December 5, 2021

Charlevoix: Fisherman's Island Campsites Re-Opening

June 11
By Lynda Wheatley | June 5, 2021

Anyone trying to book a full weekend at a state campground site anywhere in northern Lower Michigan this summer can officially go by the initials S.O.L. [Slowly, sadly raising a hand.] Rather than spend your Thursday nights stalking the state’s online reservation system for last-minute Friday-through-Sunday cancellations, we suggest you simply set your alarm for 8am Wednesday, June 9. That’s the first day the state is allowing reservations for Fisherman’s Island State Park campsites 36–80, which have been closed since Lake Michigan’s high water and storm damage took out a chunk of the park’s main access road last year. The first day available to camp on those sites is, conveniently, a Friday — June 11. May your keystrokes be swift and your attempt successful. (After ours, anyway.)
Photo courtesy of 2021 photo ambassador Mike Sonnenberg. 


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