January 24, 2019


The $365,000 Question

Is GT County Road Commission quietly resurrecting the Hartman-Hammond Bridge proposal?
By Patrick Sullivan | Jan. 19, 2019

After a year of in-depth study, the Grand Traverse County Road Commission is preparing to unveil several options to improve east-west traffic flow around Traverse City.They plan to host a public meeting in February to announce the options, but in the meantime, officials are keeping details under wraps. Though they’ve released a map that roughly shows nine route alternatives under consideration, they’ve refused to provide any details until that yet-to-be-scheduled meeting.That’s a ... Read More >>

Farm School for All

A winter weekend intensive for farmers, gardeners, kids & foodies
By Ross Boissoneau | Jan. 19, 2019

Despite the name, organizers emphasize that the Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference is not just for farmers. Gardeners, homesteaders, and those who want to learn more about growing their own food are wholeheartedly invited. In fact, “It’s also people who just want to learn about the local food system,” says Jeannie Voller, the outreach and program coordinator at Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology, which runs the conference. The largest gathering of its ... Read More >>

Sound Strategy

How the Crosscut Kings quickly cut into northern Michigan’s music scene
By Kristi Kates & Lynda Wheatley | Jan. 19, 2019

A little less than a year ago, musician Jim Bonney, fairly new to northern Michigan, landed a solo gig at the esteemed Red Sky Stage in Petoskey. He was thrilled but saw one problem: “I couldn’t imagine making people sit through two hours of just me playing guitar and singing.”A friend had long been telling him he had to meet “this amazing harmonica player,” Charlie “Hipps” Witthoeft, part of another local band, ... Read More >>

Parallel 45’s Latest Coup

An open-air theater, just in time for summer
By Ross Boissoneau | Jan. 12, 2019

New season, new shows, and a new venue make this summer a big one for Parallel 45, the professional Traverse City-based theater company that brings high-caliber actors and production and tech pros from around the world (and northern Michigan) to stage innovative new and classic works. Recently, the theatre group reached an agreement with Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation to refurbish its Civic Center Park amphitheater. For four weeks this summer, the ... Read More >>

The Great-White North Way

Forget Broadway — auditions and audience opportunities abound Up North.
By Ross Boissoneau | Jan. 12, 2019

If the play’s the thing, as Hamlet said, then audiences around the region are in luck. A host of local community groups stage dramas, comedies, and musicals throughout the year, in venues from high schools and churches to dedicated theaters and even restaurants. Whether you want to strut your stuff or watch your neighbors showcase theirs, there’s a play — and place — for you somewhere. Check out: Benzie County PlayersThe Benzie County ... Read More >>

Profile: Musician Jake Allen

Chasing a World of Music
By Kristi Kates | Jan. 12, 2019

Jake Allen started experimenting with mixing boards when he was just six years old, in his dad’s home recording studio in Grayling. With parents who both played music, it might have seemed inevitable that he would gravitate toward the same pursuit. It was. By the time he’d picked up a guitar at age 13, he’d chosen his road: “I just wanted to rock.” By 16, he’d formed his own band and was ... Read More >>

Wanna Laugh?

Here’s where to go, the comics to see
By Ross Boissoneau | Jan. 12, 2019

If laughter is indeed the best medicine, then folks in northern Michigan must be feeling pretty good. From open mic nights to shows by regional and national comics, the laughs just keep coming. Chris O’Non is a veteran of the local scene, though he has morphed more into a comedy producer than performer. His Sips and Giggles shows, pairing comedy with Leelanau Peninsula Wines, take place at venues across the area. The most ... Read More >>

Freshwater Gallery

The best winter concert venue you’ve never heard of
By Geri Dietze | Jan. 12, 2019

By day, Boyne City’s Freshwater Gallery is a thoughtfully curated art collective representing over 200 Michigan artists working in variety of mediums.  But come the cold weather, Freshwater opens its doors for a series of intimate evening concerts featuring some of the best working musicians from the U.S. and abroad.   Remarkably, this 2,800-square-foot, mid-century space spent part of its life as a hardware store, and many years as a dusty, empty storefront, ... Read More >>

Morsels' Matcha Tea Latte

Bottoms Up
By Blair Yaroch | Jan. 5, 2019

With the serene Boardman River as a backdrop in one of the most charming spaces in Traverse City, Morsels Espresso and Edibles is an ideal spot to get your Zen on — especially if you sip one of its Matcha Tea Lattes while watching the water flow. Matcha, a powder made from ground green tea leaves, boasts a mega-list of antioxidants and delivers an uplifting yet calming alertness, thanks to a natural ... Read More >>

The Road to Health

Could a couple blocks on Eighth Street become a catalyst for better regional health?
By Patrick Sullivan | Jan. 5, 2019

There’s a movement afoot to improve the health of the Grand Traverse region, and it might begin by reimagining Traverse City’s Eighth Street, between Boardman and Railroad avenues, as a “health district” — an area designed to promote walking, biking, and connections to the outdoors and healthy activities. Reconstruction of the highly travelled east-and-westbound corridor will begin later this year; the city is re-engineering that section of road to make it narrower for ... Read More >>

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