September 26, 2020

A Touch of Sunshine

Bottoms Up
By Craig Manning | Feb. 1, 2020

 “Michigan winters are unrivaled for their utter lack of sunshine,” wrote Thrillist when it ranked Michigan as the state with the second most miserable winter in the country. (Minnesota topped the list.) Needless to say, in the bitter doldrums of a northern Michigan winter, we could all use a bit of sunshine. That’s precisely what Traverse City’s MiddleCoast Brewing Co. (formerly Monkey Fist Brewing) is serving up with its Touch of Sunshine beer. This brew, an American-style pale ale, isn’t as summer-y as those hazy New England IPAs that you’ll see dominating beer menus come July. However, it does have a slightly juicy character, combining a hoppy flavor and malt finish with small notes of fruit: tangerine and grapefruit, noticeably; lemon and peach more subtly. The result is a bright, crisp, flavorful pale ale that, at 5.8 percent ABV, is right in the sweet spot between session ales and more robust IPAs. It tastes like a little sip of springtime — a welcome wonder under February’s gray skies. Order a pint at the Market Bar at State Street Marketplace, 329 E. State St. (231) 943-1606,


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