November 28, 2021

Swing Away!

Stuff We Love
Oct. 9, 2021

Ever imagine what a raw thrill it would be to — maybe after a particularly bad day at work — take a sledge hammer to few lamps and a home stereo? Don’t feel guilty! And better yet, stop imagining. Northern Michigan’s first and only “rage room” has arrived: Smash Club in Alanson. Go alone, schedule some time with friends or co-workers, or even plan a team bonding or bachelorette party, but regardless, get ready to take some swings. First, pick your favorite from the “wall of weapons” and maybe some extra things to break. Then head inside and go berserk. They’ll even play your favorite rage music while you swing away to your heart’s content. There are also options for kids’ parties, ensuring people of all ages can let off some steam.

Learn more and schedule your smash session at


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