read More >>

Leelanau’s Rove Estate Raised Thousands to Fight Childhood Cancer

Then cancer touched Rove’s own family.
By Ross Boissoneau | Aug. 3, 2019

When Creighton and McKenzie Gallagher host the Third Annual St. Jude Sunset in the Vines at Rove Estate later this month, it will be about more than just raising some money for a good cause. The event has become even more personal for them. “My family always supported St. Jude. My second daughter had a cleft palate. We spent a lot of time at DeVos Children’s Hospital” in Grand Rapids, McKenzie Gallagher said. ... Read More >>

Fascinating People 2019

Our annual edition profiling 20 inspiring, eclectic, irreverent and passionate Northerners
By Northern Express Staff & Contributors | Aug. 3, 2019

Eric Stanfield (pictured above)The Crusader for KidsAfter 15 years in construction management, Eric Stanfield joined some old friends to work on a charitable project in Belize in 2016.The experience altered the course of his life. Stanfield, who spoke from the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda, his adopted home, said he decided he was unfulfilled working in construction and living in Traverse City and that he needed to follow a new path. “I was ... Read More >>

’70s Era Bandmates Reunite on stage at age 70

Reunion concert coming to Leland
By Ross Boissoneau | Aug. 3, 2019

When old friends gather together, the years slip away. On Aug. 8, it won’t be years, it’ll be decades, as pals Jim Crockett and Fred Ball will be joined onstage at the Old Art Building in Leland by a musical compadre from their past. “I’m looking forward with great anticipation to this concert. I’m very fond of those two guys and the music they’ve written,” said Mark Brown from his home in ... Read More >>

Traverse City to Welcome “the Dirtbag Left”

Chapo Trap House is coming, whether we’re ready or not.
By Patrick Sullivan | July 27, 2019

A group of leftist Twitter users founded the political and humor podcast Chapo Trap House in 2016 and in just a couple of years it’s become a surprising runaway success.Now they’ve been invited to the Traverse City Film Festival for two special performances. On July 31 at 8:30pm, Chapo hosts Will Menaker, Matt Christman, and Virgil Texas will showcase what’s billed as a “Democratic Presidential Debate Stream,” an event that promises to be ... Read More >>

Catching Up with Petoskey Filmmaker, now Berliner, Emily Manthei

What this wunderkind is making now.
By Ross Boissoneau | July 27, 2019

Catching Up with Emily MantheiPetoskey native began making films in the sixth grade. We tracked her down in Berlin to see what this wunderkind is making now.  By Ross Boissoneau Emily Manthei was hooked at an early age. Growing up with an interest in classic films, she fell in love with movies: film noir, Hitchcock, Star Wars — it didn’t matter. But the northern Michigan native wasn’t satisfied to simply watch and appreciate films. ... Read More >>

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