February 28, 2024

Poppycocks’ Lavender Haze

Bottoms Up
Sept. 2, 2023

We know we’ve been throwing a lot of T. Swift references at you during this cruel summer. (Sorry, not sorry.) We can’t promise this will be the last, but we couldn’t help but give five stars and all the friendship bracelets to the Lavender Haze cocktail ($15) at Poppycocks. Just like Tay’s song, this drink is purple, dreamy, and a little bit out there. There are the usual suspects—lavender honey, lemon, and Long Road Sovereign gin—given an elevated touch with a slosh of BOS Wine’s Riesling. But then there’s the vegan foam and the edge-to-edge, glass-topping aroma bubble, which honestly, you have to see to believe. This domed drink looks like something directly out of the “Lavender Haze” music video, and we will be singing its praises as long as it’s on the menu. Enjoy your love spiral at 128 E Front Street in Traverse City. (231) 941-7632; poppycockstc.com


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