February 8, 2023

The Burrow’s Key Lime Pie

By Joseph Beyer | Sept. 10, 2022

Ernest Hemingway would have approved of The Burrow’s delish dessert menu, most notably the shortbread cookie crust, custard, and whipped cream that make up their signature Key Lime Pie (big enough for sharing…a bite) at just $10. With just the right hints of fresh citrus and the cool creamy mouthfeel you crave, not even the rich crumbs of the crust will be left behind. Known as the official pie of the Florida Keys, this classic is just as comfortable in the Michigan archipelago as it is down South. Not only is the Burrow’s contemporary California-inspired menu full of other surprises, but you can enjoy them all in the stylish open kitchen layout and redesigned bar and patio. (Sorry, no polydactyl cats allowed!) The Burrow offers lunch and dinner menus Tuesdays through Saturdays, and during peak summer season, they can even deliver down to your boat or dock at the nearby marinas. Located at 12930 S W Bay Shore Drive just west of downtown Traverse City. burrowtc.com


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