August 26, 2019

Beards' Tomato-Basil-Quinoa Soup

By Eric Cox | March 30, 2019

Spring is yet an infant in these northern reaches, and sometimes, when that stubborn frost bites in the early morning commute, even the most sturdy among us pin their hopes on a sprawling, tasty luncheon. We invite you to exorcise that gastric demon with a cup-full of Beards Brewery’s uber-hearty Tomato-Basil-Quinoa Soup (cup, $3; bowl, $5). Our feast paired this tangy, wholesome, chewable soup with its own natural cousin, the Lake Street Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($9). Enjoyed at lunch, this combo transports us back in time … to third grade and Mom’s comforting after-school meals. Campbell’s soup is great, sure. But, Beards’ tomato-basil-quinoa combo pops with freshness, and isn’t as much as soup as it as a delicious, savory stew. Ever tomato soup’s perfect partner, the grilled cheese features three cheeses, fresh spinach, butter, and terrifically jazzy caramelized onions embraced between sheets of Crooked Tree Breadworks’ crispy, satisfying pepper-parmesan bread. Together with the Beards’ House Cut French Fries, beer cheese, and the brewery’s own Deez Nuts Brown Ale, the soup and sandwich pack a punch that can wallop even the most robust appetite. As an added bonus, this meal comes with its own post-lunch nappy time, absolutely free of charge. It’s not on the menu, but you’ll enjoy it nonetheless. Visit Beards Brewery at 215 E. Lake St., Petoskey,


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