September 22, 2020

Lake Street Market Pecan Bars

By Kristi Kates | Dec. 16, 2017

Sometimes a pie is just too much dessert.
But so much of the holidays are all about dessert — so what’s a sweet tooth to do?
Find the perfect mini version of something you love, that’s what. Lake Street Market in Boyne City has created a just-right version of that classic holiday favorite — pecan pie — in a rich, nutty-sweet small size that’s perfect for plating up at a big holiday gathering or unveiling at an intimate dinner.
“We got the idea from a customer, some dozen or so years ago,” explained market co-owner Chris Meyer. “They just wanted small-sized desserts, and since we don’t sell pie by the slice, we made these to fill that need.”
To make the bars, Lake Street Market blends pecans with local ingredients and an old standby recipe of their own.
“We use honey from Siegrist Farm, Shetler’s heavy cream, and butter, and we bake up that mixture on the same shortbread base we use for our brownies,” said the market’s other co-owner, Liz Glass.
The market’s brownies are almost fudge-like, with several kinds of chocolate included (most often Lindt and Scharffen Berger), so if you’re not a pecan pie person, you can fall back on this chocolate choice.
“The brownies, come to think of it, are another great holiday idea!” Glass said.
Pick either (or a mix of both!) at Lake Street Market in downtown Boyne City, 306 S. Lake Street, or (231) 582-4450.


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