September 16, 2021

Glen Arbor Art Center's Plein Air Bootcamp Aug. 5

Ready yourself for the competition … or just watch and buy Aug. 6–7
By Lynda Wheatley | July 24, 2021

Even if you don’t paint, there’s a lot to love about Glen Arbor Art Center’s upcoming Plein Air Weekend. One, it’s a great reason to roam around one of the prettiest peninsulas in the North in search of artists at work. (Hint: The theme of this year’s Quick Draw event, in which artists have two hours on Friday, Aug. 6 to create a finished painting is “Capture Village Life: Images of Empire and Glen Arbor.) Two, without any charge for entry, you can view every artists’ results — and purchase any paintings you like — from 5pm to 6:30pm at the Glen Arbor Township Hall. Until about 3:30pm Saturday, Aug. 7, artists will be scattered about Leelanau again, this time without the pressure of a two-hour window, so viewers can expect to catch more detailed works underway, plus an opportunity to buy them back at the township hall when the sales gong rings at 5:45pm. (Hint: Arrive by 5:30pm to pick yours asap; even with a $10 entry free for guests age 13+, this is a very popular event.) Finally, if you’re interested in participating as an artist, the GAAC has a special option for you — a 4-hour Plein Air Bootcamp, in which Plein air artist extraordinaire David Westerfield (pictured above) will demonstrate his process and mentor oil- and acrylic painters of all levels. Register by Aug. 2 for the Aug. 5 bootcamp and learn more about the weekend’s competitions and art sales at


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