September 22, 2020

Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch – Blade Runner 2049 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Epic Records

By Kristi Kates | Dec. 30, 2017

The original movie featured a (now somewhat dated-sounding) synth score by Vangelis. The rebooted Blade Runner thankfully called on someone with both ears firmly in today’s film music world: Hans Zimmer, who collaborated with Benjamin Wallfisch to craft this deft, electronically enhanced mix of abstract, otherworldly tracks (with plenty of audio references to Vangelis’ musical themes) plus referential classics by Elvis and Frank Sinatra. ***

Mark Mothersbaugh – Thor: Ragnarok Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Hollywood Records
Is that the Mark Mothersbaugh from … Devo? Why it is indeed, and it only takes one listen to convince you that he was the perfect pick to approach this hybrid instrumental/electronica collection of tracks to accompany Thor and crew. The “Ragnarok Suite” itself is a blockbuster-worthy composition, while hints of other components of the Marvel universe peek through on tracks like “Weird Things Happen” (Doctor Strange), “What Heroes Do,” and the nightclub-danceable “Planet Sakaar.” *** ½ 

Danny Elfman – Justice League Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 
While Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg don’t fare too well in this tedious attempt to keep up with Marvel’s current takeover of comic-book movies, at least the score stands on its own, as penned by Oingo Boingo and prior Batman theme composer, Elfman. “Hero’s Theme” arrives early on and is instantly attachable to the film itself; a second standout is “Aquaman in Atlantis,” which makes ample use of bubbly brass. *** 

Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson – Kingsman: The Golden Circle Original Motion Picture Score – La-La Land Records
Much like Justice League, the music for this movie also outdoes the film itself (the latter of which was an un-fun, frivolous mess with an unfocused plot). Jackman and Margeson thankfully pull together a collection of tracks that alternates between abbreviated (read: very short) audio cues and more epic numbers that entertainingly makes an effort to craft some kind of common thread through the storyline, with hints of Celtic and James Bond undertones. ** ½


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