April 8, 2020

Donna Gundle-Krieg | Author

Zoning — and its Tie to the Affordable Housing Shortage

Feb. 8, 2020

For many reasons, lack of affordable housing has long been a big issue in Traverse City. The problem has now spread to the surrounding areas, such as my town of Mancelona. As a real estate broker who works with housing issues daily, I do not see this housing shortage improving soon.

...

A Vital School of Choice: Your Home

Nov. 9, 2019

When the time came to send our children to school in the Metro Detroit suburbs 20+ years ago, my husband and I were excited to try the sparkling new public school a mile away. It had all the shiny bells and whistles, and it was located in a highly rated district. We were confident that bo... Read More >>

Short-sighted and Spending Big in Antrim County

Sept. 14, 2019

Four Antrim County Commissioners bravely stood up at a recent meeting and voted for a resolution to postpone moving ahead with building plans for a new jail. Unfortunately for the taxpayers, the motion failed 4–4, and the commissioners continue with plans to build the jail.
The...

Hoping for Amash

July 6, 2019

Many Libertarians and others are buzzing about the possibility of Michigan’s own U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, a Republican representing the state’s 3rddistrict, from running for president on the Libertarian ticket. While Amash has not announced his candidacy, he has indicated, and ... Read More >>

New Facilities for Antrim Amount to Handcuffs for Taxpayers

May 11, 2019

The Antrim County Commissioners are working on very expensive plans for new and/or upgraded facilities including a jail, administrative building, courthouse, sheriff’s office, and more. Estimates for these renovations or new buildings range from $40 to $76 million, according to the ... Read More >>

Libertarian Northern Michigan: A Primer

March 9, 2019

Many people in this country are fed up with the two-party system, and the division and problems that this system has created. Nothing ever seems to change.

Recently, two separate groups of people in northern Michigan decided to do something about this. Simultaneously, these two... Read More >>