April 18, 2021

Lynda Wheatley | Author

Big League Chew’s Wild Pitch Watermelon

April 17, 2021

Despite what the few flurries last week might suggest, baseball season is here. Who cares that Comerica Park is only letting 8,000 or so fans inside the stadium for games? Twenty percent capacity is better than none, and in these wild (Mid)West days of Michigan’s resurging pandemic,... Read More >>

Eat, Drink, Rub: THC Products Review

April 17, 2021

Progress, thy name is marijuana.

Despite what for any other industry would be major stumbling blocks — major disruptions in global supply chain management due to the pandemic and, uh, the not-so-convenient refusal of some governments to legalize sale of cannabis — has ... Read More >>

Dr. J. Terps’ Cannabis-Infused Tropicana Cookies

April 17, 2021

While we don’t normally profile a beverage you can’t yet get your hands on, it is our cannabis issue, so we feel obligated to showcase a few on the horizon.

First, some context: On Jan. 4, Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) formally issued its long-... Read More >>

TRÜ Ultimate Mary Mix

April 10, 2021

Yes, Ace is indeed the place with the helpful hardware folks. Less apparent to those who don’t, like us, diligently stalk the home improvement store's register shelves at least once per season is that it’s also the place for life-improving food products. (See our May 25, 2019,... Read More >>

Crooked Tree Breadworks’ Cheddar Scallion Scone

April 10, 2021

We tend to think of scones as dry, dense, not-very-sweet triangular blocks that are made moist and most palatable when served, as the Brits do, under a pile of clotted cream, or, as Americans do, dipped in coffee.

Then we tried Crooked Tree Breadworks’ Cheddar Scallion S... Read More >>

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties to Remember

April 3, 2021

Look, we love a boozy bash as much as the next guy. And we get it — in a super gorgeous region known for its craft beer, wine, and spirits, with plenty of for-hire vans and buses to haul your crew about, and a bunch of fun bars in your choice of walkable downtowns, it’s hard t... Read More >>

Mundos’ Avocado Bowl

April 3, 2021

Few things have been as life-altering to us Mac-wielding creative types as the shutdown of in-house eating and coffee meeting at so many of our beloved local coffee shops. Thanks be to Traverse City’s Mundos then, which has kept our still-homebased staff buzzed up, fed, and safe fro... Read More >>

North Peak’s Tropical Diabolical

April 3, 2021

Maybe you had your fill of fruity, umbrella-festooned cocktails on your seaside spring break to sunnier climes. Or maybe, like us, you sat on a saggy lawn chair in your backyard and squinted up at the clouds, hoping for a sliver of sun as you sipped spring break out of a can. Otherwise kn... Read More >>

Lost Village Pierogi's … everything

March 20, 2021

Before you drive off to spring break destinations unknown, drive first through The Great Northern Michigan Pierogi & Polish Food Pop-up Drive-Thru Festival, to be held Sunday, March 28, in Traverse City. Only the third time the Petoskey-based pierogi- and Polish-food-maker has brought... Read More >>

5 "Exotic" Escapes to Take Without Leaving the State

March 20, 2021

If you’re reading this, chances are good you’re not lying prone on a beach by the ocean somewhere south or west of here. But take heart: Being stuck in Michigan for spring break isn't the same as being stuck. In fact, we found five easy in-state outings to help families with k... Read More >>

Windy City Blues Blowin’ In

March 20, 2021

The Dennos Museum Center and The Ramsdell Center for the Performing Arts (RRCA) are collaborating on a special Windy City Line Up, bringing local audiences free performances and live Zoom sessions with two Chicago Blues musicians: Davy Knowles (pictured above left), at... Read More >>

Taproot’s Toum

March 13, 2021

If you can forgive the fact that our half-Lebonese editor smeared it atop Costco-bought falafel balls (trust us; they’re better than any she’s managed to make herself), we urge you to get yourself some of the tastiest salsat toum in town.

An authentic taste of the ...

Ethanology’s Hipster Tap Water

March 13, 2021

Let the kids have their green beer. You, mature hipster, need neither artificial food colorants nor a kiss-entreating T-shirt proclaiming your adopted-for-a-day national pride. You need only a sweater befitting mid-March in Michigan and a short glass of Ethanology’s Hipster Tap Wate... Read More >>

Folgarelli’s Piccini Memoro d’Italia

March 6, 2021

Because Nittolo’s pizza reminded us just how outstanding Italian food can be, we capped off the afternoon with a run to Folgarelli’s for a bottle of Italian wine, of which the Traverse City gourmet grocer has many, many bottles — often so many, they’ll stack a few ... Read More >>

Nittolo’s Napoli

March 6, 2021

You want a medium round with extra mozz, pepperoni, and canned olives? Go somewhere else for your pizza. “This ain’t Build-a-Bear workshop,” says Chef Eric Nittolo. “No choosing toppings.” But if you want a 14-inch hot-from-a-wood-fire flavor revelation, made... Read More >>

Dinghy’s Smoked Barbeque Ribs

Feb. 27, 2021

Dinghy’s Restaurant & Bar in downtown Frankfort was hit particularly hard by the pandemic restrictions. “We don’t have a patio, and the City of Frankfort prohibits sidewalk tables. Because Dinghy’s is a very small restaurant, compliance with the social dis... Read More >>

Oban’s 14-year Single Malt Scotch

Feb. 27, 2021

Yeah, you could buy yourself a whole bottle of Oban’s 14-year-old single malt at the grocery store. But if you don’t want to set yourself back $89 (the cheapest we could find, at Meijer), we recommend a far richer but less costly experience to toast our incoming ides of March:... Read More >>

Tiny Pink Bubbles

Feb. 20, 2021

Hey, ladies, do we have the pink drink for you: Aerie’s Tiny Pink Bubbles. With a taste and body as delicious as its name and presentation is darling, this fanciful concoction masterminded by manager Alex Truck is utterly worth our obsession.

A foundation of botanical be...

On the Line

Feb. 13, 2021

At the outset of the pandemic, it’s likely none of us knew just how surreal it would feel to go weeks, months, and — for some of us — nearly a year without gathering inside a restaurant.

The simple act of bellying up to a bar, cozying up in a booth, or tucking in... Read More >>

Small Batch’s Mon Chou Chou

Feb. 13, 2021

Bet you thought this hot stack of delicious was a dessert. Think again, you lucky breakfast champion. This is Small Batch at the Cupola’s homemade cinnamon roll French toast. It’s served with a creamy cheese glaze, fresh sweetened strawberries, a snowball’s dollop of whi... Read More >>