March 2, 2021

The Boathouse's Creme Brulee

By Kristi Kates | Feb. 25, 2017

The sweet luxury of a good crème brûlée can often obscure the rest of an equally good dessert menu just by sheer virtue of its elegant appeal; the dish itself has been served since the late 1600s. Consisting of a rich, vanilla-flavored custard base topped by a disc of caramel, half the fun of a crème brûlée is that unmistakable “crack” as you use your spoon to break into the custard underneath. The other half, of course, is enjoying it.

Out on the shores of Bowers Harbor near Traverse City, The Boathouse’s version, as overseen by executive chef Jim Morse, is served up individually in a gleaming white ramekin with a cherry garnish. It’s perfect with a glass of crisp white wine and a winter sunset view from The Boathouse’s expansive windows overlooking West Bay.

The Boathouse is located at 14039 Peninsula Drive, Traverse City. Call (231) 223-4030 or find them online at The dinner (and dessert, of course!) menu is served daily Monday–Sunday starting at 4pm; lunches will resume in May.  


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