December 14, 2019

Jillian Manning | Author

Snowbelt Brewing Co.’s Pie Pants Cider

Dec. 7, 2019

Imagine if two favorite northern Michigan ciders — Tandem’s Smackintosh and Left Foot Charley’s Cinnamon Girl — had a love child. That baby would have bright, tart notes of apple paired with the perfect amount of holiday spice, begging to be enjoyed alongside a Chr... Read More >>

A Present and Your Presence

Nov. 30, 2019

’Tis the season for holiday parties! As you run to and fro in the snow, you’ll need the perfect gift for your hostess, and while there are dozens of great bottles of wine to choose from around town, we challenge you to get a little more creative. Below, check out seven gifts y... Read More >>

Fishing, Fashion, and Family

March 2, 2019

You can take the girl out of northern Michigan, but you can’t take northern Michigan out of the girl.
At least, that’s the case for Cara Summers Smith, creator of Summers&Co, a line of feminine fishing apparel and accessories that launched this past winter... Read More >>

Made in Michigan: Blunt Swimwear

Aug. 4, 2018


Do you know where your swimsuit was made? If you check the label, you’re likely to find China, Vietnam, or Sri Lanka listed on the tag. You probably won’t see “Made in Michigan” or even “Made in America.”

Unless you’ve been ...

Jennifer Shorter: Changing the Face of Petoskey Retail

May 26, 2018

This month, Jennifer Shorter opened her family’s fourth store in downtown Petoskey. No, she doesn’t manage a fast food franchise or a tourist chain — she’s the third-generation proprietor of Grandpa Shorter’s Gifts, and present-day owner of J.W. Shorter &... Read More >>