January 24, 2021

Bill and Carol’s Time Out

By Eric Cox | Jan. 9, 2021

Resort communities such as these we call home can sometimes feel like they’re smothered in high-dollar burgers, fancy sandwiches, and other high-end culinary creations. While delicious, those upscale plates aren’t always attainable — especially now.

Thanks, then, for Bill and Carol’s, 523 Charlevoix Ave., Petoskey, a friendly little neighborhood joint that has a consistent slate of tasty and imminently affordable lunch and dinner fare. Our favorite — and the party store/corner market/cafe’s most popular item is the Time Out ($6), a hearty sandwich that hangs its working-class hat on a heart of tasty roast beef and crispy bacon. Shredded lettuce, white onion, sliced pepperoncini, tomato, and mayo round out this large sammy. Besides being a great value, the Time Out, along with 10 other sandwiches and a slew of burgers, can be ordered on homemade white or wheat bread.

We chose the fresh Johan’s Pastry Shop onion roll — again sticking with the best-selling formula. Be sure to order your sandwich warmed; it makes a big difference. Oh, and most folks get their sandwiches and other items to go even when COVID isn’t on; seating at Bill and Carol’s is scant. Find out more by visiting www.billandcarols.com.


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