March 18, 2019

StrongBrew: NITRO Cold Brew Coffee & Chai Tea

Bottoms Up
By Ross Boissoneau | March 9, 2019

Coffee in a can? Why not? Troy Daily has added two new products to his StrongBrew beverage line: StrongBrew NITRO Cold Brew Coffee and Elevated Cold Brew Chai Tea have joined the original StrongBrew Cold Brew Coffee. NITRO Cold Brew Coffee is infused with nitrogen bubbles, but doesn’t come across as carbonated so much as smooth and rich. Other than the nitrogen, the only ingredients are coffee and water — cold-brewed, of course. No cream, no sugar, no calories. The Elevated Chai Tea doesn’t pack the caffeinated punch of its brethren. And for those anticipating something cool and creamy, you’re halfway right. This is not a latte; only the tea. It does boast a few more ingredients: water, black tea, cinnamon, ginger root, green cardamom, natural vanilla flavor, and love. No, really — that’s what it says on the label. And it comes in at a whopping five calories. Want a latte? Just add milk. StrongBrew beverages are available at a host of grocery stores, party stores, breweries, wineries, and restaurants across the region, and even health clubs and fitness centers. For more information and a complete list of retailers, go to


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