December 6, 2019

David Frederick | Author

Is Socialism Compromising American Economics?

Aug. 10, 2019

A good first step in developing an answer to this question is to define socialism. Surprisingly, that is more difficult than would be expected. A quick internet search will display a dozen or more definitions. The problem is they conflict with each other. Wikipedia deals with this by conc... Read More >>

How Financial Disclosure Could Diminish Corrupt Electoral Practices 

June 15, 2019

The continuing dysfunctionality of the federal government is, in part, attributable to a single presidential candidate. His failure to comply with traditional norms pertaining to financial disclosure protocols denied voters access to information relevant to his candidacy. His repeated ref... Read More >>

Taking Truth to Power

March 30, 2019

Truth is an interesting concept. Most people believe they have a pretty good understanding of it. Why wouldn’t they? Truth isn’t all that complicated. But on the other hand, when one hears the axiom that one man’s truth is another man’s lie, it muddles the water a ... Read More >>