September 23, 2020

Osorio’s Salsas

By Alex Tank | Jan. 18, 2020

“We don’t have a freezer.  No canned or processed ingredients. Everything is fresh and homemade,” says Miguel Osorio, co-owner with wife, Karla, of Osorio Tacos Y Salsas in Williamsburg.  Proof of the couple’s commitment to traditional cooking with fresh ingredients: every one of their seven pepper-, veggie-, and herb-packed salsas heating up their winter menu. All are delicious, but four in particular have captured our winter-weary hearts:

1. The Salsa Primitiva, which showcases the deep red of guajillo peppers and a rich smokiness, is the flavor of Miguel’s childhood in the mountainous Mixteca region of Oaxaca.

2. The Salsa Verde, a herbaceous blend, with fresh cilantro and finely diced onion suspended in a tomatillo base, is a profile directly drawn from Karla’s upbringing in Baja-California. 

3. The Salsa Cremosa — light green, creamy, and comparatively mild, with aromatic garlic that we (but perhaps not our significant others) adore.

4. And the Salsa Morrongo, which delivers a potent dose of heat, but miraculously, when paired with Osorio’s supple tamales or crunchy flautas, calms the fire to an endorphin-rich afterglow.

Select salsa varieties are available at Old Mission’s Peninsula Market, Oryana Community Co-op in Traverse City, Leland Mercantile, and at Providence Farm in Central Lake. For the full experience, savor Osorio Tacos Y Salsas from the source, at 6037 US-31 (the junction of US-31 and M-72 West) in Williamsburg. (231) 938-9144,   


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