August 5, 2020

Lynda Wheatley | Author

Mammoth Distilling’s Northern Rye

Aug. 1, 2020

If you’re among the lot that likes your chardonnay “unoaked” yet find yourself thirsty for something that’ll sprout hair on your chest long before it lifts your pinky, consider the equally elegant but considerably harder (and, happily, hardly fast) Northern Rye. Read More >>

Tap30’s BBQ Brisket Quesadilla

Aug. 1, 2020

A new and excellent addition to Tap30’s already clever pub fare (see their tater tot nachos — aka Totchos — and the only kids-menu Mac n’ Cheese we’ve ever seen offering cavatappi pasta coated in a house-made white cheddar and smoked gouda cheese sauce), the ... Read More >>

9 Bean Rows’ Breakfast Sammie

July 18, 2020

If you’ve ever thought to bake a batch of croissants yourself — don’t. It’s hard. Tiring. Time-consuming. And exceedingly likely that yours won’t turn out half as light, buttery, flaky, and absolutely to die for as 9 Bean Rows’. Especially when they stu... Read More >>

Barrel Back's Hendrick’s Strawberry Jive

July 11, 2020

You have not tasted summer on Walloon Lake until you have sipped a Hendrick’s Strawberry Jive at Barrel Back restaurant. The ingredients are pure and simple — Hendrick’s gin, muddled mint, basil, strawberries, lemon juice, orange juice, and simple syrup — but the r... Read More >>

The Salvatore Sub

July 11, 2020

A modest family market has opened in the Bay Harbor neighborhood: Salvatore’s, a grocery/kitchen/deli ready to dish up your needs (bread, water, toilet paper), wants (beer, wine, wings), plus some extra-special items that can turn your super summer night stupendous — if you&rs... Read More >>

Blustone’s 2018 Pinot Grigio

July 4, 2020

You can tell a lot about a winery by tasting its least expensive bottle — in this case, Blustone Vineyard’s 2018 Pinot Grigio. Made from grapes grown on its Leelanau estate vineyard, this $14 bottle so wowed us with its crisp, sunny, and not-sweet fruit and fresh-cut-grass fla... Read More >>

Burke’s Waterfront Sunset

June 27, 2020

For a taste of classic Up North — the kind Gen Xers have known and loved since childhood — Burke’s Waterfront Restaurant in Cadillac is everything totally excellent. Inside: low lights, a warm, all-wood interior, giant fish tanks and nautical decor, multi-page fold-out m... Read More >>

Wren’s Summertime Scallops

June 27, 2020

The elegant and intimate Wren, located in the old Firehouse building in downtown Suttons Bay, missed nary a step through the spring shutdown. Instead, owner and chef Adam McMarlin used the opportunity to make some minor renovations and additions to the restaurant, including a new backyard... Read More >>

House Wines’ Rosé Bubbles

June 20, 2020

House Wines, maker of approachable and unpretentious wines sourced from around the world — house motto: “Don’t overthink it, just drink it”  — has launched a limited-edition rainbow can of its Rosé Bubbles to “support LGBTQ+ equality and lov... Read More >>

COOLHAUS’ Enjoymint for All

June 20, 2020

We admit it: For a long time, we thought COOLHAUS ice cream was a kind of hipster trend. It’s made in Los Angeles, with cage-free eggs and BGH-free milk, and real-ingredients that are usually organic, often dairy-free or gluten-free, and occasionally over the top — things like... Read More >>

Dock Side Brats

June 13, 2020

There’s no shortage of great barbeque up here, but if you’re gonna DIY it, you’ve got to get grilling in true Northern style. First, get a package of Dock Side Party Store’s turkey/pork bratwurst, then, do like owner Matt Hunter does: Boil the brats in beer until a... Read More >>

This Father’s Day, get up in Dad’s grill.

June 13, 2020

Much like working in an office, it appears neckties have officially run their course. That’s great news for dads; tough nuts for those of us frantically searching for their Father’s Day gifts.

Thankfully, there’s a second category for the man who has everyt... Read More >>

Every Dog has its Day

June 13, 2020

They say happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail. We’d be inclined to agree. In tribute to our canine co-workers, who proved to be a 12-week quarantine’s most (only?) tolerable companions, we declare summer’s dog days start now.

Rather than...

Sleeping Bear Dunes Celebrates 50 Years

June 6, 2020

You might say credit for the Sleeping Bear Dunes goes not to man but to Wisconsin — the Wisconsin ice sheet, that is.

The most recent in a 2.6 million-year span of glaciation cycles surging forth then shrinking back, the Wisconsin began nearly 80,000 years... Read More >>

Good News: Music is in the (Outdoor!) Air

June 6, 2020

As the curve continues to drop, the opportunities to take in live music at some of our favorite summer spaces are rising in number. Lavender Hill Farm (pictured above) near Boyne City has announced it’ll kick off its summer season J... Read More >>

A Big Apple Bagels Picnic

June 6, 2020

When you’re working from home, the edges of the workday are no longer hard stops — tasks start before the coffee’s brewed, it’s easy to log on and get “one more thing” done after dinner. So why not let lunch be a little freeform, too? Our advice: Pick u... Read More >>

Cuppa Joe’s Cold Brew, Dressed to Suit

June 6, 2020

You’ve got to hand it to Traverse City’s Cuppa Joe. Among the first businesses to plant its flag in Building 50 when Traverse City’s old state hospital was beginning its transformation into The Village at Grand Traverse Commons, Cuppa Joe has weathered a Starbucks moving... Read More >>

Q-Tip: Treat Yo’self with Flowers

May 30, 2020

Rumor has it, gardening is the hot hobby of stay-at-home summer 2020. But guess what other backyard pastime never goes out of style, folks? Lounging — cocktail in hand, body in hammock, and eyes at half-mast as much as possible until August ends. For those of us who see our all-too-... Read More >>

Left Foot Charley's Murmur

May 30, 2020

One of our favorite spots in summer, hands down, is Left Foot Charley’s grapevine-lined outdoor patio. With a kiddie sandbox of toys on one side, a small creek babbling by, and the spires of the old state hospital soaring overhead, it is (or was, pre-pandemic, anyway) the place to w... Read More >>

Stuff We Love: A Winning Children’s Book Relevant to the Times

May 23, 2020

Heather Shumaker, northern Michigan mom and author of renegade rule-making parenting books “It’s OK Not to Share” and “It’s OK to Go Up the Slide” just won a 12-state award from the Chicago-based Society of Midland Authors for her debut novel, “Th... Read More >>