September 22, 2020

Kahvi Volcano Latte

Bottoms Up
By Kristi Kates | March 18, 2017

So, tough guy, you think you’re a big deal ordering four shots of espresso in your coffee? That’s so passé. If you really want a coffee drink with a heck of a kick, try the Volcano Latte from Kahvi Coffee and Tea in Cadillac.

It might look like a typical sweet latte, and the base is solid with Kahvi’s house espresso, steamed milk and a dash of caramel sauce, but it stings like an angry bee with the addition of Torani’s Sweet Heat Syrup, an unexpected and fiery mix of cane sugar and ghost peppers.

Try one now while you’re still in need of a little extra winter warming at Kahvi Coffee and Tea, 120 S. Mitchell Street in Cadillac. For more information, call (231) 468-3581.


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