December 8, 2023

Joseph Beyer | Author

Film Review: Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Nov. 19, 2022

You don’t need to be familiar with every hit in the canon of bizarro songs that combine pop with counterculture in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story in order to enjoy it, but if you are, this might become one of the favorite films of your Gen-X life.

That’s not jus...

Film Review: Tár

Nov. 5, 2022

American writer and director Todd Field takes a Eurocentric approach to his cinematic stories, allowing a patient pace, hypnotic quiet, and highly nuanced actors to drive his narratives (In the Bedroom and Little Children). Field’s first project in 16 years arrives... Read More >>

Roots, Mozart, and Honky Tonks

Oct. 29, 2022

Concerts at Crooked Tree
Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey has a musical double-header on deck this weekend for folks who love a homegrown sound. Friday, Nov. 4, at 7:30pm catch Stella!, an all-female American roots trio from southeast Michigan. You’ll get a... Read More >>

Ghouls’ Night Out

Oct. 22, 2022

Rain or shine (or sometimes snow), Halloween is coming your way on Oct. 31. If you partake in this particularly spooky holiday, you likely fall into one of two costume categories:

1. Halloween Hero. You’ve got this. You plan your costume in advance with care... Read More >>

The October Surprise(s)

Oct. 15, 2022

There’s no denying a slight cooling in the pace of live events and performances in this transitory month, but it’s a wonderful migration back to our local roots and experiences that feel a little cozier this time of year. From real world “Moth Radio Hour” esque sto... Read More >>

Jolly Pumpkin’s Amber Ale Cheese Dip

Oct. 8, 2022

As you watch those first autumn leaves fall to the ground, embrace the warm, familiar flavors of Jolly Pumpkin’s Amber Ale Cheese Dip, best paired with one of the sour beers the brewery is famous for. Friendly bartender Ron will give you the option to add spicy chorizo and pico de g... Read More >>

The Fall Groove

Oct. 1, 2022

As we’ve rounded and passed the fall equinox, there is no more denying that it’s time to find those cozy sweaters and then get out to enjoy the last sonic experiences of the season before the leaves start changing. This week offers a number of musical experiences alongside Oct... Read More >>

To Traverse City (and Beyond!)

Sept. 24, 2022

If you’re surprised that the Mitten State has rocketed into the global space race, you shouldn’t be, says Gavin Brown, the executive director of Michigan’s Aerospace Manufacturers Association (MAMA) and host of the upcoming North American Space Summit in Traverse City.Read More >>

Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli’s Shrimp Boil

Sept. 24, 2022

While the seasonal, Cajun-inspired All You Can Eat Shrimp Boil at the Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli is a terrific deal at just $30 per person, you’ll need to add some adventuring to take in all the savory shrimp, smoked Andouille sausage, fingerling potatoes, corn on the cob, toasted... Read More >>

Side Traxx’s Ice Cold Jagermeister

Sept. 24, 2022

Long the parody shot of bad judgment, it’s hard to believe that Jägermeister (yes, that mysterious liqueur in the stag-tagged bottle) is, well, having a moment. Cocktail bars across the world are rediscovering this famous German digestif (made with the same secret mix today of ... Read More >>

The Watkins Family Hour

Sept. 17, 2022

Secret summer isn’t fading anytime soon, and if you’re looking for one last hypnotic, harmonica-laced hurrah, you should consider treating yourself to a night out with The Watkins Family Hour when they hit northern Michigan for one performance only Friday, Sept. 23, at Great L... Read More >>

The Burrow’s Key Lime Pie

Sept. 10, 2022

Ernest Hemingway would have approved of The Burrow’s delish dessert menu, most notably the shortbread cookie crust, custard, and whipped cream that make up their signature Key Lime Pie (big enough for sharing…a bite) at just $10. With just the right hints of fresh citrus and ... Read More >>

From Porch Concerts to Comedy Clubs

Sept. 3, 2022

Labor Day weekend is underway—or in the rearview, depending on when you pick up this paper—but the live music scene Up North isn’t slowing down with the changing of the (tourism) seasons.

Taking place on downtown porches and lawns ... Read More >>

A Rabbi Walks into a Comedy Club...

Aug. 20, 2022

Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg has already made me laugh several times, and I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee yet. His demeanor is thoughtful, calm, and seriously funny. The full-time rabbi and part-time stand-up comedian (slash historian) is talking to me from Lake Orion outside t... Read More >>

Come One and All for the All Call Music Festival

Aug. 20, 2022

Local restaurateurs Gary and Allison Jonas (The Little Fleet and Farm Club) are perpetually starting new things that lead to even newer things, and this pattern is just fine by them. As pioneers of the craft bar and food truck culture, and now the mini-music-festival scene in Traverse Cit... Read More >>

August’s Sigh

Aug. 6, 2022

As author Denis Mackail wrote of the approach of August, we may “sigh over the vanished strawberries and all that they signified” … or we can keep the camp chairs in the sandy car, knowing full well that summer is only half over and there’s more acoustic exploring... Read More >>

Larger Than Life

July 30, 2022

Maybe it’s our human ego or maybe it’s just the supersizing of our culture, but big art is in. Innovations in materials and technology now make it possible to imagine and create almost anything, no matter the size.

International visionaries like Christo and Jeanne-Clau...

Meet the (Film)Makers

July 23, 2022

While there may not be eight million stories in little ol’ Traverse City, there is a small but growing number of story-tellers living and working right here in our laid-back neck of the woods. Here are just a few of the fascinating folks of film who share their thoughts on ... Read More >>

Summer Sounds of July

July 16, 2022

Now that the pungent scent of elephant ears is fading on the wind and the brouhaha of the National Cherry Festival has come and gone, it’s time to trade the spectacle of the big stages for more intimate sonic experiences off the beaten path. Whether you seek it out or find it unexpe... Read More >>

Red, White, and Blues

July 2, 2022

Up North, it’s that time of year again when the roads live up to their “Traffic City” nickname and many of us activate our local tradition and civic duty to overbook and soak up as much summer fun as possible. For both casual and hardcore fans of live music, this is undo... Read More >>