November 30, 2023

Gifts for Kids

2020 holiday gift guide
By Anna Faller | Nov. 21, 2020

1. Sega Homestar Flux Home Planetarium
Turn your kid’s bedroom into a stunning night sky with the Sega Homestar Flux Planetarium. The most advanced model available, the Sega Flux features a black satin finish and is crafted with the brightest LED lightbulbs to date, keeping her view of the night’s constellations clear as day. A great excuse to snuggle in together under the stars. Sweet dreams, heavenly star-hunters. $199.99 at Enerdyne in Suttons Bay. (231) 271-6033,

2. Mini Garden 
Support your child’s inner farmer — and his slightly more obvious mad scientist bent — with a “no muss, no fuss” contained mini-garden. A modern take on the classic chia pet, this wee world where plants reign supreme is ready to get your child’s imagination growing. Fully customizable and available in three miniature-sized sets. $9.99 at Toy Town of Cadillac. (231) 775-8697,

3. Magnetic Build It
Whether you’re prepping for a holiday trip or just looking to limit screen-time, these magnetic “build it” sets will keep wee ones entertained for hours on end! Featuring an array of kid-friendly themes, these self-contained tins include three sheets of mix-and-match magnets and two professionally illustrated background frames. From the car to the couch, these sturdy sets are the ultimate in portable play. $16.99 at 52 Up North Weekends in Boyne City. (231) 459-4625,

4. Fantasy Play
Hear ye, hear ye! The lords and ladies at Enchanted Knights are adding members to their magical court — and they’ve chosen your child! Up the imaginative ante this holiday with a beguiling Knight or Fantasy bundle (one item of which is shown here), then sit back and let the spell take over! With components ranging from crafts to costumes, these sets are sure to dazzle small sovereigns of all ages. $20.00–40.00 at Enchanted Knights in Mackinaw City. (231) 436-4059, 

5. Animal “Cupcakes”
Add a little whimsy to the washroom with a lovable animal loofah! Appropriate for bathing beauties tall to small, these charming animal cupcakes encompass a scrubbie and 6-ounce soap bar and are topped with a smiling animal sponge. Available in a handful of fun varieties and scented with lavender essential oil, these cupcakes are a true and natural bath-time treat. $15.00 at Bay Lavender Trading Co. in Glen Arbor. (231) 334-2582,

6. Wall Scrabble
A gift for kids that the whole family can enjoy, this grown-up-sized game of scrabble, which hangs on the wall, is a whopping 38-by-27-inches in size, making that seven-letter stretch even more satisfying … and the debate about what to put on the family room wall moot. $119.95 at The Rocking Horse Toy Company in Petoskey. (231) 347-0306,


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