February 28, 2020

For the Dogs

After acquiring D.O.G. Bakery, Pets Naturally expands at home and online
By Al Parker | Oct. 20, 2018

Kathy Hyland loves dogs.

So when Lucy, her beloved Boston Terrier, developed intestinal and skin issues, Hyland made it her mission to get to the root of the problems. “I researched pet foods and was shocked to find out some of the things about the pet food industry,” she said.

What Hyland learned was that most commercial dog food brands are owned by large corporations, leading her to believe the quality of ingredients had been compromised in pursuit of profits.
“Our pets are being forced to eat foods that are not good for them,” said Hyland, who moved to Traverse City from downstate in 1979. “Once Lucy’s diet was changed to a healthy whole food kibble containing real meat and no corn, her issues vanished.”

That was in 2010 and Hyland’s passion to help animals, along with the urging of her husband, Tim, led her to open Pets Naturally, a shop devoted to providing healthy foods and more for dogs, cats and other beloved companions.   The Traverse City store also stocks health aids and accessories for dogs and cats and some items for rabbits, hedge hogs and koi.

And while her in-store sales have grown, Pets Naturally’s online presence has boosted the business’ awareness and revenues even further, prompting further growth and a move. Located for several years at 1420 West South Airport Road, this week the shop moved a half-mile east to a new location at 1117 South Airport, just a dog bone toss west of Garfield Avenue. The new store more than doubles the retail space available for pet items.

The new location also boasts a convenient self-serve dog wash that can handle dogs up to 175 pounds. Dog owners will be able to give their furry friends a complete, comfortable 30-minute bath for only $20, and $6 for each additional 15 mines.
“We’ll supply the shampoo, conditioner, towels and a commercial dryer,” said Hyland. “It’s the only one in Traverse City.”              
One of Pets Naturally’s most popular items is a complete line of grain-free dog treats produced by The D.O.G. Bakery, which Pets Naturally acquired last year and relocated from its long-time Front Street location to the South Airport site.
Kathy Hyland’s Pet Food Notes
o  Dry kibble, one of the most popular and convenient ways to feed your pet, are complete, balanced meals. The best types are free of by-products, corn, wheat, soy and artificial preservatives, dyes or chemicals, according to Hyland.
o  Canned foods are convenient and contain high moisture levels. Meat ingredients are closer to their natural state, so they are more palatable and appetizing to pets.
o  Dehydrated and freeze-dried meals are complete, balanced meals. Because the ingredients are not cooked, the foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids.
o  A raw diet is designed to mimic a dog’s or cat’s ancestral diet. These foods contain meat, bones and organs. “These diets offer 95 percent meat, organ and  bone and only 5 percent fruits and vegetables,” said Hyland. “Benefits of a raw diet are improved digestion and improved skin and coats. A raw diet is made so one can prepare their companion’s meals easily by just thawing in the refrigerator a day or two in advance.”    

To learn more, visit www.petsnaturallytc.com.


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