April 21, 2021

Tom Carr | Author

A Gangland Murder at the Crossroads

Jan. 23, 2021

On a Saturday Night in May 1938, Isaiah Leebove strolled into the Hotel Doherty, the four-story brick building in the center of downtown Clare, [Michigan]. Leebove’s wife, Enid, had asked him to go to town and get her some ice cream. Little didLeebove know, a disgruntled former busi... Read More >>

The Million Dollar Con Man Gets Desperate: Kidnapping to Keep a Promise

Jan. 23, 2021

Arthur J. Curry came to Petoskey and Traverse City in the mid-1980s and saw promise in a landmark hotel in each city. Both needed sprucing up to bring them back to former glory. Curry was a big player in a Chicago stock brokerage firm, and local leaders saw huge possibilities when speakin... Read More >>